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Wunderbar Co., Ltd. Mr. Junichi Ishida of Melon Co., Ltd. participates in “Skettt”. A total of 200 or more advertising materials can be used on websites and advertising banners from a minimum of one month.

Wunderbar Co., Ltd.
Mr. Junichi Ishida of Melon Co., Ltd. participated in “Skettt”. A total of 200 or more advertising materials can be used on websites and advertising banners from a minimum of one month.
– Achieving advertising for famous talents such as actresses, actors, artists, and comedians at a lower price than usual. Materials shot for promotion in advance can be used from as little as one month –
Wunderbar Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yoshito Nagao), an entertainment DX company that operates “Skettt”, a service that provides advertising materials for famous talents specializing in supporting the business branding of local companies and growing companies. ) announced on December 20, 2022 (Tuesday) that it has signed a business consignment contract with Melon Co., Ltd., an entertainment production company.
[Image 1

Skettt is a platform that specializes in business branding support mainly for small and medium-sized enterprises and local companies that have been officially evaluated by the Tokyo Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center and certified by the Japan SDGs Association. Compared to the normal talent hiring market, we have built a system where famous talent materials (images) from all over the country can be used for corporate PR, etc. For local companies, we have
significantly lowered the hurdles from talent selection to recruitment to creative production, realizing a system that can be used more easily.
With the conclusion of this contract with Melon Co., Ltd., it is now possible to use Junichi Ishida’s advertising material images. Junichi Ishida’s publicity materials are now available
By concluding a contract with Melon Co., Ltd., it is now possible to use Junichi Ishida’s materials.
▼About Junichi Ishida
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* A total of 200 or more materials can be used for 3 costumes, 2 casual styles and 1 suit style.
Born January 14, 1954 in Tokyo, Japan. After making his debut in NHK’s “America Monogatari” in 1979, he became a trendy actor in the Fuji TV drama “Dakishimetai! “I’m in love with your eyes!” ”, “Do-kyu-sei”, and TBS “Until Omoide ni Change”, gaining popularity. After that, he was active in various genres such as variety, drama, movie, stage, and newscaster. In addition, 2006 “My Life” and 2011 “How to Investigate Money” were published. Fashion such as leather shoes on bare feet is also attracting attention. His son is the actor/talent Issei Ishida, and his daughter is the model/actress Sumire. Married professional golfer Riko Higashio in December 2009. My hobby is golf. His specialty is English conversation.
Certified by the Japan SDGs Association, promoting SDGs “decent work and economic growth” by raising the level of local companies [Image 3

Nearly 70% of SMEs answered that they were “negatively affected” by the new coronavirus infection (according to the Japan Finance Corporation’s “SME business survey”), and the coronavirus continues to have a significant impact on many industries. is affecting
A company conducts sales activities with many points of contact with customers in order to improve corporate value and sales on a daily basis, but it takes a certain amount of time and effort to gain the trust of customers.
We believe that using talent is an effective means of gaining a high level of trust from customers, which will lead to business promotion and corporate growth.
Skettt has received business certification from the Japan SDGs Association as an initiative suitable for achieving goals. In the future, both companies will work together to promote the SDGs “decent work and economic growth” by lowering the hurdles for hiring talent and effectively utilizing publicity (influence), and to boost the Japanese economy as a whole. We will continue to provide support to strengthen
We will promote this project with the goal of corporate growth, job creation, and regional revitalization as a result of making the most of the assets of companies and talents.

New business branding using talent. Providing overwhelming No. 1 and optimal solutions
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With the spread of SNS, the amount of information that people receive on a daily basis has increased, and in today’s world where there is no time to carefully select everything, the power of “brands” has become even more important.
Traditionally, promotions using famous celebrities have been carried out to differentiate products and services, and to set up medium- to long-term recognition strategies for “branding”. At Skettt, we provide overwhelming No. 1 and optimal solutions in terms of price, duration, options, and support so that more companies can experience the effects of famous talent.
In addition to making appropriate differentiation by selecting talents that match the image of the business from a wide range of options, we will utilize the know-how we have cultivated in the design and branding business so far, By providing slogan creation and creative support to obtain optimal recognition, we will support business branding using talents.

Creative examples with branding in mind
We will introduce creative examples (banners) created with advertising materials provided by Skettt.
*The following branding banners are provided free of charge depending on the plan.
[Image 5

Advertisement banner utilizing the male talent “Moto Fuyuki” [Image 6

Advertisement banner utilizing the female talent “Risa Yoshiki” [Image 7

Advertisement banner utilizing the male talent “JOY”
[About Wunderbar Co., Ltd.]
Company name: Wunderbar Inc.
Head office: Ariake Park Building 20F, 3-7-11 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo Representative: Yoshito Nagao, Representative Director
Company URL:
TEL: 03-5324-2766
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