Zoushinkai Holdings (Z-kai Group) Z-kai Correspondence Education Started a spring enrollment campaign for new high school sophomores

Zoshinkai Holdings (Z-kai Group)
[Correspondence education of Z-kai] Start a spring enrollment campaign for new high school sophomores
Started a campaign to support new high school sophomores who are working hard from spring to pass the difficult university active duty. [High 2nd Spring to Z-kai “+1” Campaign] Target application is until March 31, 2023!

Z-kai Co., Ltd., a group company of Zoshinkai Holdings Co., Ltd. (Z-kai Group), will launch a spring enrollment campaign for
[second-year high school students from April 2023] in [Z-kai correspondence education] from 2022. It started on November 28th. Why don’t you take this opportunity to start taking measures to pass the difficult university active duty?

The 2025 common test will be a new one that corresponds to the new teaching guidelines from 2022, and is expected to change
The new high school sophomore in 2023 will be the first generation to take this new standardized test.
In order to respond to change, early measures are necessary. Therefore, Z-kai launched the [Z-kai “+1” campaign from the spring of high school 2nd year] to support those who start studying with the aim of passing the aspiring university active duty from the new semester. ▼Courses offered for new high school sophomores
English / Asteria English / Mathematics / Japanese Language / Basic Science / Physics / Chemistry / Biology / History Comprehensive / Japanese History / World History / Geography / Essay
From the above subjects, those who have taken 2 or more courses for 12 months and answered the questionnaire after joining,
We will give you an Amazon gift card worth up to 3,000 yen.
In addition, if you apply for 3 or more courses for 12 months at a time, you can purchase a Z-kai dedicated tablet (with a digital pencil) for virtually 0 yen.
The more you prepare for the entrance exam, the more you save. * Amazon, Amazon.co.jp and their logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.
▼ Details about the Z-kai “+1” campaign from spring 2nd year https://www.zkai.co.jp/k1k2/cp-k2-start/
In addition, if you join, you will receive a gift that will help you in your future studies. Please refer to the URL below for details of courses and benefits.
▼ Details of courses and benefits for new high school students https://www.zkai.co.jp/k1k2/k2/
-Inquiries from customers regarding this matter-
Z-kai Co., Ltd. Customer center for high school students
Toll free 0120-65-1039
*Also available from mobile phones.
* Reception hours: Monday to Saturday 10:00 am to 8:00 pm (except for the year-end and New Year holidays, and also on holidays)
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