Yume Cloud Japan Co., Ltd. Completed fundraising of approximately 50 million yen from Yume Cloud Japan, Miles, etc.

Yume Cloud Japan Co., Ltd.
Completed funding of approximately 50 million yen from Yume Cloud Japan, Miraise, etc.

Yume Cloud Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yamagata University International Business Research Center, Representative Director: Daisuke Yoshida, hereinafter referred to as Yume Cloud Japan) has further expanded the introduction of the stress visualization service “Mindscale” developed by our company. In response, following the fundraising in June this year, in December several angel investors “issued shares through a third-party allotment”, and
engineer-specialized VC Millays issued “J-KISS type stock acquisition rights”. has raised a total of approximately 50 million yen. ■ Aiming to further expand introduction in the B2B market by raising funds “Mindscale” provides a service that visualizes the stress state of employees, which is an issue for companies, and provides advice on how to deal with stress, so that each employee can acquire skills to manage stress. We believe that the introduction of this product by companies will be an opportunity to avoid exacerbation of employee stress, reduce various costs caused by worsening stress conditions, and revitalize the organization (strengthen engagement). I am aiming for
Since the establishment of the Japanese subsidiary in 2019, we have been conducting research and development for the practical application of Mindscale while utilizing government research and development funds.
Following the fundraising of approximately 40 million yen from May to June 2022, several angel investors announced in December that they would issue shares through a third-party allotment, and VC Millays, a company specializing in engineers, would Approximately 50 million yen was raised through the J-KISS-type stock acquisition rights issuance. Currently, in response to the fact that the full-scale service is on track and the number of customers is increasing, we will carry out projects to further expand introduction in the B2B market.
In particular, the funds will be used for operations and data analysis in the B2B or B2B2C market.
In the future, our technology will be used to monitor the mental state of telework employees, provide mental support for people with high stress, and measure workation effects. At the same time, we will increase the number of introduction cases while responding to various needs, such as mental management of administrative staff, which is the current social issue, and mental support in the fields of sports and education.
■Mind Scale visualizes the state of stress through scientific analysis, which was not possible with conventional stress checks alone.
Currently, self-assessment stress checks, which are mandatory by law, are mostly conducted once a year, making it difficult to take measures against stress in real time.
Furthermore, unlike objective measurement, the results are inevitably based on the subjectivity of the individual.
With this, it is difficult to indicate the state of the mind (mental state, brain fatigue, etc.) that the user is not aware of. Therefore, in the current stress check, there is a risk that the person with high stress and the organization to which the person belongs may miss the opportunity to try to improve the high stress state.
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In order to reduce the risk of missing opportunities to try to improve such high-stress conditions, MindScale analyzes multiple vital data measured by an extremely high-precision system based on the knowledge of psychology and brain science. It is a technology that uses an engine*.
By using this mind scale, it is possible to visualize stress very accurately in real time. It is a completely new service that makes it possible to respond.
*Emotional expression engine
A unique system that visualizes emotions based on RUSSELL’s emotional ring model, developed through industry-academia-government
collaboration between Yamagata University, Tohoku University, and Yume Cloud Japan, using government subsidies. Currently, world patent pending.
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■ Comments from entrepreneurs and investors on procurement
●Daisuke Yoshida, CEO of Yume Cloud Japan Co., Ltd.
Following the fundraising in June this year, we were able to raise funds again this time. Our service aims to provide familiar and high-quality mental care services by integrating high-precision mental visualization using the latest technology and private sessions by counselors. In addition, we can also provide the conventional 57-question stress check, and by using the 57-question stress check and mind scale, we believe that more accurate awareness and support will be possible. Many customers who have used the Mind Scale have become accustomed to using it like a weight scale, and we would like to continue to make progress so that it can be used as a part of their lives in the future.
● MIRAISE Principal & CTO Mr. Ryusuke Fuda
Continuing from the previous round, MIRAISE has invested. MindScale, which allows employees to analyze, visualize, and improve their own mental health with a simple UI, meets the needs of companies working on employee mental health care, and has been introduced to
corporations in half a year since the last round. has grown
significantly. Also, the scope of utilization is expanding, such as being incorporated into workation packages. We will support the further expansion of corporate introduction as a highly effective mental health care service for employees.
■ Future business development
“Mindscale” will be introduced on a trial basis at about 20 companies from 2021. And from 2022, there are also cases of companies shifting to company-wide introduction. We are currently conducting stress analysis based on the data of 30,000 data sets accumulated, and by 2023, by acquiring and analyzing 100,000 data sets, we will provide advice on effective coping methods, etc. I’m going to go to the middle of the day.
We will introduce more companies, focusing on companies that are willing to invest in human resources, and promote the use of more people beyond the framework of the organization. Through the spread of this service, we aim to become a goal-solving tool for the SDGs and a concrete measure for “investment in people,” which is one of Japan’s social issues.
◆ About Yume Cloud Japan Co., Ltd.
[Representative] Representative Director: Daisuke Yoshida
[Address] 4-3-16 Jonan, Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture
[URL (Corporate inquiries)] http://www.yume-cloud.com/
[Inquiries regarding this press release] info@yume-cloud.com

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