5 Billion People Metaverse Project Part 1! Local revitalization inbound metaverse “Meta ZIPANG” released!

Vma plus Co., Ltd.
5 Billion People Metaverse Project Part 1! Local revitalization inbound metaverse “Meta ZIPANG” released!
Set up a metaverse on the map of the Japanese archipelago!

Vma plus Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo), which plans and directs the contents of the Metaverse Web3, aims to realize a Metaverse of 5 billion people by 2030. As the first step, we have newly released “Meta ZIPANG”, which allows you to freely set up a metaverse space with an internet shopping function in the Japanese archipelago designed like a game.
Meta ZIPANG URL: https://vma-plus-station.virtual-space-market.com/

What is “Meta ZIPANG”
[Image 1

Metazipang image
Since the location of the region and the Metaverse are linked, users can enter the Metaverse space of their hometown or the region they are interested in, and enjoy shopping and events. We will contribute to the economic development of Japan as a whole by knowing information and scenery of tourist spots in advance, promoting the promotion of inbound tourism to Japan and regional revitalization such as sales of products and local cuisine.
Three points of “Meta ZIPANG”
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Anyone can have a Metaverse!
Full support from content planning and production
Strategies for solving problems using the Metaverse are custom-made for each company or local government, and our proven professionals fully support the implementation. Even those who do not know how to develop the Metaverse business can use it with confidence.
More than double 〇〇!
OMO (Online Merges with Offline)
By adding Metaverse venues to local initiatives and events, existing customers can go to live events and prospective customers can attend in the Metaverse. Earn profits both online and offline. In addition, highly satisfied customers become repeat customers and spread positive word of mouth, leading to the acquisition of new real customers. Birth of local revitalization metabound!
Acquire new customers outside of Japan from the Metaverse
By expressing the charm of the region in three dimensions, you can convey the warmth of the hometown that cannot be found on the Internet, and lead to the promotion of inbound consumption. We call it “metabound” to realize inbound on the metaverse.
I’m calling it. For example, it is conceivable that foreigners will be able to easily access information about the Japanese region, which will lead to more specific interests and interest, and will develop as new tourism customers.
Main features of the service of “Meta ZIPANG”

[Image 3

A Japanese archipelago-style metaverse LAND with a game-like design made of 10,000 hexagonal objects. Each hexa can have an entrance to the metaverse space.
・Can be used in a web browser without installing a new application ・There is no limit to the number of people who can connect at the same time ・ You can set up a booth with an Internet shopping function
・Exhibitions can be held by arranging multiple booths
・Original NFTs can be sold in the Metaverse space
・ Live distribution of entertainment etc.
・ Multiple screens can be freely arranged and different images can be delivered at the same time
・You can make voice calls with other avatars in real time.
・You can serve customers regardless of nationality with the
translation function of the text chat.
・ You can freely design advertisements in the metaverse space ・Commercial videos can be distributed as advertisements
・ Users can also participate in the production with avatar actions …etc
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Metaverse use case

[Image 4

[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/96797/table/26_1_621b4eb15a2cdc1ab4cf652e49d5172f.jpg ]
Some metaverses can be viewed from this link.
Meta ZIPANG URL: https://vma-plus-station.virtual-space-market.com/ Company profile for this press release
Company name: Vma plus Co., Ltd.
Representative: Toru Tsuda
Location: 6F, NMF Gotanda Ekimae Building, 1-1-8 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031
Established: October 2021
Business: Metaverse Web3 content planning and direction
HP: https://vma.virtual-space-market.com/
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