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Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. Debut of “M sis”, a three-person teenage female unit that transmits Japanese “city pop” to the world!

Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.
“M sis” debuts as a three-member teenage female unit that spreads Japanese “city pop” to the world!
The lyric video of major debut work “Fly-Day CHINATOWN” (Cover) has been lifted! A YouTube & TikTok official account has also been opened!
The vocal dance unit “M sis”, which consists of 3 women to express the world of “city pop” unique to teenagers, made its major debut from Universal Sigma today, December 28 (Wednesday). -Day CHINATOWN” (Cover) distribution release has started.
Also, on the same day, the lyric video of the debut single “Fly-Day CHINATOWN”, which sings without hesitation in a voice that is reminiscent of funk and full of “Sister feeling” but also has a sense of innocence, was released.
The lyric video, which will be the first video work, has a soulful finish with the singing voices of the three people on the image of the city driving the night view of TOKYO and the song arranged in retro new wave.
Three Japanese girls in their teens carry the popular Asian “City Pop” in Europe and the United States and send it out to the world. [Image CHINATOWN
[“Fly-Day CHINATOWN” Lyric Video]
[SNS official account]
【release information】
Debut SG “Fly-Day CHINATOWN” (Cover)
Delivery release on December 28, 2022
With the theme of “City Pop”, a three-member female vocal dance unit formed to express the world of city pop unique to teens.
In December 2022, “Fly-Day CHINATOWN” (Cover) will be released as a digital single from Universal Sigma.
Today, the girls who stand at the doorstep of their dream of being heard all over the world with city pop that originates from Asia and is a hot topic in the United States are still wrapped in a veil. The outline of M sis should be visible when the world dances with city pop covers that will be developed one after another from 2023.

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