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Yahoo! Auctions announces keyword rankings in 5 categories where the number of searches on Yahoo! Auctions has soared in 2022!
~ SPY x FAMILY in the manga/anime category, iPhone SE (3rd generation) in the gadget category, GR86 in the car category, MOTO GUZZI in the motorcycle category, and Stealth Driver in the golf category ~ In 2022, the auction service “Yahoo Auctions!” operated by Yahoo! It was announced in 5 categories of “motorcycle” and “golf”.
The aggregation period is from January 1, 2022 to November 6, 2022, and it is the ranking of keywords that saw a sharp increase in the number of searches compared to the same period in 2021.
In the “Manga/Anime” section, “SPY x FAMILY”, which started
broadcasting as an animation from April, “iPhone SE (3rd generation)” released this year in the “Gadget” section, and in the “Car” section, a sports car that appeared last year In the “GR86” and “Motorcycle” categories, Italy’s oldest motorcycle manufacturer “MOTO GUZZI” and in the “Golf” category, TaylorMade’s “Stealth Driver” ranked first. [Image 1d98822-165-a27daef9ac30f521b7e9-0.png&s3=98822-165-e47914b0397e9d8c97a5a0a72b9db86a-1200x630.png
■ Manga/Anime Division
1st place: SPY x FAMILY
[Image 2d98822-165-85ccbbab9e1dee5e3cd9-1.png&s3=98822-165-7f564456b31475da2359069f97672d83-1200x630.png
Search results:
2nd place: That dress-up doll falls in love
3rd place: Mr. Takagi who is good at teasing
4th place: Licorice Recoil
5th place: Overlord
The first place is the popular “Spy Family”, which started
broadcasting anime from April. A musical will be staged in 2023, and it will be a hot work next year. 2nd place went to “Sono Kisekae Ningyo wa Koi wo Suru” which started broadcasting in January, 3rd place went to “Teasing Jozu no Takagi-san” whose movie version was released in June, and 4th place went to July. “Lycoris Recoil”, which started broadcasting, and “Overlord”, which also started broadcasting in the 4th season of the TV series in July, were in 5th place, and the works that started broadcasting this year became a hot topic. ■ Gadget Division
1st place: iPhone SE (3rd generation)
[Image 3d98822-165-f8869de1d53e08c861c0-2.png&s3=98822-165-53b45cf65de6e6c8c10e9128e729f230-1200x630.png
Search results:
2nd place: iPad (9th generation)
3rd place: iPhone 12 64GB
4th place: Galaxy S21
5th place: iPad Air (5th generation)
Many Apple products lined up at the top. The iPhone SE (3rd
generation) released in March was ranked 1st, and the iPad Air (5th generation) released in March was ranked 5th.
On the other hand, as for the iPhone, although the 14 series was released in 2022, the 12 series was often searched for on Yahoo! Similarly, for the iPad and Galaxy series, the types before the series released in 2022 are popular, which can be said to reflect user behavior seeking older model gadgets.
■ Automobile Division
1st place: GR86
[Image 4d98822-165-a4f66cfd7e6f39002a78-3.png&s3=98822-165-b303b9e52c0d7f03aa7ef8354e58cc4e-1200x630.png
search results:
Body only:
Including parts:
2nd place: Forester SK
3rd place: Atenza GJ
4th place: 20 Celsior
5th place: Colt RALLIART
The first place is Toyota’s “GR86”. It is a sports car that appeared in October 2021, but it is believed that the number of users searching for it on Yahoo! Subaru’s current new model, the 5th generation Forester “Forester SK” ranked second. After 3rd place, Mazda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and other domestic cars ranked high.
■ Motorcycle section
1st place: MOTO GUZZI
[Image 5d98822-165-70b2db9312020d3810fd-4.png&s3=98822-165-e9f2cf95a3b12c8afb8239aa454c2d0a-1200x630.png
search results:
Body only:
Including parts:
2nd place: GSR250
3rd place: GSX-R1000R
4th place: GB350
5th place: INAZUMA 1200
The first place was ranked by the oldest Italian motorcycle
manufacturer “MOTO GUZZI”, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2021. At Yahoo! Auctions, you can find parts, catalogs, flags, key chains, etc. in addition to vehicle bodies. Also, in 3rd place is Suzuki’s Ritter Super Sports “GSX-R1000R”, which was announced to be discontinued this year, and it is thought that its rarity value will increase in the future.
■ Golf Division
1st place: Stealth Driver
[Image 6d98822-165-9b73f576af2ac3a77560-5.png&s3=98822-165-3d527fecd3cd875984c4609d3fbaf109-1200x630.png
Search results:
2nd Place: ROGUE ST MAX Driver
3rd place: ATTAS KING
4th place: i210 Iron
5th place: Ventus blue
Taika Semikawa won the Japan Open for the first time in 95 years as an amateur, and Ryo Ishikawa won the Japan Tour for the first time in 2 years and 11 months. Since its launch in February, the
much-talked-about TaylorMade “Stealth” series has ranked first in the search rankings on “Yahoo! Auctions!”. It was a topic that Taika Semikawa also used it.
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