Yomiuri Travel Co., Ltd. Yomiuri Travel’s new personal travel “Bouquet” begins

Yomiuri Travel Co., Ltd.
Yomiuri Travel’s new personal travel “bouquet” begins
A trip that fulfills both the “comfort” of a package tour and the “freedom” of an individual trip

Yomiuri Travel Co., Ltd. (President Takashi Sakamoto) has started selling a new personal travel brand “Bouquet” from January 1, 2023. “Bouquet” is a new hybrid journey that offers both the “comfort” of our company, which celebrated its 60th anniversary and has a proven track record, and the “freedom” of individual travel, which you can freely go even just before.
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New brand “Bouquet” special site: https://www.yomiuri-ryokou.co.jp/bouquet/ [Image 2

■ An example of a recommended tour
1. Go with a bouquet, easy trip to leave: For those who are not good at making arrangements
“Nanchuten Minamikyushu Kagoshima City/Ibusuki Onsen 3 Days [Departing and Arriving at Haneda]”
– Setting period – Departure from January to March 2023
– Travel price – 45,000 yen to 162,800 yen per person (approximate for 2 people per room)
Includes an unlimited bus ticket for major sightseeing spots in Southern Kyushu. Between Kagoshima City and Ibusuki Onsen, we will prepare a ticket for the sightseeing train “Ibusuki no Tamatebako” – Detailed URL link –
https://wc.yomiuri-ryokou.co.jp/tour/tourDetail?lang=ja&arrAreaCode=D0010&depAreaCode=D0003&depAirport=HND&paxPerRoom=2&sort=lowPrice&page=1&ipg=10&tourId=225390013%60HND0&provide=84 [Image 3

Image provided by: Travel Yomiuri Publishing
2. Go on a little luxury trip with a bouquet: Treat yourself once in a while “Enjoy Kagaya for 2 days [Departure and arrival at Haneda]”
– Setting period – Departure from January to March 2023
-Travel price-76,000 yen to 144,000 yen per person (estimate for 2 people per room)
Please spend an unforgettable time at a famous ryokan that makes you want to come again.
– Detailed URL link –
https://wc.yomiuri-ryokou.co.jp/tour/tourDetail?lang=ja&approachType=air&arrAreaCode=D0519&depAreaCode=D0003&paxPerRoom=2&sort=lowPrice&page=1&ipg=10&tourId=225350062%60HND0&provide=84 [Image 4

Image provided by: Wakura Onsen Kagaya
*The above travel fee is a guideline amount until March 31, 2023 departure using variable fares (as of December 16, 2022)
■ What a bouquet can do
1. Enjoy a trip that’s rich and cost-effective – Even individuals can enjoy a professional sightseeing plan –
2. Reservations can be made even at the last minute, and the tour will be held with a small number of people ~You can go on a trip right away even if your schedule suddenly becomes available~
3. Are you not good at making arrangements? But don’t worry: you can easily purchase tickets and transportation that would otherwise be troublesome to arrange on your own.
4. Hotel, flight, JR Free combination * ~ Time, method, destination are free! “Where you want to go, when you want to go”
*Some courses do not meet certain conditions.
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Select a trip that suits me
~From the brand statement of “Bouquet”~
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We aimed to
A travel brand that looks like a bouquet
Flowers of different colors and shapes
Like choosing and bundling,
Travel plans and ways to enjoy
Be yourself and be free.
Until I find a “journey that suits me”
We stand by our customers.
Alongside all journeys,
I want to make the flowers of smiles bloom.
Yomiuri Travel “Bouquet”
It is made by customers and us
A travel bouquet.
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■ Commemorating the birth of “Bouquet”! We will carry out a gift campaign 1. A course where you can win a “100,000 yen or 10,000 yen travel coupon” by lottery when you make a reservation for the target product (Application deadline: February 28)
2. A course where “Yomipo 500 points” will be won by lottery for new members and e-mail magazine registration (application deadline January 31)
If you meet the application conditions, you can enter at the same time. Now’s your chance!
Yomiuri Travel will continue to provide products and services that meet the needs of our customers, and will continue to expand both the new personal product brand “Bouquet” and the group tour products under the “Parade” brand. .
[Inquiries regarding this matter] Yomiuri Travel Co., Ltd. Business Management Headquarters Public Relations: Oda, Sukihashi
(Tel) 03-6757-9350 Email: kouhou@yomiuri-ryokou.co.jp
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