ZIYI GROUP HK LIMITED A new event “Foam no Drunken Dream” will be held from 12/20 (Tuesday), and a new combination “Nacha” and “Mace” will be implemented! Official live broadcast distribution will also be decided on December 23!

A new event “Foam no Yume” will be held from 12/20 (Tue) & new combinations “Nacha” and “Mace” will be implemented! Official live broadcast distribution will also be decided on December 23!

We are pleased to inform you that a limited-time event “Foam no Drunken Dream” will be held after maintenance on December 20 (Tuesday) in the free-to-download smartphone game published by AISNO Games, the crime city prison strategy RPG “Infinite Labyrinth”.
In this event, you can get the new S-class convict “Nacha” and A-class convict “Mace”. During the event period, an event stage will be opened where you can enjoy a limited story. In addition, to commemorate the event, we have decided to deliver the official live broadcast from 20:00 on Friday, December 23rd!
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Event “Foam no Yume” held
Event period: December 20, 2022 (Tuesday) after maintenance-January 3, 2023 (Tuesday) 4:59
Event details: By collecting clues and making deductions, defeat the real culprit who caused the incident and uncover the truth! During the event period, if you clear the event stage or open the case progress with reasoning, the new A-class Comvict “Mace”, the limited songs “Summer’s End”, “Midsummer Night’s Dream”, the limited title “Nomis”, Earn rewards including regular cubes.
▼ Mini-game “Yumekage’s Hidden Item”
Open period: December 20, 2022 (Tuesday) after maintenance-January 3, 2023 (Tuesday) 4:59
Mission Description: During the event, you can earn points by finding different parts in each scene. If you achieve the specified points, you can receive the limited icon frame “Foam Ichiyume” and various items.
▼Event stage
Stage description: During the period, an event stage will be opened where you can enjoy a limited story. When clearing the investigation stage, you can acquire the progress of the case. When the case progress is achieved, you can receive the A-class Comvict “Mace”, the limited song “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, the limited title “Nomis” and the Core of Consciousness.
*This event story will be recorded in [Management Bureau]-[Recording Room]-[Special Behavior]. The director who unlocks the story can read it later.
▼Challenge Stage “Drunken Dark Shadows”
Open period: December 27, 2022 (Tuesday) 14:00 to January 3, 2023 (Tuesday) 4:59 Release conditions: Clear the main story Re1-9 “Reunion on the equinox” & clear all stages of “Foam no drunken dream” 01-04 Event Arrest “Worryless Togen” released! New Convict Implementation! [Image 2d106768-9-286db44690b11919802b-1.png&s3=106768-9-7b93e73d949901c6a40c5875f1460dde-1500x900.png
Arrest time: December 20, 2022 (Tuesday) after maintenance-January 3 (Tuesday) 13:59
Arrest Explanation: During the period, you can get the new S-class Comvict “Nacha” and A-class Comvict “Mace” that will appear in the event. In addition, the acquisition rate of S-class Comvict “Nacha” and A-class Comvicts “Mace”, “Rurieka” and “Victoria” will be greatly increased!
*At least 1 A-rank or S-rank convict can be obtained within 10 arrests. *S-class Comvict “Nacha” and A-class Comvict “Mace” will be available from the normal arrest action “Sin City” after the next maintenance after the event ends.
*Event arrest confirmation counts are independent and do not affect other arrest confirmation counts.
* Interrogation of “Nacha” and “Mace” will be implemented. The voice is already implemented in the interrogation stage 1 of “Nacha”. [Image 3d106768-9-9a65f1c1b30854d2a086-2.jpg&s3=106768-9-0119928b9fdfa84681a10fb47f1ab38d-1920x1080.jpg
Convict: Nacha
Voice actor: Kaoru Sakura
Code: MBCC-S-948
Specialization: Umbra
Popular talent of phantom entertainment. Camouflage with bizarre performances to locate specific targets and restrict freedom. They create panic and disrupt order in the New City without even thinking about the consequences.
[Image 4d106768-9-59ad331925ab11bd22b4-9.jpg&s3=106768-9-f439f591ebd18e90fed41198153c2282-1920x1080.jpg
Convict: Mace
Voice actor: Rena Kondo
Code: MBCC-S-183
Specialization: Fury
One of New City’s most talented weapon builders and restorers. It has an independent forging workshop and store. Over the years, he enticed customers on the condition of free production, and indirectly caused multiple malicious injury incidents.
Limited costume “Seaside Vacation” series is now on sale!
