With the common keyword “SELF”, an indoor golf studio and self-photo photo studio where families can spend t ime together will open in front of Motohasunuma Station in Itabashi-ku on Saturday, December 24th!

XPROUD Co., Ltd.
With the common keyword “SELF”, an indoor golf studio and self-photo photo studio where families can spend time together will open in front of Motohasunuma Station in Itabashi-ku on Saturday, December 24th!
XPROUD Co., Ltd. has distributed free contact books to nursery schools as a child-rearing support business, sold photos, dispatched photographers, sold nursery supplies and aprons, held child-rearing events, Japan’s first mobile photo studio “hihi”, We operate a children’s business trip photography service “Osanpo Fururi” and a detached photo studio for children “Photo Studio Fururi”.
As part of this project, based on the many requests from photo studio customers such as “I want to take family and maternity photos casually” and “I want to take photos with pets who live with me”, we have created a self-photo photo studio ” OPEN netetoru.
Taking advantage of business trip photography and the operation of a detached photo studio, we will create a “cameraman day” where professional photographers will take pictures, and provide
high-quality photography services easily. Also, on the same floor of the building, the indoor golf studio “X GOLF RANGE” with the latest domestic golf simulator is open!
It’s a completely private room, and it’s fully equipped with free rental clubs, so even dads can easily enjoy golf without bringing anything. Equipped with a party room, it is a golf studio where you can enjoy golf with your family and friends.
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[What is X GOLF RANGE]
“X GOLF RANGE” is an indoor golf studio with the theme of “face golf and time”. A private room for dads who love golf, and a party room for families who want to have fun with friends! We provide a space where you can enjoy each scene.
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-Features of X GOLF RANGE-
1. Self-service “Complete Private Room (Private)”
“The reason why we are particular about private rooms is that we want all our customers to be able to enjoy their golf to the fullest without worrying about what others are thinking. We have 2 “party rooms” available.
2. Introducing the latest “domestic simulator”
Introduced the latest domestic simulator “Joy Golf smart+” which is easy to use. With multiple cameras, the moment of impact and the trajectory of the ball after that are confirmed and quantified with videos and images, making the swing completely naked. Both recording and slow playback are possible, and you can view data such as flight distance and curve. Overwhelmingly beautiful visuals, with angles that allow you to follow the trajectory of the ball like a live broadcast of a tournament, achieve the ultimate in realism.
3. Prepare an environment where you can play while watching videos There must be many golfers who regularly check their favorite videos that match their golf.
It is also possible to use the video as a coach and watch it on a monitor connected to a smartphone while working on the lesson. 4. Come empty-handed and can be used for parties Reservations are online. The club can be rented free of charge, so you can use it empty-handed after work.
You can practice alone or practice with friends. The party room (up to 6 people) is a place to socialize with friends through golf. [Service plan]
For those who “want to hold clubs regularly every week” and “difficult to go to the club” [membership plan] Prepare a [Visitor Plan]. [Image 3

[Image 4

[Image 5

[What is netetoru]
Netetoru is not a black-and-white selfie, but is characterized by a “background” that changes with the season, which utilizes the know-how of the children’s photo studio business, and a “cameraman day” where professional photographers take pictures. It is a new self-photo photo studio.
We provide a space where you can fully enjoy “maternity photography”, “recording your child’s growth”, “anniversary photography”, and “pet photography” in a space where you can shoot without worrying about other people’s eyes.
-Features of netetoru-
1. Enjoy taking pictures while sleeping.
At netetoru, you can choose your own mat for shooting, and while lying on the mat, you can shoot ONLY ONE cuts while thinking of unique ideas and having fun.
2. Rent the latest “I Phone”.
It is possible to rent the latest I Phone equipped with a
high-precision camera while being “selfie” style.
Equipped with a remote control shutter and a smartphone stand, you can come to the studio empty-handed and enjoy shooting.
3. The background set changes for each season.
The studio always prepares three backgrounds and a space where you can lie down and shoot. The background scene is changed every season, so every time you use the studio, you can take a new photo and create more and more memories.
[Service plan]
You can use netetoru for “Easy online reservation” for “2,200 yen (tax included) per 30 minutes”.
-Studio usage fee-
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/100379/table/10_1_6507ba5d4d2c1f4d255d1875bf8c840f.jpg ]
-X GOLF RANGE & netetoru room-
An open preview will be held from 9:00 to 16:00 from December 24th (Sat) to 25th (Sun), so please feel free to wake up.
*For X GOLF RANGE, a trial lesson is also held at the same time, so if you have a reservation, you will not be able to view it.
Finally, in order to expand the customer base of the children’s photo studio that we have been operating, we will position netetoru as a place where maternity photos can be taken casually, and by developing indoor golf on the same floor, we will also attract fathers. We believe that this will stimulate interest in family photography, increase the amount of time spent together as a family, and increase the influx of existing services such as New Born, shrine visits, and Shichi-Go-San photography.
[Operating company]
Company name: XPROUD Co., Ltd.
Representative: Satoshi Onozawa
Established: April 19, 2004
Address: 1-2-6 Minamihonmachi, Minami-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture Mitsuo Building 4F
URL: http://www.x-proud.com/

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