60% are satisfied with their lives in 2022, but in 2023 they will shift to “travel” and “hobbies” and ne w consumer sentiments-Review of 2022 and survey on outlook for 2023-

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60% of people are satisfied with their lives in 2022, but in 2023, they will shift to “travel” and “hobbies” and new consumer
sentiments-Review of 2022 and survey on the outlook for 2023-
Island Corporation ( Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Hara Saki Awai) has been conducting a fixed-point survey since 2020 on the theme of “changes in cooking and life in the corona wreck”. This time, we will report the results of the implementation of the theme of looking back on life in 2022 and the outlook for life in 2023.
[Survey summary]
▼Looking back on 2022
・67% of respondents were “satisfied” with regard to overall life ・ The frequency of cooking, eating out, and drinking increased by more than 20% ・Frequently cooked dishes, simplification and economic efficiency are ranked high
・Purchase of ingredients, 65% of ingredients that are conscious of health are the most
▼ Outlook for 2023
・Budget travel (54%), hobbies (45%), meals (42%)
・ Motivation for breaking away from the corona crisis and consumer sentiment such as travel and outings
【Investigation result】
(1) 2022 Satisfaction with life in general
[Image 1

Regarding the level of satisfaction with life in general in 2022, 67% answered that they were “satisfied” and 33% answered that they were “not satisfied.” In 2022, people will be more active, and the depreciation of the yen will have a major impact on prices and lifestyles. From the answers below, we can see changes in behavior and awareness regarding cooking, food, and money.
【Is pleased】
・Although there were many troubles due to high prices, I started to carefully face food.
・Since the price of various things is rising, expand the scale of the kitchen garden to grow, expand the range of dishes to make the home meal menu more fulfilling, declutter and organize your home, and family But after talking about it, it’s become a comfortable living space.
・It was a fruitful year for me, as I cooked all the ingredients I bought and had more opportunities to store them in the refrigerator or freezer, which reduced my food expenses and increased my cooking repertoire.
・The consumption of rice has increased considerably, and at the same time, the number of recipes that use up all the ingredients has increased, eliminating waste.
・Because of the price increase, I was able to reconsider how I use my money and how I choose ingredients, so I have more leeway both financially and psychologically.
・I was able to enjoy the feeling of traveling by using the order and hometown tax payment. Buy more cooking appliances and challenge yourself to a higher-grade dish. It was a good year to see the smiles of my family
[not satisfied]
・As prices soared, so did the cost of food, and it became more difficult to think about menus while being conscious of saving money. ・Since my life has changed, such as childcare and work, I started to cook in advance, but I couldn’t cook the ingredients I bought in advance, so I sometimes had leftovers, so I felt that food expenses were a waste. had
・Products and prices that have risen once will not fall again, and I am worried about the future if I think that prices will rise further. ・When shopping, I often hesitate and endure things that I would normally buy without thinking.
・We are still in self-restraint mode and prices are rising, but I am not satisfied because my salary will not increase.
・Eating out became more expensive, making it difficult to go out ・It was a year that forced me to be conscious of saving money. I want a little more space
(2) Changes in cooking, eating out, and drinking in 2022
[Image 2

Regarding the frequency of cooking and drinking at home, and eating out, the most common answer is “no change”, but 40% of them answered that the frequency of cooking has increased. As in the answer to (1), it is presumed that the frequency of self-cooking is increasing due to the awareness of saving due to high prices.
(3) Dishes most frequently made in 2022
[Image 3

As for the dishes that were most frequently made, 69% of respondents answered that they could make them in a short time. In addition, it seems that there is still a need for time-saving, simple, and economical dishes, such as easy noodles with a wide variety and economical dishes that have been greatly affected by the soaring prices of ingredients.
(4) What I was aware of when purchasing ingredients in 2022
[Image 4

Regarding what they were conscious of when purchasing ingredients, 65% of them were conscious of their health, followed by 46% of those who were conscious of their immunity. It can be seen that “health consciousness” is pervasive in shopping.
(5) What you want to budget for in 2023
[Image 5

Compared to 2022, which was affected by soaring prices, 54% of travelers, 45% of hobbies, and 42% of regular meals were ranked as the top things to budget for in 2023. Due to the deregulation of the corona disaster, I have the impression that there is a high desire for outward-looking and consumption.
(6) What kind of life do you want to live in 2023 (free answer) We have seen demand for breaking away from the corona wreck, physical and mental health, travel, and outings.
・From 22, I want to meet many friends casually. I want to start traveling again. I don’t have to remove the mask, so I’d like to increase the opportunities to go out little by little.
・I want to spend time and money to improve myself, go to various places and meet various people to enrich my life.
・Since I started eating health-conscious foods such as intestinal activity and zero meat little by little, I would like to continue. ・I think it would be nice if I could live a well-balanced and enjoyable life while saving money as usual, and sometimes splurging on delicious dishes.
・I would like to continue eating at home with consideration for my health, while increasing leisure activities that I have refrained from staying at home.
・I want to go on trips that I couldn’t go before, meet friends I haven’t seen in a long time, and spend money on experiences rather than things.
・Since the corona has become calm and I can go out, I want to make ends meet and turn my attention to leisure while the price of food will increase.
・While enjoying the idea of ​​reducing the burden on the household budget, sometimes I want to buy something a little extravagant to increase my motivation.
■ Questionnaire overview
Web questionnaire about life in 2022
Respondent details: · Gender: Male 7% Female 92% Do not answer 1% ・Ages: 2% in their 20s, 20% in their 30s, 28% in their 40s, 35% in their 50s, and 16% in their 60s and older
Valid responses: 347 *The number of responses varies depending on the question Survey period: December 15-22, 2022 noon
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/1653/table/80_1_56df16f3add627b85cd28ef808ccf85e.jpg ]

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