A female calligrapher who has overcome cancer and has been teaching for 50 years.

Takuu calligraphy school
A female calligrapher who has overcome cancer and has been teaching for 50 years.
The book of shukatsu (R) is a compass that will make your life shine until the end

At Takuo Calligraphy School, in order to give people who are suffering from illness or stress, or who are worried about the guidelines for living, a “Shukatsu no Sho (R)” course that can be started online at any time. It started in April 2022.
Meetings and lessons will be held online using ZOOM or LINE. You have more freedom of time and place.
To the press January 23, 2023
Takuu calligraphy school
A female calligrapher who overcame cancer and has been teaching for 50 years The compass of life that has arrived “Shuukatsu no Sho (R)”
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At Takuou Calligraphy School, you can start online at any time to give people who are suffering from illness or stress, or who are worried about the guidelines for living, a hope to live.
The “Shukatsu no Sho (R)” course started in April 2022.
Meetings and lessons will be held online using ZOOM or LINE. You have more freedom of time and place.
The Book of Shukatsu (R) is a compass that makes life shine to the end a tearful phone call from a friend
The contact from my friend started with the words of resignation that I was tired of taking care of my husband. Each one of the words that appealed to me while crying was a grudge clause that her wonderful history was completely covered by the current nursing care.
My husband and I want to move to a nursing home and live peacefully. I want to organize various things about it.
A friend I’ve known for 30 years has no relatives, so he asked me to help him, so he started “shukatsu”. I was looking for a nursing home, and when I moved and calmed down, I was contacted again.
“Is this really good? Maybe we could have worked a little harder together. This facility doesn’t suit us.”
I could understand the uneasiness of her crying even though she was a little irritated by her friend who always turned her back.
“I can’t believe that the end of my life will be crippled like this.” It seemed that I could not think about the situation positively. [Image 2d109363-2-322712643e8189f01557-1.jpg&s3=109363-2-16a54c7f866c81bc52c10bddd65bdf41-3900x2925.jpg
I can help you organize things, but I can’t help you organize your feelings. It’s not easy.
Days of suffering without doing anything
How can I encourage my friend?
How can I live my life positively until the end?
I can’t find the answer.
One day, while I was practicing in the classroom, I looked up and saw my calligraphy when I received the Minister of Education Award. “What a lively and lively book.”
The calligraphy that I had been looking at many times every day seemed to encourage me today. At that moment, a flash came to my mind. Words save people. The words are the words that show the way you live inside yourself. To save a friend’s heart, more than any other words, find the words to encourage your friend with his own words. I realized that this may be the mission I have been doing calligraphy for 57 years.
At that moment, I came up with the idea of ​​leaving a compass-like book that will brighten my life until the end, unlike the ending note called “Shukatsu no Sho (R)” that marks the end of my life.
tell yourself cancer
Inspired by the book of shukatsu (R), I went to a facility where my friend was to help my friend, and explained the book of shukatsu (R) to my friend.
At first, it is difficult to understand. However, I did not give up and urged my friend to write down what he could do so that he could live the rest of his life brightly and positively. As those days continued, one day something happened to my physical condition. At first, I thought it was just my imagination, but as the days went by, things started to get worse. The moment the doctor at the hospital announced me, everything went black and I didn’t know what to do. When I was conscious of this final moment, I once again understood and experienced my friend’s anguish.
I can’t do anything. However, it was my calligraphy when I won the Minister of Education Award, the same as that time, that saved me. I woke up to the mission that I had to complete the calligraphy of shukatsu (R) by writing a lot of characters full of vitality and vitality as I felt.
[Image 3d109363-2-5b9b429e5874b03637f8-2.jpg&s3=109363-2-abae256e594a614a85784eac73e25524-947x460.jpg
After examining the actual situation of cancer patients in Japan, the following two graphs show the number of affected people and the number of deaths in Japan. The number of people affected is clearly increasing. More and more people are facing cancer and thinking about their lives.
Worse yet, 20,000 people die each year by suicide, even if they do not have cancer.
[Image 4d109363-2-da429055ec0bfc7109ec-3.png&s3=109363-2-be9d2bf5e412e0a7e6821fafc82e4849-1798x928.png
The Book of Shukatsu (R) is a life compass for living
At first, I started Shoukatsu no Sho (R) for my friend. When I myself suffered from an unexpected serious illness called cancer, I was awakened to a change of heart, conviction, and a mission that convinced me that it was important and important in life.
In order to make my life shine from the battle with cancer, conflicts, and shocking experiences, the book of shukatsu (R) saved me from the brink of death, and now I am living my life so far. It helped me to take on new challenges that I had never done before and to start a second life by getting remarried. I would like to spread the book of shukatsu (R) with the desire to convey to as many people as possible that life is an equal opportunity for everyone to shine until the end. [Image 5d109363-2-35c02166bd246577f455-4.png&s3=109363-2-efa35f0643ad4f84631741be533f160f-2290x1410.png
[Image 6d109363-2-4ff4612ffbc31cede04e-5.png&s3=109363-2-22d301fcecf830d178f72bdeacfcb806-1270x1358.png
It has become commonplace to grow old these days, which is said to be an era of 100-year lifespans. The first requirement is to be healthy. And if possible, I want to live a fruitful and shining day.
https://www.tyojyu.or.jp/net/kenkou-tyoju/tyojyu-shakai/yutaka.html Handwriting also has a very positive effect on the brain.
The left is written by Dr. Yoshiya Hasegawa, a dementia specialist in neurology, published in the online version of Toyo Keizai. (Published in the Toyo Keizai online version on November 5, 2019)

