Yamaha Corporation Remote cheering system “Remote Cheerer powered by SoundUD” won the “Excellence Award” at the “4th Japan Service Awards”

Yamaha Corporation
The remote cheering system “Remote Cheerer powered by SoundUD” won the Excellence Award at the 4th Japan Service Awards.

Yamaha Corporation’s remote cheering system “Remote Cheerer powered by SoundUD” won the “4th Japan Service Awards” (sponsored by: Received the Excellence Award from the Service Industry Productivity Council, Japan Productivity Center.
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The “Japan Service Award” is aimed at domestic service providers, and is aimed at leading the sophistication of services and the development of industries, services that provide shining new value, and new ways of doing things that have never existed before. It is a system that rewards services that have been realized.
Our company’s “Remote Cheerer powered by SoundUD” is a service that allows sports fans in remote locations such as their homes to cheer on athletes through stadium speakers by operating their smartphones. In anticipation of the With Corona era, we have also started a service that allows you to listen to the live commentary at the stadium. We received this award in recognition of our ability to co-create new value among various stakeholders involved in sports.
・Japan Service Awards Website: http://service-award.jp/
・”Remote Cheerer powered by SoundUD” official website https://remote-cheerer.com [Image 3

Yuki Seto, Leader of the Service Production Group, Cloud Business Promotion Department, Yamaha Corporation, holding a certificate of commendation and commemorative plaque
[Particularly appreciated points]
1. Provide unprecedented joy of remote cheering. Fans who can’t go to the stadium due to restrictions on spectators due to COVID-19 or illness, etc., can send their cheers in real time. We provide an elevating experience.
2. Based on the philosophy of “SoundUD”, by promoting the
visualization of fan cheering through a technology-driven
customer-based system, we will involve many sports operators and sports media and share new fan marketing and monetization. Creation. 3. The concept of universal design of sound invites various value co-creation among fans, athletes, sponsors, media, etc. The idea of ​​using acoustic technology and the cloud to solve various social problems can be expanded globally.
-Comment from Takuya Nakata, President and CEO of Yamaha Corporation- “Remote Cheerer powered by SoundUD” is one of the services created to realize the universal design of sound. Based on our corporate philosophy of “creating excitement together,” we will contribute to responding to social changes through innovative services.
-About “SoundUD”-
“SoundUD” (Sound Universal Design), developed and advocated by our company, is a general term for technology that realizes “sound universal design” that is being jointly planned with more than 360 companies and organizations in the “SoundUD Consortium”. With the core technology of “SoundUD trigger” and “SoundUD trigger board” that combine multiple technologies such as acoustic communication, Bluetooth (R), GPS, etc., it connects a space with sound and ICT equipment, and provides information to users in that space. Realize the smooth provision of information and services.
・ “SoundUD Consortium” official website: https://soundud.org/ Yamaha Corporate Information Site/News Release
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