1/24 is the “International Day of Education” set by the United Nations. Companies and organizations in Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture will take SDGs action!

Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC)
1/24 is the “International Day of Education” set by the United Nations. Companies and organizations in Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture will take SDGs action!
Collecting unwanted items and books to support the education of children in Sudan

January 24th is the United Nations International Day of Education. It was enacted in 2018 with the desire to aim for a world where people can receive education as a matter of course, no matter what country they were born in. Education is a major social issue listed as Goal 4 of the SDGs set by the United Nations. In Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture, since January, there has been a growing movement to support education in Sudan through the collection of used books and unwanted items.

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Kayoko Sakata (left) and Mr. Shiroyama (right), the manager of U-Corp Sakura Tsutsumi
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Children studying in Sudan
\ Only 10% graduate from elementary school. I want to support the education of children in Sudan/
Since its independence in 1956, Sudan is an African country that has been in constant conflict. In South Kordofan, which we, the Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC), support, only 10% of the children graduate from elementary school. Due to the conflict, there are many children who cannot go to school even if they want to, and many children who have no choice but to drop out of school.
We, JVC, together with BOOKOFF CORPORATION, are conducting a support campaign, “Use your books to educate children in Sudan!” By simply sending us books, CDs, DVDs, and other unnecessary items that you do not have in your home, the purchase/assessment amount during the campaign will help support education in Sudan. (There is no shipping charge.)
Last year’s campaign was able to collect 928,621 yen. Through our local support activities so far, approximately 900 children in the displaced population settlements in South Kordofan have been able to attend or return to regular primary school and continue their studies. \Circle of support from a woman who lives in Susono City and is an English teacher/
Currently, an increasing number of companies and organizations are participating in this campaign in and around Susono City, led by Ms. Kayoko Sakata, who lives in Susono City. The Susono City Council of Social Welfare, the Susono Citizen Activity Center, the Susono Music Center (Susono Yamaha Music School), and the U-Corp Sakurazutsumi store entrance (Nagaizumi Town) have collection boxes for used books and unwanted items. We encourage everyone to participate in this campaign.
Mr. Sakata has been an English teacher in Susono City for about 40 years, and also worked as a part-time English teacher at Nihon University Mishima High School (Mishima City). After retiring, I was involved in the activities of JVC as a working intern. While learning about the lives of people living in Sudan, Yemen, and Afghanistan, I was deeply moved by the way people tried to move forward even in a harsh environment. Based on my experience of being in conflict, I want to help them more. I don’t want them to give up learning even in conflict areas.
Mr. Shiroyama, the manager of the U-Corp Sakura Tsutsumi store, who sympathized with Mr. Sakata’s thoughts, said, “In response to customer requests, it is also a food bank collection point. Through this campaign, I hope to become a bridge that connects the region and the world.”
We are still looking for space to set up collection boxes. In addition, we are looking for people who can participate in this campaign individually from home, as well as participation by schools and workplaces.
As more and more people hear the word “SDGs,” many people must have been looking for an opportunity.
In 2023, why not start taking action together? Turn your home’s decluttering into recycling, and that goes beyond the ocean to support education in Sudan. We would appreciate it if you could participate in education and international support that can be done from your city. ■ “Educate children in Sudan with your books!”
Target period: December 20, 2022 (Tuesday) to March 31, 2023 (Friday) Target items: Books (including comics, business books, etc.), CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, games (game consoles, software, peripherals), small home appliances, tablets, smartphones, branded goods, precious metals, etc.
Campaign details URL: https://www.ngo-jvc.net/news/news/jvc_bookoff_2022.html Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC) Homepage: https://www.ngo-jvc.net/ ■ Inquiries about the campaign
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