1SEC “MetaSamurai” by 1BLOCK STUDIO won the world’s No. 1 ranking in the world’s largest NFT marketplace

“MetaSamurai” by [1BLOCK STUDIO] won the world’s No. 1 ranking in the world’s largest NFT marketplace

Based in Los Angeles in the United States and Tokyo in Japan, the NFT collection “MetaSamurai” operated by web3 creative studio [1BLOCK STUDIO] has recorded the world’s largest NFT transaction volume (* 1) at OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace. , Cumulative transaction volume (*2) exceeded approximately 500 million yen. [Image 1

*1: Temporary transaction volume in the collection section (Ethereum) of the world’s largest NFT marketplace OpenSea
*2: Cumulative transaction volume of all NFT collections developed and operated by 1BLOCK (including primary and secondary distribution) “MetaSamurai” is a collection of 3,333 collectible 1/1 3D avatars. So far, we have collaborated one after another with the high brand “COACH”, the popular sneaker shop “atmos”, the popular select shop “BEAMS”, and the popular anime “Lupin III”. This year, we also announced a collaboration with “Ghost in the Shell”.
In addition, the virtual sneaker “AirSmokeZero”, which was announced prior to MetaSamurai, is a collection that started with 100 pairs of free distribution as a key to the project developed by [1BLOCK STUDIO]. 10,000 yen (*3), and collaborations with the popular manga “Baki Hanma”, the famous artist “BABYMETAL”, the famous rapper “JP THE WAVY”, and the hot topic “backsideworks” on the street. Realized and developed a collection of topics in the animation industry, music industry, art industry, etc.
The scale of the community that supports these projects now exceeds 10,000 people, and on the day of the event, #MetaSamurai became a trend, and more than 50,000 posts related to 1BLOCK have been posted since the start of sales, and the engagement rate is one of the largest in the world. It has grown into a project to be proud of. *3: Floor prices of major collections developed by 1BLOCK (with 2023.1.26) Meta Samurai 1.34
atmos x SPACE BRO 1.7
Beams Culture 1.7
The12 Zodiac 3.939

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