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A coffee-scented healthy chocolate terrine quiche and a special Valentine’s quiche set are now available in limited quantities! HEART’s Quiche

HEART’s Co., Ltd.
A coffee-scented healthy chocolate terrine quiche and a special Valentine’s quiche set are now available in limited quantities! [HEART’s Quiche]
Mature French Roasted Coffee Mousse and French Chocolat Marriage
A limited number of Valentine’s quiches using healthy chocolate terrine using tofu, fragrant coffee mousse, and French pearl crackers will be available. [URL]
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Coffee flavored healthy chocolate terrine quiche
Gifts to give to important people with everyday thoughts
February 14th is Valentine’s Day, when people give gifts to loved ones to show their gratitude.
I want to produce this [gift to give to someone important with daily thoughts]! So I made a special chocolate quiche for a special Valentine’s day.
Chocolate terrine made with rich chocolate from France and crisp French chocolate pearl crackers.
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French chocolate and pearl crackers
This terrine quiche, which has two contrasting textures, moist and crunchy, is actually served with tofu so that you can eat it in a refreshing and healthy way.
We went through trial and error to make chocolate terrine, which is delicious but tends to be heavy, so that both older men and
health-conscious women can eat it without worry.
The chocolate terrine is combined with a mature French roasted coffee mousse. Colombian beans with a bitter yet sweet taste and Guatemalan beans with a strong bitterness are blended in an exquisite balance, and French roasted.
With the cooperation of [Coffee Order Roasting OKI OKI] in Kawanishi City, Hyogo Prefecture, next to Hearts Quiche in Ikeda City, Osaka Prefecture, we have selected and roasted beans that go well with French chocolate. rice field.
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A special roast at OKIOKI
Heart’s Quiche’s original quiche dough, healthy chocolate terrine made with French chocolate and tofu, fragrant coffee mousse, pearl crackers…
The result is a special chocolate terrine quiche that allows you to enjoy the flavor, aroma, and texture while keeping the sweetness to a minimum.
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Delivery wrapping example
Plenty of pearl crackers! What is this? ? And a surprise surprise is also the essence when eating together.
High-quality chocolate with a rich taste and strong coffee are the best marriage.
The rich sweetness and bitterness of chocolate goes hand-in-hand with the richness and bitterness of coffee, bringing out the flavors and charms hidden in the strong characteristics of each other.
We also have a special set of our most popular quiche and a limited-time quiche. [Image 5

Valentine quiche set
The ever-popular No. 1 quiche featured in the morning information program ZIP, “Asami Miura Asami and Asa Gohan” [Smoked meaty bacon & spinach quiche]
Specially prepared by the chef at the Imperial Hotel this winter only, the most popular dish among men [Spanish Iberico pork tongue stew quiche]
A bargain Valentine’s box with 3 pieces of [Coffee-scented healthy chocolate terrine quiche] is a set that you can enjoy from appetizers to main dishes and desserts.
Coffee order roasting OKI OKI
[Image 6

OKIOKI shop photo
This time, at [Coffee Order Roasting OKI OKI], which cooperated with us to create a marriage with French chocolate, we roasted coffee beans selected from all over the world and roasted them on the spot while listening to the customer’s preferences. To go.
You can enjoy coffee, Irish whiskey, craft beer, snacks, etc. in the store while watching the coffee being roasted by the roasting machine that shines beautifully in the store, and you can enjoy the relaxing time.
Although it is located in front of the station in Kawanishi City, Hyogo Prefecture, you can enjoy fragrant coffee at a quiet shop that is known only to those in the know, the calm personality of the owner, Mr. Kano, and hot coffee discussions if you wish.
Whether you are a drinker or a non-drinker, this is a comfortable place where you can relax and enjoy together.
◆Custom coffee roasting OKI OKI
7-3 Chuo-cho, Kawanishi City, Hyogo Prefecture
TEL: 072-264-6800
Instagram: @okioki.2022y
“HEART’s Quiche” always has more than 15 types of quiche
[Image 7

An exciting experience
A young French chef uses carefully selected ingredients to create a lineup of more than 15 types of quiche, from classic quiches to creative quiches.
We offer traditional quiches, creative quiches, dessert quiches, and limited-time quiches that incorporate seasonal ingredients.
“I want more people to know that quiche has so many possibilities and is so delicious!”
We do not use chemical seasonings or chemical synthetic compound additives, so you can enjoy the original taste of the ingredients with peace of mind.
Freshly baked, quick-frozen, vacuum-packed to seal in the
deliciousness, and delivered to your home.
Recreate restaurant quality at home
[Image 8

Baked one by one by hand
Our prided crispy dough is crispy, and the dough to pour it is fluffy. The quiche that the chef himself finishes one by one is full of ingredients. It goes without saying that quiche is delicious freshly baked, but what is important is whether it is delicious at the moment you eat it. am.
Hearts’ original quiche dough developed after 10 months of trial and error so that you can quickly freeze and vacuum-pack the
deliciousness, so that you can enjoy restaurant quality when you recreate it at home.
We are particular about developing so that you can easily reproduce “crispy and fluffy” at home in a microwave oven or oven.
About us HEART’s
When you grow up, you will have less exciting and exciting new experiences. The mission of HEART’s is to serve as a bridge between hearts and minds by providing tastes that have never been encountered before.
We believe that it is our mission to contribute to people’s small happiness by connecting heart-to-heart with everyone who has been connected with HEART’s and expanding the circle of smiles.
We put our hearts into making each and every dish so that you can feel the deliciousness, peace of mind, and sincerity, and make yourself smile.
HEART’s Quiche
HEART’s Co., Ltd.
2-14-7 Sumiyoshi, Ikeda City, Osaka Prefecture
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