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Z Entertainment Co., Ltd. A special video of ao and WurtS will be distributed in the special video “RADAR: Early Noise 2022” in collaboration with “GYAO!” and Spotify

Z Entertainment Inc.
A special video of ao and WurtS will be distributed in the special video “RADAR: Early Noise 2022” in collaboration with “GYAO!” and Spotify

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▲Images from top to bottom: ao, WurtS
The video distribution service “GYAO!” operated by GYAO Inc. in cooperation with Yahoo Japan Corporation is an audio streaming service Spotify (Company name Spotify AB / Headquarters Stockholm, Sweden) used by more than 456 million users worldwide. In collaboration with , we produced a special video of the next-generation artists ao and WurtS, who were selected for “RADAR: Early Noise 2022”, and shared them with each artist’s YouTube channel and GYAO! (*) will start free delivery from 21:00 today.
“RADAR: Early Noise 2022” is a program that Spotify picks up 10 up-and-coming artists in Japan who are expected to make a leap in the year and supports them throughout the year. In this project, which will be held as part of this, in collaboration with Spotify, we will shoot special videos such as performance videos and documentaries that change the approach for each artist so that the charm and world view of each artist can be conveyed. Expanding.
This time, it will be a newly shot video by two groups, ao and WurtS, in the second development following ego apartment and Bleecker Chrome delivered in November. For ao, there are studio live videos of two songs, “Change” and “you too”, and an interview (*), and for WurtS, there is a performance video based on the Christmas-themed concept of WurtS, which is exactly “WurtS World”. The contents are finished to fully convey the charm of each artist from different angles. * Only the Short Ver. will be distributed on “GYAO!”
-GYAO delivery overview-
■Distribution schedule: Distribution will start from 21:00 on Friday, December 23, 2022.
■ GYAO! viewing page
ego apartment, Bleecker Chrome:
-Artist viewing page-
■Distribution schedule: Distribution will start from 21:00 on Friday, December 23, 2022.
-About distribution artists-
・ao: Profile
ao, 16 years old.
Ao, who just liked to sing, discovered his talent at the audition he performed for the first time when he was in the 6th grade of elementary school.
In September 2021, he made a major debut with “Tag”, and in January 2022, he was selected by Spotify as a next-generation artist “RADAR: Early Noise 2022” who is expected to be active in 2022.
In March of the same year, released the 1st EP “LOOK”, which contains the songs produced over the four years since the 6th grade of elementary school, and released the Digital Single “Ripple” in June. In August, the theme song for the Toho YouTube movie “Change” was released. In the following November, they released “Blink to Spirit to Kimi no Uta to Ongaku”, a full-blown winter ballad, in quick succession. From the lyrics that cut out the real daily life with unique perfection, from the heavy dark beat sound to the uplifting catchy melody, ao expresses all of them with his one and only voice. He finds new hope in the future music scene, transcending languages ​​and generations, without being caught up in trends.
・WurtS profile
Full-scale start in 2021. A solo artist born in the 21st century who self-produces everything from lyrics, composition, arrangement, artwork and video. His music is centered on dance music, and is transforming day by day into a unique pop music that transcends the boundaries of genres such as rock, hip-hop, and soul. In November of this year, the first one-man tour in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka was a great success, and in 2023, a one-man tour of 12 performances in 9 locations nationwide has already been decided.
-About Spotify-
Since its launch in 2008, Spotify has evolved the way we listen to music. With Spotify, you can discover, manage, and share over 80 million songs and over 4.7 million podcasts for free, but if you upgrade to the paid premium plan “Spotify Premium,” you’ll get better sound quality without ads. And you can download it and enjoy it offline. Spotify is the world’s most popular audio streaming service, with over 456 million users, including over 195 million Spotify Premium members, in 183 countries and territories worldwide.

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