A bistro where you can enjoy the marriage of bio wine and organic ingredients is now open

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A bistro where you can enjoy the marriage of bio wine and organic ingredients is now open
“aVin, bio bistro Porto Suono”, a bistro where you can enjoy wine from the bio wine specialty store aVin and the marriage of carefully selected seasonal organic ingredients, has opened! !

Seasonal organic vegetables, natural fish, wild game, grass-fed beef, etc., not only wine but also ingredients are bio.
The sommelier owner prepares the food.
Wine specializes in southern France (Provence and Rhone regions) and Japan (Nagano). The cuisine is based on French and Italian, and is in a form that goes well with wine.
You can also purchase wine after your meal. The interior of the restaurant is a relaxing space with antique furniture from the south of France.
Relax and enjoy wine and food with your friends and loved ones. [Image 1

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~Seasonal course of aVin, bio bistro Porto Suono~
◼︎February Limited “Oyster Exhaustion Course”
Period 2023.2.1 ~ 2023.2.28
*Reservation required at least 2 days in advance due to availability Price ¥9,350 (tax included) *Includes wine pairing ¥14,300 (tax included) We will prepare a special course only in February with the theme of “oysters”, one of the tastes of winter.
The production area varies depending on the day. (Example) Akkeshi, Konbumori, Sanriku, Hyogo, Hiroshima, Mie, etc. in Hokkaido. Enjoy a course full of oysters by comparing the tastes of each production area and changing the cooking method!
In addition, we will prepare “Bolito Mist” for the main dish. Borito Mist is simply an Italian-style oden.
A dish in which various meats and vegetables such as onions and carrots are simmered. Enjoy with hot dashi soup and salsa verde (Italian parsley, egg, anchovy sauce, etc.).
Let’s eat well and warm up your body and get through the authentic cold! ◼︎First
Comparing the tastes of famous oysters
Oyster and garland chrysanthemum linguine
◼︎Fish dishes
Today’s natural fresh fish and oyster meuniere
◼️Meat dishes
Bollito Mist Porto Suono style
strawberry panna cotta
~ Contents may change depending on purchase ~
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Owner introduction
Akira Mukai
Born in 1980, from Chiba Prefecture
Worked as a sommelier at an Italian restaurant in Ginza. Manager and sommelier at “KEISUKE MATSUYAMA”, a French restaurant with its head office in Nice. Worked as a manager at the Napa Valley winery “KENZO ESTATE Roppongi Hills”. Sommelier Excellence qualification holder. In March 2022, “aVin, bio bistro Porto Suono”, a bistro with dishes that go well with wine, will open.

◼︎Lunch course ¥3,300 (tax included) *Only available on Saturdays *Reservation required at least 2 days in advance
◼︎Bistro course ¥6,050 (tax included) with wine pairing ¥9,680 (tax included) ◼︎Seasonal course ¥9,680 (tax included) with wine pairing ¥14,300 (tax included) ◼︎A la carte
~The menu changes according to the season~
Fresh fish carpaccio ¥1,320~
Mr. Ishiyama’s Tomato and Italian Mozzarella Cheese Caprese ¥1,650 Tsushima conger eel cutlet ¥1,870
Nemuro milt frit ¥1,540
Pasta of the day ¥1,320~
Shinshu Venison Bolognese ¥1,650
Handmade pasta with grass-fed lamb and red paprika ¥1,760
Today’s fresh fish dish ¥1,980~
Grilled Azumino Pork ¥3,850
Kasumi Ibaraki Roasted Duck Breast ~Honey and Balsamic Sauce~ ¥4,840 Strawberry panna cotta ¥770
Many other items are available.
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Location: 2-3-1 Megurohoncho, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
(Nearest station: 12-minute walk from Gakugeidaigaku Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line, or a 3-minute walk from Meguro Yubinkyoku Mae bus stop from Meguro Station)
Tabelog https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1317/A131710/13269870/
Instagram: avin_baravin_portosuono
Wine shop https://avin.jp/avin-wineshop/6218
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