[Image 5d106768-9-2abde21dcee3bcc1516a-3.png&s3=106768-9-8e47d57edcd0adfecf9470bddbb8c62b-1376x720.png
Sales period: December 20, 2022 (Tuesday) after maintenance-January 3 (Tuesday) 13:59
Sales description: Star 2 costume “Rurieka Beach Sweets” and Star 3 costume “Eirene Seaside Asahi” will be sold for a limited time. * Star 2 – Battle model, costume voice implemented
Hoshi 3-Live2D, battle model, costume voice implemented
*The reappearance of this costume after the end of the sales period is undecided at this time.
A new stage of “Pursuit of Suspect” is now available!
Open period: December 20, 2022 (Tuesday) after maintenance-January 3 (Tuesday) 4:59
Event description: During the event period, the “Pursuit of Suspect” stage will be open for S-class convict Nacha and A-class convict Mace. Clear the challenge to earn Irregular Cubes.
* “Pursuit of Suspect” is a special stage with fixed combinations and training states that can be sortied. Grasp the composition of the stage and the characteristics of the characters, and work out a strategy to clear the stage.
Tonight, Eternal Drunken Dreams to the world–Large-scale update commemorative live broadcast decision!
[Image 6d106768-9-3e64636c8aabcaa9bd2e-4.jpg&s3=106768-9-24751a41c118213d7cca8ffc16181d00-1920x1080.jpg
■ Delivery date: Scheduled for December 23, 2022 (Friday) 20:00-21:00 Distribution media: YouTube, Twitter
■ Cast:
Mafia Kajita (MC)
Kaoru Sakura (voice actor/role of Nacha)
Konami Saito (Voice Actor/Rurieka)
※Titles omitted. Performers and program content are subject to change without notice.
▼ Live broadcast URL
YouTube: https://youtu.be/pd-DwQNK-q0
▼ Highlights of the live broadcast
This live broadcast will welcome Mafia Kajita as MC, Kaoru Sakura and Konami Saito as guests. In the program, we will introduce the contents and charm of the event “Awabata no Yumu”. In addition, we will also deliver various plans related to events. Also, during the program, we will announce a special code that will give you in-game items! Please take a look.
The 2nd Posting Campaign for “Infinite Meido” is now on!
[Image 7d106768-9-4504a721dc2ea30292c5-5.jpg&s3=106768-9-c0a4807f6d216214cf2831cff5fd586c-1920x1080.jpg
From December 20th (Tuesday), we will hold the second “Infinite Labyrinth” posting campaign. This time, it is divided into three divisions, “Twitter Division”, “Illustration Division”, and “Video Division”, and the participation rules are basically the same as the first posting campaign. In addition, the “Death Love Award” has been added to the “Illustration Category”, and Twitter posts have been added to the “Video Category” in addition to the conventional YouTube posts.
Post campaign targets differ depending on the campaign.
* Currently, the first post is under review, and the winners of the “Twitter category” birthday celebration post will be contacted directly via DM.
▼ Recruitment target
“Twitter Division” — Convicts who have a birthday between December 20, 2022 and January 16, 2023
“Illustration Category” — All the characters in “Mugen Meido” “Video Category” — Videos related to “Mugen Meido”
*Please note that you cannot participate in private or limited public posts. *If a new convict is announced on the official Twitter during the campaign period, the works posted after the related announcement will be eligible.
*For secondary creation rules, please check the “Infinite Meido Secondary Creation Guidelines”.
▼ Posting period: December 20, 2022 (Tuesday) after the campaign starts-January 16, 2023 (Monday) 23:59
■ Rules for Participating in the “Twitter Division”
[Image 8d106768-9-f6d5e0b0dc52c6612545-6.jpg&s3=106768-9-99fa94da31ec68383fcd3198f3dc27ec-1920x1080.jpg
▼During the period from December 20th to January 16th,
On the day of Convict’s birthday, post a congratulatory message with two tags: #Infinite Meido and #XX Birthday 2022 (or #XX Birthday 2023).
▼Post format: Twitter post. Text Only or Text + Image
* If you post an illustration with the tag #MukyuEto, you can also apply for the “Illustration Category” at the same time.
If you win in two campaigns at the same time, you will only receive the highest ranked prize among those won.
▼ Reward: Goods (random) will be presented to 10 people by lottery ▼ Birthday calendar for recruitment
December 22 Dolly
January 11 Hakuitsu
■ “Illustration Division” Participation Rules
[Image 9d106768-9-69f1d8be8577212763fa-7.jpg&s3=106768-9-ae49d2d4a39450a2836798eb70624562-1920x1080.jpg
▼During the period from December 20th to January 16th, you can participate in the contest by posting the illustration of the target character on Twitter with the two tags #MukyuEto and #MukyuMeidou. ▼ The contest is limited to unpublished works.
