A professional designer enters the welfare business! Supporting employment for people with disabilities in Osaka!

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A professional designer enters the welfare business! Supporting employment for people with disabilities in Osaka!
Career change with design skills! We support people with disabilities who want to acquire skills and work.

In April 2022, the Honmachi office will be newly opened. A work transition support office specializing in design and IT training with two locations in Chuo-ku, Osaka.
Professional designers serve as supporters, and we provide various support for people with disabilities until they find employment.

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About Employment Transition Support Office LbyL*
In December 2020, LbyL Co., Ltd. opened “LbyL* Sakaisuji Honmachi Office” in Chuo-ku, Osaka.
Soon after opening, we received a lot of inquiries about tours and experiences, and the number of applications soon exceeded the capacity, so in April 2022, we will newly open the second location, “LbyL* Honmachi Office”. did.
Both “LbyL * Sakaisuji Honmachi Office” and “LbyL * Honmachi Office” provide support for design and IT training and employment, mainly for people with mental disabilities (* 1), developmental disabilities, and adjustment disorders. I am doing it.
We respect the feelings of people with disabilities who want to work, want to work with computers, and want to become designers. Aim. [Image 2d113566-1-a58e0465ccf71579da31-2.jpg&s3=113566-1-1c8bb161158ce6514c01004e80d84217-3900x2600.jpg
Honmachi Office Training Room
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Sakaisuji Honmachi Office Training Room
What is work transition support?
This is a welfare service that supports people with disabilities in acquiring the skills necessary to work and in finding employment. Like a vocational training school, it provides support for acquiring “skills required by companies” and “finding a job where you can work with peace of mind for a long time”, and is used by more than 40,000 people nationwide. (Source: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, overview of the 2020 Survey of Social Welfare Facilities, etc.) Eligible users are those between the ages of 18 and 64 who fall under any of the following categories:
・Those who have a disability certificate
・Those who have been diagnosed with a mental illness
・Those who have been diagnosed with a developmental disorder ・Those who have been certified as an intractable disease by the local government Even if you do not fall under the above, you may be able to use it only with a medical certificate from your doctor.
Features of LbyL*, why choose LbyL*
1. Several professional designers are stationed at each office every day to support acquisition of skills for employment.
At LbyL*, professional designers who have been active in various fields serve as supporters.
Among the support staff are designers with more than 20 years of career in production companies, as well as designers with a wide range of knowledge as multi-creators. I am doing it.
Because professional designers act as supporters, it is possible to give accurate advice on practical standards that are difficult to judge by self-study and what is considered normal in the industry and occupation you are aiming for. am.
Our supporters are always aware of the shortest distance to
employment, so we will honestly tell you what you need to know and what you should think about simply from a professional perspective, so you can expect to acquire skills more quickly and reliably. . At LbyL*, we can train you from the basics to applications according to your level, so many people who have no experience using design software use it.
2. Conduct training in an environment equivalent to a professional site In order to provide more practical training, LbyL* offers the latest versions of paid software used by design and creative work
professionals (applications used for design production, image editing, video production, web production, etc.).
The software used for training can be used freely during the period of LbyL*, so you can do self-learning and training at home.
In addition, both “LbyL * Sakaisuji Honmachi Office” and “LbyL * Honmachi Office” are particular about training PCs, and one person every day is either a Mac with a large high-resolution display or a Windows computer with high graphics specifications. You can use one. We also have an LCD pen tablet that is used when drawing illustrations at anime, manga, and game character production sites, so you can choose the tool you want to use for training.
The atmosphere of the training room (floor) is similar to that of a professional workplace, so I think it will be easy for you to get an idea of ​​what you will do after you get a job.
[Image 4d113566-1-48485f0c3f0fceffb120-5.jpg&s3=113566-1-40fe6345e93b71f1a032e65825599d11-3900x2600.jpg
Video production training scene
[Image 5d113566-1-7f7aac621539a9b5e67c-6.jpg&s3=113566-1-525849b6eea5446e6c40754856cb18ab-3900x2600.jpg
Illustration production training scene
3. Other, full support system
At LbyL*, we are also making our own efforts to eliminate disparities due to the various circumstances and economic conditions of those who attend. It is an environment that makes it easy for those who are worried about money to go to the school with peace of mind, such as subsidizing transportation expenses for commuting, providing lunch (lunch box), and subsidizing the cost of obtaining qualifications necessary for employment. (*2)
At LbyL*, we want people with disabilities to take one or two steps with confidence, rather than going out into society with anxiety. design possibilities.
There are a wide range of places where you can use your design skills regardless of industry, so even if you are not working as a designer, you can be involved in the production of publicity materials while working for a general company, or create promotional materials such as menus and POP in sales positions. You can make it, and it is possible to appeal with +α as your own strength when job hunting.
In addition, design has the potential for various ways of working in the sense that it will be possible to work from home in the future, or to acquire a job with your hands.
Then, what should we do in order to acquire design skills that are advantageous for employment within a limited period of time (*3)? Of course, it is possible to acquire skills by self-study, but as mentioned above, it is difficult to judge how much skill is necessary as a practical level and to acquire it efficiently with a sense of speed.
Therefore, at LbyL*, we do not end by providing information that can be obtained from books or the Internet, but we provide support that utilizes the knowledge and skills gained from the experience cultivated by professional supporters.
Through design training (creative work), you can acquire general business etiquette and communication skills, as well as get a glimpse of technical terms and behind-the-scenes advertising and planning in the world. It has been very well received, saying that by doing it, I was able to expand my possibilities, and that I gained confidence because I could do more.
LbyL* will continue to support people who feel the difficulty of living and working due to disabilities so that they can continue to work in good health so that they can live their own lives.
If you are interested in this project, please do not hesitate to contact us. *1 Mental disorders: depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc. *2 There are conditions for using various subsidies.
*3 The employment transition support service can be used for a maximum of two years.
Employment Transition Support LbyL*
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