7 MEN Samurai/Johnny’s Jr. Daiki Konno Starring Stage! All Night Nippon 55th Anniversary Commemorative Performance Stage “Go out on a bright night” main visual completed! !

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7 MEN Samurai/Johnny’s Jr. Daiki Konno Starring Stage! All Night Nippon 55th Anniversary Commemorative Performance Stage “Go out on a bright night” main visual completed! !


The main visual for the stage play “Go out on a bright night”, which will be performed in Tokyo, Osaka, and Gunma in March and April 2023, has been completed!
The original is Takako Sato’s “Bright Night Out” (30th Winner of the Yamamoto Shugoro Award). In 2018, it will be aired as a special radio drama for the 50th anniversary of “All Night Nippon”, and the same work, which has received a great response, will be performed with Seiji Nozoe in charge of the script and direction to commemorate the 55th anniversary of “All Night Nippon”.
In addition, Daiki Konno, who is active as a member of Johnny’s Jr.’s popular unit “7 MEN Samurai”, has attracted a lot of attention for his first solo starring on stage. Yoshiaki Yamane (All Night Nippon PODCAST Ann Girls Jumpin) and Anju Suzuki (All Night Nippon MUSIC10 Tuesday), who are active personalities of “All Night Nippon”, will appear.
Late-night radio, convenience store part-time job, living alone… I want to be “alone”, but I want to connect with someone — Please look forward to the ensemble drama woven by young people with such thoughts!
moreover! Solo visuals of each cast are also available on the official website (https://event.1242.com/events/akaruiyoruni/). Don’t miss the official pre-orders until January 22nd! !
Takako Sato “Go out on a bright night” (published by Shincho Bunko) Received the 30th Yamamoto Shugoro Award
[Author profile]
Born in Tokyo in 1962. Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University Faculty of Letters. 1989 (Heisei 1) Received the Monthly MOE Children’s Story Grand Prize for “Summer Time”. Received the 1998 Japan Association of Children’s Literature Award and Roadside Stone Literature Award for “Iguana-kun’s Obstructive Everyday”. In 2007, he won the Bookstore Grand Prize and the Yoshikawa Eiji Literature New Writer Award for “Isshon no Kaze ni Nare”, and in 2017, he received the Yamamoto Shugoro Award for “Going out on a bright night”. His publications include “Talking, Talking,” “God’s Gift,” “Handsome Girl,” “Summer to Summer,” “Second Music Room,” and “Seiya.”
Due to a certain trouble, Toyama closed his mind and took a leave of absence from university. I started living alone while working at a convenience store in a town by the sea. A conflict that can’t be told to others, a cowardly self… I’m still bad at human relationships. Being a late-night radio listener remains the same.
However, while working part-time at a convenience store, he interacts with Kazawa, a part-time leader and internet “singer”, Sakota, an eccentric high school girl who is a heavy listener of the same radio program, and former Tomonagagawa, who has a problem. I will take it back.
A coming-of-age story warmly depicting the loneliness and connections of young people wandering in the world, incorporating the real late-night radio program “Arco & Peace’s All Night Nippon”.
[Performance overview]
Title: Performance produced by Nippon Broadcasting All Night Nippon 55th Anniversary Commemorative Performance
     The stage “Go out on a bright night”
Original: Takako Sato “Go out on a bright night” (published by Shincho Bunko) Screenplay/Director: Seiji Nozoe
Daiki Konno (7 MEN Samurai/Johnny’s Jr.)
Ao Ito, Showtaro Okubo, Shunya Itabashi
There is a dancer, Hitori Tomikawa, Nanako Nakazono
Yoshiaki Yamane (Ungirls)
Anju Suzuki
-Tokyo Performance-
Date: Sunday, March 12, 2023 to Saturday, March 25, 2023
Venue: Honda Theater
Inquiries: Sunrise Promotion Tokyo 0570-00-3337 (Weekdays 12:00-15:00) Ticket general release date: Saturday, February 18, 2023
-Osaka Performance-
Date: April 1st (Sat) to 2nd (Sun), 2023
Venue: Sankei Hall Breeze
Inquiries: Kyodo Information 0570-200-888 (Mon-Sat 11:00-18:00) Ticket general release date: Sunday, March 19, 2023
-Gunma Performance- Organizer: Takasaki Arts Theater (Takasaki Foundation) Date: Sunday, April 9, 2023
Venue: Takasaki Arts Theater Studio Theater
Contact: Takasaki Arts Theater 027-321-3900 (10:00-18:00)
General ticket release date:
WEB: February 25, 2023 (Sat), Phone: February 28 (Tue), Counter: March 1 (Wed) -Common for Tokyo, Osaka and Gunma performances-
★…First day/Rakubi special curtain call
・In commemoration of the opening/rakujitsu, the cast will greet you. Ticket price: All seats reserved 9,500 yen (tax included) *
Preschoolers are not allowed to enter
Official advance (lottery)
Reception period: 2023/01/12 (Thursday) 18:00-2023/01/22 (Sunday) 23:59 [URL] https://pia.jp/v/akaruiyoruni23hp/
Official site: https://event.1242.com/events/akaruiyoruni/
Official Twitter: @akaruiyoruann55
Planning/Production: Nippon Broadcasting System
Details about this release:



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