From the graph on the previous page, I think you can read how much stress and anguish people have in their lives.
Become a cancer patient
I have rectal cancer. As mentioned on the previous page, getting cancer is not uncommon, but it is not something you want to have. Still, it is said that one in two people will get cancer from now on. During the days of fighting illness, I realized that life is limited, and I realized that life can only be yours when it shines.
[Image 7d109363-2-e3e6f28afcc0b2288a5d-7.jpg&s3=109363-2-fb710e4939c8d1de2c1c3943ba6b6c08-3900x2925.jpg
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←The left is the meal after fasting for 2 days after the operation. ←On the right is a hospital room, recovering a little after surgery. Who are you going to live for?
Ending notes are written for those who are left behind, but “Shuukatsu no Sho (R)” is a completely opposite idea, from now until the last day, to make your days shine and live yourself. Thing. A book written by myself, for myself. It is a compass for living your own life positively until the end.
I myself overcame cancer and was very helped by this book of shukatsu (R). And by knowing myself well, I met a wonderful partner and got married just before the age of 70. In the past, I was divorced and thought that I would live alone from now on. After deciding to be together, I persuaded my family, registered my marriage in November 2022, and reaffirmed that I will continue to cherish myself from now on.
Japan is facing a declining birthrate and an aging population, but the most important thing is not to say that it is no good, but rather to think about how one can live in such an era.
About Shukatsu no Sho (R)️
In “Book of Shukatsu (R)”, I will first divide my life into seven chapters. 1. Spring Chapter Look back on your life from birth to 15 years old, find words, and write them down.
2. Summer Chapter Find and write down words that reflect on your life from the time you graduated from junior high school to around the age of 22.
3. Autumn Chapter Find and write down words that reflect on your life since becoming a member of society.
4. Parents Chapter Write down what you want to tell your parents now. 5. Fun Chapter Remembering the fun things you’ve had so far and writing them down.
6. Chapter of Joy Write down the things that have made you happy from the bottom of your heart.
7. Gratitude Chapter Write down your heartfelt gratitude to the person you want to express your gratitude to.
After the 7 chapters, I will freely spell out my favorite images and comments based on my past experiences under the title of “my own half-life.” We will decorate the page with text, illustrations, and photos.
Decide what letters to write while consulting, and if the writing utensil is thick, it doesn’t matter if it’s a brush, a calligraphy pen, or a felt-tip pen. I will write with all my heart, regardless of whether I am good or bad. The most important thing is to put your heart into it.
Finally, the designer prepares it and finishes it into a wonderful booklet. (The top three images are the contents of “Shuukatsu no Sho (R)” Middle row Marriage on the verge of turning 70 Bottom row Online course)
[Image 9d109363-2-bc48c67be80aa063130e-8.jpg&s3=109363-2-aee72dca88af4516aea7d8fa3c0d8ee6-1108x1478.jpg
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[Image 11d109363-2-b22d49f33b8440304bab-10.jpg&s3=109363-2-f6d9286a4c6a3da50ce319e142511b42-3900x3069.jpg
[Image 12d109363-2-27d8d1e0ed82b98641a4-11.jpg&s3=109363-2-ce2c835019cc36639643eb6a53d6f35f-1060x1414.jpg
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