〈January 18th〉 First entry into the Kansai area WONDERLINE to exhibit at the 7th Japan IT Week Kansai

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[First entry into the Kansai area] WONDERLINE to exhibit at the 7th Japan IT Week [Kansai]
The WONDERLINE crew will guide you to the best solution for your business
An online exhibition booth where you can intuitively experience various events with a touch panel
Get a free drink for every survey answer
■Overview of the exhibition
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Experience the online exhibition! Exhibited at WONDERLINE, Japan IT Week Innovation is born when people meet and exchange words. Events such as business meetings, new product launches, briefings, and previews play an important role in business success.
“WONDERLINE” operated by Shin Nippon Printing is a cloud service that supports all kinds of business events online, from one-on-one business negotiations to exhibitions with thousands of people. The
easy-to-understand exhibition booths organized in a unified format, the flexibility to accommodate various types of events with a high degree of design freedom, and the rich audiovisual experience contribute to business matching.
At this exhibition, we have prepared an online exhibition booth where you can intuitively experience various events realized by WONDERLINE with a touch panel. You can find the best solution for your business while touching on the functions and features of WONDERLINE.
The WONDERLINE crew will be stationed at the INTEX Osaka exhibition booth, and you can feel free to consult us about improving current exhibitions and events, making them online, etc. Also, if you answer the questionnaire at the exhibition booth, we will prepare a free drink gift for you.
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Online exhibition specialists, full-time crew
■Reproduce the excitement of a real event! Experience state-of-the-art online content that helps attract customers
In addition, there is a “360° VR walkthrough” where you can enjoy a tour of the factory and facilities in 4K high resolution that looks realistic, an “AI chatbot” that helps to improve the efficiency of responding to inquiries, and an “online work” that activates communication in the talk room. You can also experience optional functions that provide an experience that is the same as a real event, such as “Space”, and contribute to attracting customers and serving customers. First of all, why don’t you take the first step of DX together by touching WONDERLINE?
■ 7th Japan IT Week [Kansai] 7th Web & Digital Marketing EXPO [Kansai] -Duration-January 18th (Wed)-20th (Fri), 2023 10:00-17:00
-Venue-Intex Osaka Hall 5 Booth number [K9-40]
– How to enter – Please present your business card and invitation ticket -Invitation ticket URL-
https://www.japan-it.jp/osaka/ja-jp/visit/e-ticket-ex/webmo.html?=coitk2023?co=ml_web-k-28dqlk ■\After answering the questionnaire/
Get a free drink! campaign
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\If you answer the questionnaire, you will get a free drink! campaign ■ “WONDERLINE” operating company introduction
Shinnihon Printing Co., Ltd., the operating company of the online exhibition platform WONDERLINE, is a general printing company that operates in Tokyo and Osaka with its headquarters in Nagoya. We offer a wide range of one-stop services, from planning to production and delivery, including general catalogs, pamphlets, websites, videos, CG, store fixtures, etc. To do.
-Service site- https://wonderline.cloud/
■Company Profile
-Trade name-Shin Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
– Head office location – 496 Nakasuna-cho, Tenpaku-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi -Representative-Toshio Hosoi
-Business content-Online exhibition business, commercial printing, web production, video production, fixture production

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