2022 Japan’s No. 1 advertisement / marketing material portal No. 1 popular material! Achieved 2 crowns in “Overall Ranking” and “SNS Advertising”

Global Marketing Co., Ltd.
2022 Japan’s No. 1 advertisement / marketing material portal No. 1 popular material! Achieved 2 crowns in “Overall Ranking” and “SNS Advertising”
~Documents summarizing media characteristics and effective operations based on the results of SNS advertising operations became popular~
Global Marketing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshinori Sako), which operates a digital marketing consulting business, is the No. 1 (*) advertising and marketing material portal “Media Radar” in Japan for 2022 annual download. In the number ranking, materials related to SNS advertisement won first place in two categories: “Overall ranking” and “SNS advertisement”. In addition, materials related to listing advertisements won 4th place in the SEM category.
Our company’s material “[Comparison of 4 media! ] Introducing and Strategy of SNS Advertisements (FB/IG/TW/LINE)” was downloaded the most because it summarizes the characteristics of each SNS media and the points of effective operation methods based on the results of SNS advertisement operations. I believe it is in
                      (*Research contractor: Tokyo Shoko Research Co., Ltd., Survey period: September 2022)

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About our material that won first place
 In materials related to SNS advertising, we provide information that makes use of our company’s knowledge of in-house production of creatives that are essential for capturing SNS advertising.
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Material name: [Comparison of 4 media! ] Introduction and strategy of SNS advertisement (FB / IG / TW / LINE)
Material URL: https://media-radar.jp/detail17041.html?inb=1003787 Material overview: Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Twitter ads, Effective operation method as well as outline and characteristics of 4 media of LINE advertisement
We are also introducing the points of .
We also provide materials for the listing advertising management agency service, which won 4th place in other SEM. For those who have downloaded it, we also have a free health checkup for listing ads as a limited-time benefit.
Material name: Management agency that leads to successful listing ads (compatible with Google ads and Yahoo! ads)
Material URL: https://media-radar.jp/detail16384.html?inb=1003787 Characteristics of our company that won first place
In addition to the person in charge who has a wealth of experience in managing web advertisements, including SNS advertisements, which has won the best management employee award at a listed company, we have about half of our employees as operational members. We have made everything in-house, from the beginning to the operation, and we are aiming for a configuration that can produce stable results.
In addition, creative production, which is indispensable for capturing SNS advertising, has a strong tendency to divide labor and outsource in the advertising agency industry. We strive to prevent quality deterioration. In addition, in SNS where various user needs are complex, we have created a creative that combines the appeal to be emphasized and the appeal to be combined from the experience of our person in charge of managing product advertisements for various industries on a daily basis. I am producing. We believe that the production of materials that make use of these experiences is one of the reasons why we were able to win the first place this time. About the media radar and the annual popularity ranking in 2022 “Media Radar” is a search site for the advertising industry that connects marketing personnel/advertising agencies and media companies operated by Eyes Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Noriyuki Fukushima, Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth: 5242). am. By registering as a member, you can download advertising and marketing materials posted on Media Radar for free. For this ranking, Media Radar has compiled the number of downloads by material in 2022 and announced it in a ranking format as AWARD.
In this media radar, our company won the 1st place in the 2022 annual popularity ranking overall ranking and SNS advertisement, and the 4th place in the SEM category. In the overall ranking, it won first place for the second time following the first half of 2022.
■Overview of Global Marketing Co., Ltd.
With the management philosophy of “responsibility in freedom”, we aim to be a professional group that combines “individual power” and “organization power” as an organization that can act responsibly for oneself in freedom. .
With our digital marketing consulting business as our core business, we have a wealth of products available through transactions with multiple media companies, and make proposals that meet the needs of our customers not only in Japan but also in Asia and the world. In addition, in order to respond to the diversification of the digital marketing field, we sell and operate our own product “Info’z DSP”. -Company Profile-
Established: March 19, 2020
Representative: Yoshinori Saiko, President and Representative Director Location: 5th floor, Green Square Shinjuku, 5-32-6 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo TEL: 03-6300-5910
Capital: 3,000,000 yen
Business: Digital marketing consulting, operation and sales of DSP “Info’z DSP” Corporate site: https://gl-marketing.co.jp/
Info’z DSP: https://infoz-dsp.jp/

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