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Your “transformation asset” discovery dialog-transformation asset assessment + new program to find and nurtu re “changing power” with online 1on1 (50 minutes) | Starts January 11, 2023 (Wednesday)

Lifeshift Japan Co., Ltd.
Your “transformation asset” discovery dialog-transformation asset assessment + new program to find and nurture “changing power” with online 1on1 (50 minutes) | Starts January 11, 2023 (Wednesday)
Lifeshift Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo / CEO: Seiichi Ohno), which supports life design in the era of 100-year life, is a “transformation asset” that holds the key to living in an era of change. We will start offering a new service, “Your “Transformation Asset” Discovery Dialogue”, which combines the visualization of “Transformation Asset Assessment” and a 50-minute online dialogue by Lifeshift Partners.
From a dialogue with a Lifeshift partner who has completed specialized training, objectively recognizing his own “power to change – the accelerator and brake of the heart” through the “transformation asset assessment” developed independently by Lifeshift Japan. This program explores how to utilize it. From January 11, 2023 (Wednesday), we will provide 25 sessions every month to support people of all generations in making changes in their lives with confidence.
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■ “Your Transformation Asset Discovery Dialogue” program overview Contents: Taking the “Transformation Asset Assessment” + Dialogue with Lifeshift Partners (50 minutes)
Availability start date: Wednesday, January 11, 2023
Session hours: 9:00-20:50 (depending on the day)
Number of sessions: 25 slots/month
Tuition fee: 8,800 yen (tax included)
Details and application site: January 2023 (25 sessions)
*The session schedule after February 2023 will be announced on the Lifeshift Japan website as soon as it is decided.
■ Four features of “Your ‘transformation asset’ discovery dialogue” 1. Visualization of “heart accelerator and brake” by “transformation asset assessment”
2. Support for the discovery and utilization of “transformation assets” through dialogue with lifeshift partners (50 minutes) 3. Online program that you can feel free to experience at your favorite time 4. Coordination with the 3-day workshop “LIFE SHIFT JOURNEY” 1. Visualization of “heart accelerator and heart brake” by
“transformation asset assessment”
“Transformation asset assessment” is a self-assessment that visualizes the “transformation assets (changing power)” that each person has stocked in their hearts throughout their lives. By answering 200 questions online, the score (deviation value) of “10 mental
accelerators” that cause changes in life and “10 mental brakes” that stop the progress of change is revealed. Become. Developed
independently by Lifeshift Japan and announced in May 2021, this assessment has been attracting attention from companies and academic societies as a “new life design support tool in an era of change”. ○ Transformation assets – 10 mental accelerators, 10 mental brakes [Image 2d65203-11-e3daa03d353f8bfa37c1-1.jpg&s3=65203-11-ac65d0de139d08f14506dda024e6c101-3502x2135.jpg
○ “Transformation asset assessment” test result (excerpt)
[Image 3d65203-11-13fb0322d1ca6757a827-2.jpg&s3=65203-11-c249a705cce2ac6d80f95ca07b79acf1-843x591.jpg
2. Support for utilization of “transformation assets” through dialogue with lifeshift partners (50 minutes)
The results of the “transformation asset assessment” will be displayed on my page immediately after answering online. You will be able to use it as a tool to bring about change. “Lifeshift Partners,” who have undergone specialized training from Lifeshift Japan, will lead the dialogue. All of them have more than 1,000 hours of 1on1 session experience and are also qualified as career consultants and coaches. A 50-minute dialogue with an experienced “lifeshift partner” will provide many insights.
〇 Introduction of life shift partners
Kazu Endo/Career consultant, “LIFE SHIFT JOURNEY” facilitator [Image 4d65203-11-28e2f54dd48a19fa0e2a-3.jpg&s3=65203-11-470690403244e37bc8b305b1679d34b1-3900x3900.jpg
Joined Recruit Co., Ltd. in 1990. Since joining the company, he has gained experience in the field of planning. In my 30s, I experienced three turning points: childbirth, work-life balance, encountering a job as a career consultant, and starting a business. Currently, as a career consultant, I am involved in career training, workshops, career counseling, etc. for a wide range of people from university students to working people. Thinking together and getting smarter.
Hiroatsu Shimomura/Career Consultant, Certified Professional Coach [Image 5d65203-11-44c3115f9894043daadd-4.jpg&s3=65203-11-4c17dfe43f2a1c04862714b9f86ef8f6-427x427.jpg
During my time working at a company, I experienced the process of the company growing and developing from its inception as a senior executive. Over 20 years have passed since I started a coaching business, which at the time was not yet established as a profession, after choosing to start my own business. Currently, I am also working on “training instructors”, “strength diagnosticians”, and
“consciousness development coaching”. In my spare time, I go mountain climbing with my eldest son every week. You can cook anything as long as you have a recipe. Strengthsfinders are “Empathy, Intimacy, Inspiration, Positive, Supreme”.
Noriko Takahashi/Career Consultant, Industrial Counselor
[Image 6d65203-11-54e58a42180bf2b488bd-5.jpg&s3=65203-11-b624a03e2911e6e2dada6705369f50de-2159x2159.jpg
As a career consultant, I create interactive teams in various industries, develop managers/leaders, review work styles, and conduct career-related classes and career interviews at universities and vocational schools. Through dialogue with more than 3,000 people in their teens to 70s, we have helped them work lively by making the most of their individuality while coming into contact with each person’s values ​​and life career. Believing in the power that everyone possesses, he is good at finding strengths, and in some cases, doing “treasure hunting” that he himself does not even realize.
