Yamakawa Pottery Kiyomizu-yaki kiln, which has been in business for four generations, has started a new service that makes it possible to hold a memorial service from pet ashes in the form of stone beads by making use of pottery technology.

Yamakawa Pottery
Kiyomizu-yaki pottery, which has been in business for four
generations, has started a new service that makes use of pottery technology to turn pet ashes into stone beads for memorial services. ~ Acquired a patent for the world’s first technology that sinters cremated ashes at 1200°C or more and virtually eliminates impurities ~
Atsushi Yamakawa (Kyoto City), a traditional craftsman in Kyoto, the 4th generation of Kiyomizu ware pottery kiln, has launched a cremation processing service called “Sou”, which allows you to make a memorial service for your pet’s ashes in stone beads in response to the increase in people who are worried about how to memorialize and bury their pets. Hisa no Ishidama” (Soku no Tama) will start full-scale from December 12th. Utilizing the technology and experience of being a pottery, it is the world’s first technology to petrify and sinter cremated ashes with almost no impurities, and has been patented in April 2022 (No.
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From the needs of pet memorial service, “ashes themselves like pottery” – about 10 years of research
The need to take care of pets that are like family members is increasing year by year. However, many cemeteries and cemeteries where humans enter cannot accommodate the remains of pets due to the provisions of the law on cemeteries, burials, etc. (grave burial law) and religious values ​​(see reference materials). Many people bury their pets in a pet cemetery or in their own garden, but there are many people who want to keep their ashes at hand.
Our representative, Yamakawa, experienced the death of a parent and pet, and while thinking about memorial services, he became interested in this issue when he received a request for a memorial service urn. I started researching whether it would be possible to harden the ashes themselves like pottery instead of the urn. After about 10 years of research, we succeeded in molding various shapes while leaving nearly 100% of the cremation ashes.
Realize the form of each memorial service, such as amulets and memorial services in the room
“Sokyu no Ishidama” molds ashes into a desired shape and bakes them at 1200℃ or higher, far exceeding the cremation temperature, to make stone beads. There are other companies’ products that adhere with resin or dissolve the ashes with a chemical to vitrify them, but they contain a lot of impurities other than the ashes, whereas “Sokyu no Ishiju” contains only ashes. Nearly 100%, almost no impurities. Boasts high durability and non-combustibility without breaking even when gripped. Not only round shapes, but also hearts, stars, shapes that resemble pets, etc. You can carry it around like a talisman, decorate it where your pet has always been, or have a stone ball for each family member. Fees are based on the amount of cremation ashes and molding options.
We accept orders from the official website (https://soukunotama.com). [Image 2d112594-5-1e09da4001984c1d2cb5-2.jpg&s3=112594-5-c892d42768dd05cc8e4bd5dcb606a9c7-1935x1290.jpg

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Inquiries regarding this matter
Yamakawa Pottery Sokyu no Sekiju Atsushi Yamakawa
7 Goyonotsujicho, Sennyuji, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture 605-0974
TEL: 075-531-5466
E-mail: info@soukunotama.com
URL: https://soukunotama.com

-Reference material-
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Product Overview/Service Flow
Apply online→Consultation/estimate→Contract→Payment/Send
Basic fee: up to 30g of ashes, 30,000 yen – up to 50g, 50,000 yen – up to 80g, 80,000 yen – up to 100g, 100,000 yen
A separate fee is required for those who will be powdered or processed (painting, etc.).
Current status of pet memorial services
The “definition of waste” in Article 2 of the Waste Disposal Law includes animal remains, and pet remains are legally considered waste. You can bury it in your own garden, but there is a risk of bad odors and infectious diseases due to rotting.
When cremating, it is illegal to cremate yourself (Article 16 of the Waste Disposal Law), so you will have to ask the local government or a private company to do it. If you ask the local government, they will often be cremated together with other pets, and the ashes will not be returned. It is sometimes treated as waste, and the treatment varies depending on the local government.
Private companies have various plans, and you can take the ashes home with you if you choose individual cremation.
There are various ways to bury the ashes, such as pet cemetery, sea burial, tree burial, etc. Some people want to enter the grave with them, but unfortunately, many places do not allow cemeteries and cemeteries where humans can enter. Article 1 of the Law Concerning Cremation Cemeteries, Burials, etc. stipulates that the management of cemeteries must be conducted in accordance with the religious sentiments of the people. The reality is that many people are reluctant to allow animals to enter graves together.
If you use “Soku no Ishiju”, you can safely place it in your garden. You can also have a lot of food on hand. You can also keep a little if you bury it in a grave. You can also have it placed in your grave. [Image 5d112594-5-d7793eb55961f8b7093c-8.jpg&s3=112594-5-29a762d53e2e19c4429487b995e3044d-2000x1600.jpg
Materials Site name: INUNAVI URL: https://inunavi.plan-b.co.jp In this way, the number of people who hold funerals for their pets, those who want to hold a memorial service for their pets, and those who want to hold a memorial service for their pets as members of the family are increasing.
Profile of Atsushi Yamakawa
1962 Born in Sennyu-ji, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
1982 Entered the Kyoto Prefectural Pottery Training Institute 1983 Joined Kyoto Municipal Industrial Research Institute at the same time as graduating from the same place
1984 Studied the tea ceremony while advancing to the same school 1985 Completion of the same course
2006 Received the titles ‘Izumishougama’ and ‘Yuhi’ from Kobori Takugan, Kohoan, Daitokuji Temple
2008 Produced a special plate for the Gion Festival Tsukihoko Commemorative Tea Ceremony
2008 Certified as a traditional craftsman
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