A new special product from Shikokuchuo City, Aichi Prefecture << Iriko Yeast Bread >> Sales start from 1/22

NPO Iriko Club
A new special product from Shikokuchuo City, Aichi Prefecture << Iriko Yeast Bread -Unveiled to citizens at the town revitalization event “Teramachi on 2023” sponsored by the Kawanoe Sakaemachi shopping district-

Nice to meet you. My name is Iriko Club, a non-profit corporation in Shikokuchuo City. We are carrying out activities to revitalize the city while conveying the potential of Shikokuchuo City’s special product, iriko, to the region. We would like to inform you that from January 22, 2023, we will start general sales of “Iriko Yeast Bread”, which has been under development.
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It will be unveiled at the event “Teramachi on 2023” hosted by the Kawanoe Sakaecho Shopping District Promotion Association. This event will be held for the first time this year with the aim of revitalizing the region, and not only at the Sakaemachi shopping district, but also at Kichishoin, which will open to the public for sutra copying and workshops, as well as a flea market and marche as a temple market, and performances on stage. , I thought it would be a good opportunity for citizens to experience “iriko yeast bread” because it will be held throughout the city.
The sales on the day are handled by the staff of “Bread Kobo Tomomugi” and “Step by Step Yumin”, which are also the manufacturer and welfare employment facilities in Shikoku Chuo City. All of them are facilities that specialize in the production of handmade bread and confectionery using local and safe domestic ingredients. Starting with the unveiling at this event, in the future we will gradually increase the number of places where you can pick it up, such as at the sales outlets at both facilities, the city hall shop “Dandan”, and hospitals.
Spreading new flavors using the local special product “Iriko” and expanding its possibilities as a food ingredient. And this project will continue to work, including the creation of new employment while collaborating with Mizufuku (*).
* Mizufuku collaboration is an initiative to realize social
participation with self-confidence and purpose in life through the active participation of persons with disabilities in the fisheries industry. By working on Mizufuku collaboration, not only will it create a place for people with disabilities to find employment and create a purpose in life, but it may also lead to the securing of new workers in the fisheries industry, where there is a shortage of workers and an aging population.
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≪Event to sell “iriko yeast bread”≫
◆ Event name: Sale at Marche in the event “Teramachi on2023” sponsored by the Kawanoe Sakaemachi Shopping District Promotion Association ◆ Date and time: January 22, 2023 10:00 to 16:00 (*Ends as soon as it runs out) ◆ Venue: Kawanoe Sakaemachi Shopping Street
◆ Sales price: Iriko bagel 200 yen, Iriko salt bread (5 pieces) 200 yen ◆ Manufacturing and sales:
Bread Studio Tomomugi
Step by Step Yumin
NPO Iriko Club PR Secretariat Person in charge: Miyoshi
〒799-0121 550-1 Kamibuncho, Shikokuchuo City TEL: 080-3364-2795 Mail (secretariat): kmiyoshi@znem.co.jp
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