woof Co., Ltd. The adventure game “Hyakuju Escape”, which adventures with 100 friends, is now available!

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The adventure game “Hyakuju Escape”, where you can adventure with 100 friends, is now available!
Escape from a mysterious facility with the help of a wide variety of 100 animals (hundred beasts)!

On December 26, 2022 (Monday), by individual game developer “Sewo Hayami” Action-adventure game for PC/smartphones
“Hyakuju Escape (English title: 100animalase)” has been released. [Image 1

[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0BAysh8324]

Game overview
[Image 2d72489-13-f3fee310e3a23b7d8abd-2.png&s3=72489-13-2692b72f6b9feae31b7eec4a4c0f1573-667x375.png
The main character is a weak girl.
The stage is a mysterious facility surrounded by concrete walls. [Image 3d72489-13-2edd5d00eb9a0bc79510-3.png&s3=72489-13-e2718cf3cc4d2ebbaffe15d2cf205bf3-667x375.png
The facility has already begun to collapse, and they are forced to escape in order to survive.
However, the facility has a gimmick that prevents escape.
The key is the 100 animals that live in the facility.
[Image 4d72489-13-2cda1bc42021e2dd132d-4.png&s3=72489-13-d10c91d5873df468ffc7741b3de1a67c-667x375.png
Each animal has a special ability.
One with excellent sense of smell, one with excellent eyesight, one with small body, one with big body…
With their help, gimmick capture becomes easier.
[Image 5d72489-13-05d9fb7b2a327f10cf67-16.png&s3=72489-13-743eff9cb51f103a00ca7ed55b09e6c8-1294x728.png
Animals are full of individuality, and each of them has their own worries and wishes.
To befriend animals, you have to listen to their demands.
[Image 6d72489-13-9aa555239a1151d85c2a-7.png&s3=72489-13-85d8c6c1851f38371b235a5e722c083c-667x375.png
Sometimes animals lose control and attack.
A runaway animal can be brought back to life by covering it with a bucket of water.
Run away without getting caught until you get water.
[Image 7d72489-13-960ad7ecf651564d6317-8.png&s3=72489-13-068230611f215ada3f6f4cd85e870306-534x300.png
Borrow their abilities by clearing the missions requested by animals and befriending them.
Escape from this mysterious facility and get freedom.
[Image 8d72489-13-2f9eb6bb5b9573ccb2ed-9.png&s3=72489-13-9dd3b7ab161e06dc1c90794761e9cfbb-534x300.png
[Image 9d72489-13-0192cf68474e3aeb5c4a-10.png&s3=72489-13-99ddd1c2621d3fa284ce7313ba43a950-534x300.png
Various trials await you.
Equipped with language switching function
You can freely switch between English and Japanese languages ​​while playing. English-speaking users can also enjoy it.
[Image 10d72489-13-8cea0b43b176050a4b4f-12.jpg&s3=72489-13-d788e943ef256761df05841fa85ab571-2208x1242.jpg
[Image 11d72489-13-3c41892dd67dde3b03d1-13.jpg&s3=72489-13-13c0b149fc33b15c787aa73a92270430-2208x1242.jpg
An RPG completed in 100 days
A notable feature of this game is that it was produced in a very short period of time.
In connection with the concept of 100, Seo Hayami named it “#RPG to be completed in 100 days” on Twitter.
From the early stages of development, we received daily progress reports. [Image 12d72489-13-9f8cab3f90aedb3b2eb7-18.png&s3=72489-13-303bc4ae2fcd16760a0c2e1ecf7fdde4-588x588.png
Still, the completed game boasts a volume of about 3 to 4 hours at first glance. The game is full of ideas for realizing the production of a game of this volume in a short period of time, so there are many points that can be used as a reference for indie game developers like Hayami Sewo. It must be a game.
You can also enjoy comparing the video under construction and the finished product, so please check the tweet even now.
[Image 13d72489-13-a27c1f78656b8ecc7739-11.png&s3=72489-13-884eb57d76998100b3be39c23ddaf046-400x400.png
Seto Hayami’s Twitter
Release commemorative sale in progress
To celebrate the release, we are offering a 40% discount for one week only. Please buy it at this opportunity.
[Image 14d72489-13-ba11d97140fc11b769eb-17.png&s3=72489-13-2f5e1440e25cb47e7617384aeaac18c9-512x512.png
Game title: Hyakuju Escape (English title: 100animalase)
Genre: Action-adventure in cooperation with 100 friends
Developer: Hayami Sewo
Publisher: woof Inc.
Price: Regular price 800 yen
(Until January 1, 2023 (Monday), 480 yen with 40% off as a release commemorative sale)
Platform: iOS/Android/Steam
App store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/100animalease/id1609541758
Google play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.woof.HundredAnimalsEscape Steam : https://store.steampowered.com/app/2172410/100animalease/ Details about this release:



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