Tomonobu Kaneko/Career Consultant, Industrial Counselor
[Image 7d65203-11-9c6da37756899dacd7f2-7.jpg&s3=65203-11-233af6228ccc77c1bb8704f50555685e-1068x1068.jpg
Joined a trust bank in 2006 after graduating from university. As a deputy manager, he experienced training young employees. I feel joy in seeing the young people I have trained grow up, and my desire to do work related to people grows stronger. I got married, bought a house, and had my second child, but I decided to change jobs to Recruit. As a career consultant, we support career changes from leaders to executives. Learn coaching and support to choose a career based on your own wishes. He also works as a new mentor, trains young people, and 1on1.
Narumi Usui / Career Consultant, SDGs Business Master
[Image 8d65203-11-94e936611549dcba6b2f-6.jpg&s3=65203-11-449b9a6e634333a1d46adb8533bff78a-850x850.jpg
Aiming to realize a society where everyone can make the most of their uniqueness, I am involved in career support as a career consultant from students to working adults. Experienced more than 1,000 hours of interviews based on the belief that “everyone has strengths”. In order to enjoy the 100-year life era, it is important to be yourself. We are developing workshops to discover that individuality, confirming individuality, and focusing on support activities for multiple jobs as a place to make use of it. My favorite time to recharge is spending time with my family in a place rich in nature.
3. Online program that you can feel free to experience at your favorite time Until now, “Transformation Asset Assessment” has been provided only in the three-day workshop “LIFESHIFT JOURNEY” sponsored by Lifeshift Japan and in corporate training, but this program is available to individuals at their preferred time and place. You can feel free to experience from Specifically, first, reserve a time for a dialogue (dialogue) with a lifeshift partner, and take the “Transformation Asset Assessment” 24 hours before the start of the dialogue. In addition, the test results are saved on My Page, and you can look back and see them at any time. You can take the test again one year later to check the “changes in your transformation assets” (additional fees will be charged for retaking the test).
4. Coordination with the 3-day workshop “LIFE SHIFT JOURNEY” This program is, so to speak, a “preparation for the journey” to become aware of one’s own “changing power”, learn how to utilize it, and embark on a journey of life shift with confidence. The 3-day workshop “LIFE SHIFT JOURNEY” will support the process of finding the direction of the journey and actually taking the first step. In particular, it is very important to meet “travel companions” with diverse values ​​in workshops in order to move forward on the journey of life shift. Therefore, we will continue to support life shift journeys by presenting complimentary tickets for participating in “LIFE SHIFT JOURNEY” to those who have completed this program. ■Those who are eligible for this service
・ Those who want to know their own “power to change” and make changes in their lives
・ Those who are interested in “transformation asset assessment” ・ Those who are interested in one-on-one dialogue with life shift partners ・ Those who are considering participating in “LIFE SHIFT JOURNEY” ・Those who want to regularly check changes in their own “transformation assets” ■ Voices of trial program participants (implemented in March 2022) ・There are ways to perceive people’s qualities as strengths and weaknesses, but the way you perceive accelerators and brakes made me aware that I was the “manipulator of my own life” and made me excited. I was able to understand that just accelerating or braking is not enough, and that both elements are necessary to be yourself. Depending on the situation, I thought that I could live a better life by using this accelerator now and this brake now. I realized that I am the main character in my life. (40s, office worker)
・In advancing my life shift, I was finally able to meet a place where I could consult. The best part was the one-on-one dialogue time. While understanding my own transformation assets (my accelerator and brakes), I was able to have a concrete image of how to proceed with my life shift in the future. I was also able to gain confidence in how to live my own life. I’m really thankful to you. I hope that this kind of place will spread to more people.・Unemployed)
・There are many self-understanding tools out there, but this “transformation asset assessment” has an exciting story that makes me feel like I’m exploring myself, so I was able to enjoy taking the test. I also felt that being able to dig deeper through dialogue with lifeshift partners was the biggest advantage (company employee, 30s). ・Assessment that allows you to visualize your own characteristics (bias) in a multi-faceted way really exposed your transformation assets. I was aware that there was bias, but it was more than I expected. It’s a lot of fun to plan “asset management” for a better life by visualizing assets! (50s, office worker)
・By taking the assessment, I was able to better understand my accelerator and brakes. Some of them were unconscious, and I felt the joy and awareness of meeting a new me. During dialogues with Lifeshift Partners, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the results of the “transformation asset assessment” by having them ask questions from a different perspective and dig deeper into my own thoughts. I made it. You can get a lot out of it just by doing it one-time, but I think you’ll get even more out of it if you take it regularly, like once a year. (40s, office worker)
-Reference material-
■ About “Transformation Asset Assessment”
■ About “Lifeshift Partner”
■ About the 3-day workshop “LIFE SHIFT JOURNEY” to design a 100-year life
■ About Lifeshift Japan Co., Ltd.
Head office location: Central Building 2F, 1-1-5 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Established: October 2017
Representative Director and CEO: Seiichi Ohno
Business: Discovery and promotion of life shifters (life shift practitioners), development and provision of seminars and workshops for individuals, provision of various seminars and training for companies, development of self-diagnosis tools, research and survey activities, book publishing
■ Inquiries about this release
Lifeshift Japan Co., Ltd.

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