【TiVo Corporation】 Vestel Unveils Attractive New Powered by TiVo(TM) Smart TVs at CES 2023

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Vestel Unveils Stunning New Powered by TiVo(TM) Smart TVs at CES 2023 Brands such as Vestel, Daewoo, Regal, Hitachi, Telefunken and JVC to ship the first Powered by TiVo Smart TVs as early as Spring 2023
TiVo, the entertainment unifying company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Xperi Inc. (XPER: NYSE), and Vestel, one of Europe’s top three TV manufacturers, today announced the multi-year multi-year As part of the deal, it plans to ship the first Powered by TiVo(TM) smart TVs as early as spring 2023 and chipsets from MediaTek, a global fabless semiconductor company that powers more than 2 billion connected devices annually. announces that it has been installed. Upon launch, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Turkey will be able to purchase Powered by TiVo smart TVs under brands such as Vestel, Daewoo, Regal, Hitachi, Telefunken and JVC.
Xperi unveils new independent media platform at IFA2022 and welcomes Vestel as its first OEM partner. Vestel will leverage the new TiVo OS, the first neutral platform aimed at OEMs to significantly improve user experience and drive brand awareness, engagement and monetization at scale. Unencumbered by closed systems, the Neutral Platform puts control in the hands of users and puts them in control of their entertainment, providing the ultimate home entertainment experience. Xperi CEO Jon Kirshner said: “At Xperi, we have built a platform that can engage viewers with an unbiased, content-first user experience, where Live Hybrid TV and streaming services are combined in a personalized way. Fully embedded, content can be easily found, watched and enjoyed across isolated ecosystems.Unlike existing platforms that are built around walled gardens, we are Enabling TV OEMs to brand experiences, maintain customer ownership, and engage in CTV
monetization long-term throughout the TV lifecycle, we partnered with Vestel to ensure that users We are excited to bring to market a smart TV that offers simple, universal discovery without the hassle.” Vestel’s new TV series uses Powered by TiVo OS. It’s a streamlined smart TV platform with easy content discovery and personalized recommendations. Easy setup and intuitive usability give consumers choice and control for discovering content across their favorite streaming apps. Leading the way in innovation, Vestel’s new Powered by TiVo platform offers the latest technology with best-in-class voice navigation and uniquely customizable TV experiences.
Vestel CEO Turan Erdoğan said: “As the number of video services available continues to grow, content discovery remains the biggest pain point for users when searching across various video content services. We share the value of putting the customer first. We are excited to partner with companies to launch new Powered by TiVo smart TV products to provide the experience consumers demand.”
TiVo OS will also include TiVo+, a free content network that will provide consumers with access to over 160 free channels and 100,000 hours worth of content. Stingray is a strong addition to the globally available content lineup starting with TiVo OS. 26 channels of Stingray will be added to the TiVo+ content network.
Stingray Chief Revenue Officer David Purdy said: “Stingray is proud to be a part of this dynamic platform as a TiVo and Vestel launch partner. With more streaming services, TiVo brings users more personal We can present content in a unique way and give users a real sense of what they like and what they might discover next.”
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