Please note that if you resubmit an existing work with adjustments or corrections, it will not be eligible for the contest.
▼ Recruitment target: All characters of “Mugen Meido”
*On the day of Convict’s birthday, if you post with the hashtag #XX Birthday 2022 (or #XX Birthday 2023), you can also apply for the “Convict Birthday Posting Campaign” at the same time. Also, if you win in two campaigns at the same time, you will only receive the highest ranked prize among the prizes won.
・Best Award (1 winner)
Irregular Cube x 3,000 & Amazon gift certificate worth 50,000 yen & goods set ・Excellence Award (2 people)
Irregular Cube x 1,000 & Amazon gift certificate worth 30,000 yen & goods set ・Special prize (3 winners)
Irregular Cube x 500 & Amazon gift certificate worth 10,000 yen & goods set ・Lucky Director Award (10 winners)
Infinite Maze Goods (random)
・ Death Love Award New! (5 winners)
Irregular Cube x 300 & Goods Set
A worthy prize where the super popular MC Rapha decides the winning work! Regardless of image quality! Only ideas win! Any original work can be submitted!
■ Participation rules for the “Movie Division”
[Image 10d106768-9-caa740428282b3310081-8.jpg&s3=106768-9-14a83dec40428ea7be415a2eacb0e4c2-1920x1080.jpg
▼During the period from December 20th to January 16th, videos related to “Mugen Meido” will be posted on YouTube or Twitter with two tags, #Mugen Meito and #Mugen Meito, and related information will be uploaded to the designated Google Forms. Submit to enter the contest. * There are no restrictions on video formats such as strategy, original, MAD, etc.
・Excellence Award (3 winners)
1. Irregular Cube x 2,000
2. GooglePlay/AppleGift or Amazon gift card worth 40,000 yen 3. Goods set
・Special prize (5 winners)
1. Irregular Cube x 500
2. GooglePlay/AppleGift or Amazon gift card worth 5,000 yen
▼Information Submission Form
1.AISNO Games will use the acquired personal information only for shipping prizes, responding to inquiries, and verifying identity. Delivery of prizes is limited to within Japan.
2. The “Illustration Category” and “Video Category” of this campaign will be judged comprehensively based on the content of the work, comments, number of “likes”, etc., and prizes will be awarded. 3. After the final award list is announced, we will contact the winners via DM from the official account. Failure to respond within the stipulated time period will be considered a waiver of prize eligibility.
4. After the winner list is announced, if you have any questions or concerns about the results, you can provide feedback through customer support or in-game reports. If the official confirms that the winning work violates the rules, it reserves the right to refuse or withdraw the related prizes from the winners. In addition, we will remove the right to participate in events related to “Infinite Labyrinth” in the future.
5. The copyright of the posted work shall belong to the poster. 6. If you participate in the campaign, you will be deemed to have granted AISNO Games the right to publish your work (including but not limited to images and videos) on the official website, press release, Twitter, online distribution, etc. is done. In addition, when publishing, processing such as trimming, size, and color may be performed. Please note.
7. Works that:
・A work that violates the “Infinite Meido Derivative Creation Guidelines” ・A work that includes advertisement content for commercial purposes ・Works that plagiarize other people’s works, or that infringe on other people’s ownership rights, intellectual property rights including copyrights, property rights, honor rights, privacy rights, etc. ・ Works that have already been used or are planned to be used as commercial works, works that have participated in other competitions, and works that have won awards
・Other works that the official judges are not suitable for public release What is “Infinite Maze”?
“Mugen Meido” is a prison strategy RPG smartphone game based on the story that unfolds in the city of sin. In the game, you can enjoy elements including character development, interrogation, and a highly strategic battle system. As the “Director of the Minos Crisis Management Bureau”, the player takes along the attractive special ability users “Convict” and uncovers the truth of various incidents in a world disturbed by mad eye disease where evil forces spread. increase. Players will come into contact with the truth of this world by arresting dangerous convicts rampaging in Discity and investigating and suppressing various incidents.
▼ Download URL (iOS/Android common)
▼ “Infinite Labyrinth” official website
▼ “Infinite Labyrinth” Official Twitter
Product Summary
Product Overview Title: Indefinite Maze
Official site: https://ptn.aisnogames.com/ja-JP/home
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/PathtoNowhereJP
Genre: Sin City Prison Strategy RPG
Platform: App Store/Google Play Store
Streaming: AISNO Games
Rights notation: (C) AISNO Games
Details about this release:


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