A paid plan supervised by “Bazooka Okada”, the advocate of the “Fat-free method”, has appeared in Caromill! Equipped with the first premium function as an advisor

Lifelog Technology Co., Ltd.
A paid plan supervised by “Bazooka Okada”, the advocate of the “Fat-free method”, has appeared in Caromill! Equipped with the first premium function as an advisor
Easily practice the “Fat-free method” according to your body shape and lifestyle
Lifelog Technology Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shigeyuki Tanahashi), which develops and provides the diet, exercise, and weight management application (hereinafter referred to as the app)
“Caromill”, is an advocate of the “lean method”. On January 16, 2023, the “Fatless Course” supervised by Takashi Okada (Bazooka Okada), a professor at Nippon Sport Science University and a skeletal muscle critic, was released as a premium feature of Caromill.
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◎ Bazooka Mr. Okada’s “Fat-free method” and our company’s past efforts The “Fat-free method” advocated by Mr. Okada is a diet method that focuses on reducing “body fat” and slowly changes the body over time, aiming for an ideal figure without overdoing it. . In particular, it is said to be suitable for people who have not been on a diet for a long time and who do not want to repeat “rebound after losing weight”. In December 2022, we appointed Mr. Okada as “Caromill Official Advisor”, adopted Caromill and Caromill Advice in the research on bodybuilders conducted by Mr. Okada, and “PFC Balance Setting” recommended by Mr. Okada within Caromill. We have been implementing various initiatives since last year, such as the release of
◎ Bazooka Supervised by Mr. Okada, about the new premium function “Fatless course”
Under the supervision of Mr. Okada, the “Fatless Course” released this time is a function that allows you to easily practice the “Fatless Method” to reduce fat and weight according to your body shape, physical activity level, and lifestyle habits. From January 16, 2023 (Monday), you can use it for 540 yen (tax included) per month. In particular, “I want to manage my diet, but I don’t know what to do specifically”, “I tried to force myself to lose weight with other dieting methods, but I lost weight”, and “Diet is hard and won’t last long”. It is a perfect function for those who have troubles such as. By optimizing the PFC balance, this function aims to achieve a healthy and ideal body, so that many people can achieve our mission of “healthy longevity.”
[how to apply]
Please apply by tapping “Menu” ⇒ Premium function “Fat free course” in the app. After starting to use the “Fat-free course”, you will be able to practice the fat-free method every day with just 3 steps of initial settings.
[Usage procedure]
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1. Select a plan (“Those who train well” and “Those who mainly improve their daily diet”)
2. Enter physical information
3. Select one of the 5 strategy cards with the points of the lean method and select the target value at the same time
(1) Understand the calorie baseline
With the card that is always selected first, the calorie baseline that should be used as a guide is automatically set according to the amount of daily exercise.
(2) Increase before decreasing
Many people think that diet = reducing ○○, but increasing the number of times you chew will lead to a diet.
(3) PFC balance optimization
The balance of protein (P), lipid (F), and carbohydrate (C) is optimized according to Mr. Okada’s theory of Bazooka and your own life.
(4) Change meals to “small amount” x “high number of meals”
By gradually changing the quality of snacks, we will change the number of meals per day to “small amount” x “high number of meals”. (5) Find an exercise habit that lasts anyway
If you try to live without easy and convenient means, you can get a lot of opportunities to exercise.
I am conscious of moving my body even a little and increasing the amount of exercise in my daily life.
4. Deliver advice for practicing the fat-free method via the Caromill app 〇 Mr. Okada, who is also active as a skeletal muscle critic “Bazooka Okada” [Image 3

While teaching as a professor at Nippon Sport Science University, Mr. Okada himself continues to challenge bodybuilding competitions as the “ultimate practitioner” of body building. On November 4, 2022, he finished 3rd in the 40-44 year old 70kg and under class at the World Bodybuilding Championships. Currently, based on the motto,
“Bodybuilding has the power to change lives,” he is proposing and instructing top athletes on bodybuilding at a personal training gym. Appearing in many media as a skeletal muscle critic “Bazooka Okada”. His books include “The Fat-Free Method” and “The World’s Finest Muscle Training Encyclopedia”, and have sold over 1 million copies in total. The official YouTube channel “Bazooka Okada’s Muscle Training Lab” has more than 250,000 subscribers (as of January 2023).
Bazooka Okada’s muscle training lab: https://www.youtube.com/c/bazooka-okada/ About the health management app “Caromill”
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5D8o4D4TiA] It is a diet/exercise/weight management app. As for meal records, daily meals are recorded with a single photo, and the nutritional value is automatically calculated and registered using AI (artificial intelligence) image analysis technology. You can calculate and record not only energy but also 18 kinds of nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrate, salt, sugar, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, so you can manage your health considering not only diet but also nutritional balance. . In addition to recording meals, it also has functions for managing exercise and vital signs, realizing “total health management.” The number of members has exceeded 1.6 million (as of January 2023).
About Lifelog Technology Co., Ltd.
We are a healthcare-related technology company made up of registered dietitians, engineers, data scientists, and artificial intelligence researchers. Founded in February 2016, with offices in Tokyo and Miyazaki, all staff work remotely. The main business is the
development and operation of the healthcare app “Caromill”, but we also conduct joint research on health management and diet with universities, companies, medical research institutes, etc.
◆Inquiries regarding services◆
Lifelog Technology Co., Ltd.
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