2/2 Information on the final session of the “DAIS project” set in Shikoku

[2/2] Information on the final session of the “DAIS project” set in Shikoku Eight teams made up of a diverse range of companies will make proposals for issues in Tsurugi and Yusuhara. Excellent proposals are adopted and developed as measures of each local government. All participants and local governments are serious about this “real and serious” project.

NPO DAIS (Headquarters: 1663 Omachi, Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture; Chairman: Mitsukuni Tsukihara) will hold the final session of “DAIS Project 2022 Second Half” on Thursday, February 2nd from 10:00 at Kochi Chamber of Commerce and Industry. .
This DAIS project is set in Tsurugi Town, Tokushima Prefecture and Yusuhara Town, Kochi Prefecture. Eight teams made up of a diverse range of companies will work over two and a half months to develop solutions for the issues faced by both local governments, and make recommendations to each mayor. Excellent proposals are developed as measures of local governments. Since it is developed as a measure of the local government, it is a “real and serious” project that not only the participants but also the local government officials, who are the first mayors, are seriously involved.
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Tsurugi Town
The issue of Tsurugi Town is “promotion of settlement”.
The theme was set as “Propose new measures to promote settlement with “innovative ideas unique to the private sector” in order to increase the ratio of the working-age population in Tsurugi Town.
The issue of Yusuhara Town is “tourism promotion”.
The theme is “Create a new flow of people to Yusuhara Town (increase the exchange population to 326,000 people/year in 2024) Propose a tourism industry unique to Yusuhara Town”
Local governments all over Shikoku must be facing similar challenges. [Image 2d115352-3-560186-pixta_41308447-3.jpg
Yusuhara Town
What are your recommendations for these challenges?
Also, during the two and a half months until the proposal was made, what kind of changes did the participating members experience through the experience of collaborating with various companies and coming into contact with familiar social issues?
From what angle does the chief on the side of the proposal make a decision? [Image 3d115352-3-775977-pixta_11592980-6.jpg
Companies that are thinking about developing human resources to respond to an uncertain future.
Local government officials who have similar problems and want to find a clue. Everyone in Shikoku felt that they wanted to do the same in their own area. Please come to the “real and serious” final session.
And to all members of the press.
Please introduce the “DAIS Project”, an attempt to create alternatives for regions and companies in Shikoku.
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NPO DAIS will continue to focus on Shikoku, which is a challenge-prone area, as an intermediary for business resources that have not interacted with society until now to take a step toward social participation. We are going to do business.

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