Yomiuri Land Co., Ltd. A small-clawed otter baby was born at HANA BIYORI!

Yomiuri Land Co., Ltd.
Small-clawed otter baby born at HANA・BIYORI!
Outdoor exhibition space reopened after renovation

At the new sensory flower park “HANA BIYORI” operated by Yomiuri Land Co., Ltd., two small-clawed otters “Chacha (mother)” and “Hanabi (father)” were born. A total of 9 small-clawed otters live in HANA BIYORI.
The babies were born on September 30th (Friday) and October 1st (Saturday). This is the second birth for the couple, Chacha and Hanabi, following the three that were born in November last year. In addition, the outdoor mini stage will reopen as an exhibition space in mid-December (planned). The front is made of glass, so you can see the small-clawed otter’s ecology and cute appearance up close. Until now, visitors took turns viewing a family of small-clawed otters at the exhibition corner “From Kawausobi” in the HANA BIYORI building. From now on, you will be able to meet small-clawed otters at both exhibition corners.
“We will inform you about the release date of the baby as soon as it is decided.”
[Image 1

Small-clawed otter baby born on September 30 (taken on December 1, 62 days after birth)
[Image 2

Small-clawed otter baby born on October 1 (taken on December 1, 61 days after birth)
At HANA BIYORI, we will strive to prevent the spread of infection based on the “Guidelines for preventing the spread of new coronavirus infections at amusement parks and theme parks.”
Small-clawed Otter Baby Overview
Birthday: 3 puppies born on September 30, 2022 (2 of them died soon after birth)         One born on October 1st
・ Father Hanabi (born November 1, 2018)
・Mother Chacha (born May 16, 2018)
Gender: 2 males (1 of which is artificially nursing)
Name: undecided
Weight: (at birth/as of December 4) 1. Male 68g/985g 2. Male 41g/730g [Image 3

This was the second time Chacha gave birth, but this time there was a premature baby, and I was made to feel that I didn’t know what to expect in childbirth. One of them stayed with his parents, but the other was artificially nursed. I still get nervous when I look at these two animals, but I’m looking forward to their growth in the future. I would like to pay close attention to health management and watch over it. Please come and see us when it is open to the public. (Kawausobi Yori Staff Akane Kamiguchi)

[Small-clawed otters living in HANA BIYORI]
[Image 4d41300-217-ad848958f402db0b8d75-4.jpg&s3=41300-217-d82db4f0335b2edf8fd989e1798689b9-450x540.jpg
[Image 5d41300-217-b3f975ff7ed078893c58-3.jpg&s3=41300-217-08d98e92fa6b446005cd49bcf3e13e97-450x518.jpg
[Image 6d41300-217-65f483afee7d2f03c140-5.jpg&s3=41300-217-e6989da61a86e22f073793cc3b897e68-450x518.jpg
[Image 7d41300-217-e173a697ff44c28197f8-6.jpg&s3=41300-217-54fa68cbaa48221520451eb5833f12ae-450x508.jpg
[Image 8d41300-217-7ae5bbbc4dc4bb2f40d3-8.jpg&s3=41300-217-21fa33c0a1fff4cc1ee414f1a3693337-769x1129.jpg
[Image 9d41300-217-809d5b8b6345c6121c2e-9.jpg&s3=41300-217-8ab9428123c4694d82cf161a76ca1498-709x873.jpg
[Image 10d41300-217-c3f76c3a532533bbeef0-7.jpg&s3=41300-217-2cbd02354c652ac68e96a89731468ff7-531x627.jpg

Small-clawed otter is a rare animal whose trade is prohibited in principle by the Washington Convention (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). At HANA・BIYORI, the staff will work together to raise and care for the small-clawed otter, which is a lovely and precious creature, so that customers can see it up close for a long time.
Outdoor exhibition space renewal open overview
[Image 11d41300-217-f266a0722c9ed03dead2-10.jpg&s3=41300-217-2b3166420d709cc51804a92297d922f7-650x433.jpg
outdoor exhibition space
Venue: Next to HANA BIYORI building (outdoor)
Exhibition start date: Mid-December 2022 (planned)
*We are currently preparing the facility for the exhibition of small-clawed otters. As soon as the exhibition date is decided, we will inform you on the official website etc.
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