A final debriefing session was held for the Osaka free school “Rotas” and the “second business card” project.

NPO Corporation Lotus
A final debriefing session was held for the Osaka free school “Rotas” and the “second business card” project.
-Challenging problem solving for NPO corporations through self-growth of members of society and sympathy for organizations! ! ~

Non-attendance school refusal / independence support project for sick children Rotasu (located in Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka City, representative: Yoshiki Matsushita, hereinafter referred to as “Rotasu”) is a specified non-profit organization second business card ( Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, representative: Yuuki Hiro, hereinafter referred to as “second business card”), the final report meeting of the
three-month project was held online on Saturday, January 21st. [Image 1d88381-7-40e4db552b9d72b302ac-6.png&s3=88381-7-96ea0730afb8bb020554ec26dfba7e22-1743x899.png

The final presentation of the “second business card” project of the free school “Rotas” in Osaka was held.
A member made up of members of society
“Human resource development standardization”
“Awareness improvement activity”
I challenged to solve the problem.
how to approach
“Training program”
“Regional Cleanup Activities”
was implemented locally for each issue.
The report meeting of about 3 months so far will be held online on 1/21 (Sat). A presentation was given on what the members had been working on. About the project
〇 Schedule
Period: October 2022 to January 2023
October 1, 2022 (Saturday): CommonRoom 90 (organization briefing) October 12, 2022 (Wednesday): Kick Off (member meeting)
November 30, 2022 (Wednesday): Interim report meeting
Saturday, January 21, 2023: Final debriefing session
8 persons
Working people who applied from all over the country: 6 people Lotus representative: 1 person
Designer to advise progress: 1 person
〇 How to proceed with the project
Regular online meeting for about 2 hours every Tuesday
Project progress report using chat
Implementation of local “events” and “programs”
About the group
〇 “Rotas”
[Image 2d88381-7-52185b903be2d5bbdceb-1.png&s3=88381-7-419c7b224e86fec3f9223f387c2cad71-628x349.png
Based on the philosophy of “self-actualization for each person,” Rotasu is for children who are not good at school or who cannot go to school.
1. Securing learning opportunities
2. Providing a place for self-realization and securing a comfort zone 3. Reduction of disadvantages while not going to school
for the purpose
・Free school
・Entrusted with The Nippon Foundation’s “Third Whereabouts Project” ・Correspondence high school support school business
·Regional activity
We are working every day with the help of everyone who supports us to realize a society where diverse values ​​are accepted and each person can achieve self-fulfillment with confidence.
〇 “Second business card”
[Image 3d88381-7-b1b8db26db5cffdfbe0b-0.png&s3=88381-7-811f23e04cfab2d9f37d3796bf6725f3-433x251.png
The second business card is carrying out support projects for non-profit organizations that work to solve social issues.
Job titles and skills in the main business are irrelevant,
“Empathy with the thoughts of the group”
“I want to test my potential”
If you have a strong feeling, anyone can participate.
By discussing organizational management of non-profit organizations with peers of different ages and backgrounds, and working toward the realization of a better society, oneself will change for the better. Here is an experience that can only be enjoyed with a second business card that does not end with a mere social contribution.
Two problems of “Rotasu”
〇 Task 1: Create a manual for standardizing human resource development What are your thoughts on young staff regarding human resource development? ・ I want to be able to work as an organization
・ I want you to become a full-fledged member of society
That’s what it means.
The members visited Lotasu and asked what they wanted to do. And what was decided was to hold a workshop for the “Training Program”. 〇 Task 2: Activities to improve awareness to acquire new supporters A solid profit structure for operating Lotus
・Clarifying the financial situation in order to increase donations ・How to raise awareness in the community within walking distance discussed.
And what was implemented while making improvements during the trial was community-based “community cleanup activities.”
“Approach” for each issue and what remains
〇 Standardization of human resource development
Implementation of the training program on Thursday, January 12, 2023 [Image 4d88381-7-bbabe857ea6a902b82d8-3.png&s3=88381-7-87998930f2836419ffdcdac7aa4eceea-2016x1512.png
·Social insurance
The project members held a workshop about
from the members
When the number of new staff members increases in “Rotasu”, they understand the basic knowledge as a member of society,
It is necessary to centralize the management of training manuals. By teaching the current staff, “co-education” that you can learn again was proposed.
〇 Awareness improvement activities
Implementation of local cleaning activity “CATs (Clean Aisatsu ThankS)” on January 13, 2023
[Image 5d88381-7-78313161570ff5663b61-5.png&s3=88381-7-cc3c0dbb111d50d7e051ae826ff4df52-781x411.png
Count the number of greetings while doing cleaning activities while having fun like a game.
The aim was to raise awareness in the region.
Project members who participated in the event commented that it was fun to spend time with the Rotus children.
It is meaningful to participate in the event to feel that the free school assignments are “personal”.
He also suggested that we continue to hold events together with local residents. Group details
・Organization name: Rotasu
・Location: 3-9-11 Kanda, Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka
・Chairman: Yoshitaka Matsushita
・Vice Chairman: Shintaro Ozawa
・Director: Yoko Inagaki
・ Auditor: Masako Hayashi
In addition, we update our daily activities on various SNS as appropriate. ■ HP: https://lotus20190401.work
■ Instagram: @lotus_0401
■ Twitter: @NPOlotus2019
■ Facebook: Ro-tasu
■ YouTube: NPO Lotus
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