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W&W Even though it is thin, it has revolutionary heat retention! “Y-Warm” down jacket warmer than space suit material. Project started at Makuake. Up to 30% OFF for support purchases! Achieved on the same day

Epoch-making heat retention power even if it is thin! “Y-Warm” down jacket warmer than space suit material. Project started at Makuake. Up to 30% OFF for support purchases! Achieved on the same day

W&W Co., Ltd. (Tokyo) has a thin but revolutionary heat retention! We have started a crowdfunding makuake project for the “Y-Warm” down jacket, which is warmer than the space suit material.
Product Features
The coldness of winter is nearing its peak! Stay warm this winter with this stylish jacket “Y-Warm Outdoor Jacket” that uses the new material Y-Warm to solve the problem of cold outerwear.
[Image 1d102102-2-524a1ecf246a1a004d1b-1.png&s3=102102-2-ba8c4a2c85bb7d269f65a282ce8fa08c-640x276.png
What is Y-warm?
Y-warm is a material with excellent thermal insulation properties, with extremely low thermal conductivity and excellent permeability. When used in clothing, it prevents heat exchange between the inside of the clothing and the outside temperature, just like adding insulation to the clothing, keeping the inside of the clothing warm. Because it is a very thin material, it is possible to reduce the thickness of winter clothes by about 80% while maintaining heat retention. It is a new material that eliminates the concept that winter clothes = thick. [Image 2d102102-2-03f1dcac03d7394da372-0.png&s3=102102-2-fb080900597ff848b8af16bbf5932420-640x400.png
Higher thermal insulation than airgel
In fact, Y-Warm is a material with lower thermal conductivity than “aerogel”, which is also used in space suits and is said to have high heat insulation. Composed of micron-sized particles with very low thermal conductivity, it forms a polymer barrier that prevents the transfer of thermal energy, retains heat and prevents cold air from entering, effectively insulating and retaining heat.
[Image 3d102102-2-8ab7471178a29e17e7db-3.png&s3=102102-2-7755ffc7da2245264f67ec23a3a7ba3d-640x362.png
Y-Warm material and three heat retention structures
1. Shut out the cold with Y-warm
2. Thermal effect of high-quality down
3. Silver reflective material that keeps the temperature inside the garment Windproof, rainproof, easy care
A water-repellent agent is used for the surface fabric to suppress the penetration of moisture. Moisture adhering to the surface creates water droplets by the lotus leaf effect and spills down. It is impervious to rain and snow, making it the perfect jacket for outdoor activities in winter.
Large pocket for plenty of storage
The jacket has a total of 3 pockets for excellent storage.
It can be stored securely with a zipper.
Light and easy-to-use town use design
This extremely warm jacket achieves high heat retention, but the weight is reduced to 960g, which is lighter than a general down jacket. Even if you work or play sports outdoors, the weight will not be a burden and you can work lightly.
A project is underway on Makuake, a crowdfunding platform
Deadline: Until January 09, 2023
Shipping: Scheduled to be delivered by the end of January 2023 #Makuake execution page
# Product details (sanmiBEST)
Company Profile
Company name: W&W Co., Ltd. (English name: DOUBLEWIN.CO., LTD.) Head office: 2-23-13 Nishishinozaki, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
Established: June 1, 2021
Capital: 8 million yen
Employees: 10 (as of September 2021)
Business description: Crowdfunding business, E-commerce business, EC shop management agency business, import and sale of daily necessities and household goods
Official website:
Mail order site:
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