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Z Entertainment Co., Ltd. GYAO! Announcing the best 30 of the year for “Korean dramas” and “Chinese & Ta iwanese dramas”! “The Empress’s Dignity”, “Red Moon and Blue Sun”, “Dai Tang Joshi”, “Tokimeki☆Unjou”… Which is yo ur favorite?          

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GYAO! Announcing the best 30 of the year for “Korean dramas” and “Chinese & Taiwanese dramas”! “The Empress’s Dignity”, “Red Moon and Blue Sun”, “Dai Tang Joshi”, “Tokimeki☆Unjou”… Which is your favorite?

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The video distribution service “GYAO!” operated by GYAO Co., Ltd. in cooperation with Yahoo Japan Corporation has decided on the annual ranking of the 30 most watched “Korean dramas” and “Chinese & Taiwanese dramas” in 2022. The top Korean drama is “Empress’s Dignity”, the second is “Revenge ~I’ll Revenge You~”, and the third is “Terminal of Shining Stars”. The Chinese & Taiwanese drama ranked No. 1 was “Dai Tang Joshi -Love & Truth-“, No. 2 was “Royal Love: Handmaids and Princes”, and No. 3 was “Tokimeki☆Yun Shang Gakudo Scandal ~Hyouryousei~”. “have become.
In addition, “GYAO!” will distribute some of the works ranked in the top 30 annual rankings of “Korean dramas” and “Chinese & Taiwanese dramas” for free. We will introduce the top 10 of each ranking and the highlights of carefully selected works among them.
-Korean Drama 2022 Annual Ranking Top 10-
1st place “Empress’s Dignity”
2nd place “Revenge ~ I will clear your grudge ~ [All 22 episodes special edition]”
3rd Place: Shining Star Terminal
4th place “Come out, money, konkon”
No. 5 “Hechi Road to the Throne”
6th place: Shine! The Glittering Life of Boku Hee
No. 7 “Red Shoes”
No. 8 “Mung Bean Flower”
No. 9 “Red Moon Blue Sun”
No. 10 “Smile Donghae”
-Introduction of carefully selected Korean dramas for 2022-
■ “The Empress’s Dignity” 2022/12/19-2023/3/12
Jang Na-ra and Choi Jin-hyuk, who co-starred in the heart-pounding Korean romantic comedy drama “I Love You Like Fate”, reunite for a romantic romance in the court. The plot, self-interest, love and hate swirling in the fictitious royal family, which is the stage of the story, and the battles between those who try to gain power are thrillingly depicted.
■ “Take your revenge ~I’ll clear your grudge~ [All 22 episodes special edition]” 2022/12/26-2023/4/16
The heroine of the story is a beautiful influencer who was pushed to the bottom of her life overnight by a sudden affair scandal. It is a suspense social revenge drama that depicts her acting as a “revenge agent” for various clients. In addition, the staff of the popular Korean drama “Itaewon Class”, which has become a hot topic in Japan, is involved in directing the drama.
■ “Red Moon Blue Sun” 2022/12/20-2023/4/10
A social human mystery depicting various forms of family love, with the theme of “parents and children”. Actress Kim Sun Ah, who is known for her roles in Korean dramas “She with Dignity” and “My Name is Kim Sam Soon”, played the role of a child counselor who lives happily with her husband and three daughters. The overwhelming acting brought many viewers to tears, and Kim Sun Ah won the Best Actor Award at the 2018 MBC Drama Awards.
-Chinese & Taiwanese Drama 2022 Annual Ranking Top 10-
1st place “Dai Tang Female Lawyer ~Love & Truth~”
No. 2 “Royal Love: Maidens and Princes”
3rd place “Tokimeki ☆ Yunshan Gakudo Scandal ~ Houryo Shosei ~ [All 30 episodes special edition]”
4th place “The secret of the sun and the moon ~ Depersonal mind ~” 5th place “Seiunshi ~ Thoughts sworn to heaven ~”
6th place “Rihi -The Song of Glory-”
No. 7 “Bodyguard ~Oath in Jade~”
No. 7 “Chosetsurou Swordsman of Love and Revenge”
8th place “Chukyoden ~ Flower blooming on thorns ~”
8th place “March 30, 10th ~ That love, beyond time ~”
9th place “Brilliant Emperor (Emperor)”
No. 9 “Ming Dynasty Emperor ~Road to the Great King~”
10th place “Sangokushi Secret of Three Kingdoms”
-Chinese & Taiwanese drama 2022 Introduction of carefully selected works- ■ “Datang Female Legal Doctor-Love & Truth-” 2022/12/12-2023/1/28 A Chinese period drama in which a female coroner and a male
investigator pursue the truth hidden in a corpse. In addition to the fun of the “man and woman buddy story”, the appearance of a man and a woman who were on a dog and monkey relationship gradually trusting each other makes me cringe. The story takes place in the glamorous Tang and Jogan eras, but the heroine, the coroner, has a modern outlook on work and love, and the stage set and costumes are in a modern, minimal style. You can enjoy a unique view of the world through the fusion of modern and period dramas.
■ “Tokimeki ☆ Yunshan Gakudo Scandal ~ Houryo Shosei ~ [All 30 episodes special edition]”
This work is an adaptation of the Korean drama “Tokimeki ☆
Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, which is based on the novel “Sungkyunkwan Confucian Students’ Days”, which is adapted to China. It is a romantic comedy historical drama that causes a big stir when a girl dressed as a man enters a school where girls are not allowed. You can’t take your eyes off the series of heart-pounding scenes unfolding between boys dressed as men and good-looking guys. You should be fascinated by the beauty of Zhu Jingyi, who played the role of a girl dressed as a man!

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