A.I.S. Co., Ltd. Kuribayashi Shosen Co., Ltd. responds to the revision of the Mariners Act and “work style reform.” Cloud-based working time management with TRANS-Crew, a labor management system for seafarers

AIS Co., Ltd.
Revision of the Mariners Act and Kuribayashi Shosen Co., Ltd. responded to “work style reform.” Cloud-based working time management with TRANS-Crew, a labor management system for seafarers
“TRANS-Crew” is a collection of the knowledge and know-how cultivated in these two specialized fields by AIS, which has provided specialized systems for the shipping industry for over 30 years and attendance management systems for 20 years. We have also started a new investment and collaboration with Marindouz.

AIS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hiroshi Oura, hereinafter referred to as AIS) announces that Kuribayashi Shosen Co., Ltd. has decided to introduce “TRANS-Crew,” a cloud-based labor management system for seafarers. I will.
The Kuribayashi Group has been in business for over 130 years. Pioneer of RORO ship operation that has created various innovations by building RORO ships from Japan. In order to respond to the revision of the Mariners Act and to realize appropriate working hour management for crew members according to the movements of ships, we are implementing time management for approximately 80 crew members on four of our own ships with “TRANS-Crew”. .
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Until now, we have printed out a handwritten work time management book, and the onboard manager
The procedure was to stamp it, send it to the manager on land, and obtain approval.
After introducing “TRANS-Crew”, if you can not input in real time, At the end of the day, each person enters their work details, and the Managers can check and approve data, compared to analog management, Work processes have been greatly reduced, and work efficiency has begun to improve.
Director Inada of Kuribayashi Shosen Co., Ltd. explains why AIS was selected. 1. We have already introduced the AIS accounting system,
In addition, they responded to our requests and were able to introduce a satisfactory product.
2. Investing in and collaborating with Marinedoes. DX conversion of the sea that Marine Dows aims for.
In the future, such as seafarer health checks and cloud management of information between ship and shore,
We have high hopes for the comprehensive management and scalability of the system.
3. AIS has been in business for 40 years and has a track record of system introduction in the shipping industry.
More than 30% (*) of the member companies of the Japan Shipowners Association have introduced our “TRANS-Series” products.
*As of January 4, 2022. Calculated from the website of the Japan Shipowners Association.
4. We have know-how because we have a track record of providing cloud-type attendance management on land.
(Product name “Chakkari Kinta-kun” service has been provided for 20 years and has been introduced by more than 500 companies)
5. The input function of crew assignment schedule (shift) was one step ahead of other companies.
“Foreseeing the future, as long as we ask, we will not go bankrupt or unable to deal with defects,
After considering stability and reliability, we decided that we could rely on AIS.”
In addition, during the test period, the on-site sailors said, “From analog management,
If you use “TRANS-Crew”, you can input work by tracing a line. I want you to introduce this product as soon as possible because it is easier and less troublesome.”
The voices of people actually using the product were also a boost. “We also used other companies’ products for testing, but the decisive difference from other companies in terms of functionality was It was equipped with a crew assignment schedule (shift) function.” The revision of the labor management law this time is not just a ship owner’s management or problem,
We are closely involved with shippers and operators. The schedule entry function for that is
play an important role. Chief Tanaka of the Marine Department of the Marine Division says, “In the land-based marine division,
Communicate with crew members to plan crew schedules and schedule appropriate working hours in advance
Determine if flight is possible. If you work overtime, reschedule. It is useful for analyzing and managing working hours in advance according to the flight schedule.”
I’m saying that. In the future, accumulation of this schedule data will be done through communication with shippers and operators. will play an important role for communication.
This schedule input function was developed based on the voices of coastal shipping companies at the beginning of the development of “TRANS-Crew”.
It was a feature that worked. The strength of AIS is to honestly accumulate the voices of users,
It has a history of being incorporated into products.
Nakamura, who is in charge of AIS sales, said, “AIS sales consultants listened to users’
Implement functions quickly. This is AIS’s specialty,
It is a great pleasure for us to be recognized by Kuribayashi Shosen.” AIS has invested in and collaborated with Marine Dows for more than 30 years, specializing in the shipping industry.
We will provide a system for , and in the future, we will further work on DX of the sea and ocean version OS
It is to accelerate and realize. Please pay attention to our future trends. [Image 2d41818-16-dbbff8ddf4e330d48354-1.jpg&s3=41818-16-78dc6ba7afca6e08dec2f2dfb8adfbb6-400x252.jpg
RORO ship “Kaminaga Maru” operated by Kuribayashi Shosen
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AIS supports the “work style reform” of the sea of ​​Japan.
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