A real hot pot that you can easily enjoy from the morning! The third installment of the Yakiniku-like one-pot series is “Domestic beef shabu-shabu” sold at a special price from January 24th to 31st. From February 1st, 3 types will be on sale at the s

Dining Innovation Co., Ltd.
A real hot pot that you can easily enjoy from the morning! The third installment of the Yakiniku-like one-pot series is “Domestic beef shabu-shabu” sold at a special price from January 24th to 31st. From February 1st, 3 types will be on sale at the same time!

Yakiniku-like Co., Ltd. (located in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; representative: Soo Arimura) operates 89 restaurants across the country, based on the concept of yakiniku fast food. The one-pot menu will be sold sequentially at the store. This time, which will be the third installment, “Domestic beef shabu-shabu set”. From January 24th (Tuesday) to January 31st (Tuesday), it will be sold for 1,280 yen instead of the regular price of 1,400 yen. Business hours vary depending on the store, but the Shimbashi store sells hot pot menus from 7:00 a.m. (8:00 a.m. on Sundays and holidays), so you can enjoy freshly made hot pot from the morning.
[Image 1d34691-280-fef2f1151f41728e11c7-4.png&s3=34691-280-b1b0d4922462f7f3752b2b3a89d75488-1964x1234.png
Period: January 24 (Tue)-January 31 (Tue)
Product name: “Domestic beef shabu-shabu set” (vegetables, rice, kimchi, udon, golden sauce included)
Free rice refills
Price: Regular price 1,400 yen sold for 1,280 yen during the period Implemented stores: All stores (89 stores excluding Yokohama Tsuruyacho store, Mizonokuchi store, Niigata station square store) * Only Shibuya Udagawacho store will be sold from January 25 (Wednesday) [Image 2d34691-280-40e398f22c28dcb91fa4-1.jpg&s3=34691-280-4bc061348924aefbfd3c78a0df601387-3900x2602.jpg
The broth is made by slowly simmering beef bones for a long time, and is rich in flavor.
For the meat, we have prepared domestic beef shoulder rib meat that has a good balance of lean meat and fat cut to the thickness that is most suitable for shabu-shabu.
The secret golden dipping sauce, which is a mixture of special sauce, condiments, and eggs, is rich in flavor and goes perfectly with meat. Simultaneous sale of 3 types from February 1st (Wednesday)
[Image 3d34691-280-622d51098100ec6391ab-3.png&s3=34691-280-5a0b3857e3321ef4fe861b2a6cd55a19-1636x508.png
・”Domestic beef sukiyaki set” (vegetables, rice, kimchi, raw egg, udon) 1,400 yen
・”Mara Beef Hot Pot Set” (vegetables, rice, kimchi, udon) 1,400 yen ・”Domestic beef shabu-shabu set” (vegetables, rice, kimchi, udon, golden sauce included)
1,400 yen
*Until February 28, all 3 types of rice are free to refill.
(Free refills of rice and raw eggs for the sukiyaki set)
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* Nabe can only be used at seats where one roaster is installed per person. Not available for double seats.
※The image is an image.
*Price includes tax
Implementation stores (89 stores)
All stores (89 stores excluding Yokohama Tsuruyacho, Mizonokuchi, and Niigata Ekimae stores)
Ebisu Main Store/Shinbashi Store/Akasakamitsuke Store/Hamamatsucho Store/Tamachi Shibaura Store/Shibuya Udagawacho Store/Shibuya Dogenzaka Store/Shinjuku West Store/Shinjuku South Store/Takadanobaba Store/Gotanda West Store/Meguro East Store/Ueno Store/ Kitasenju Store/Ikebukuro East Store/Minami Ikebukuro Store/Akihabara Electric Town Store/Akihabara Chuo Street Store/Jimbocho Store/Ochanomizu Store/Kinshicho North Store/Kinshicho South Store/Musashikoyama Store/Iidabashi Store/Omori West Store/Kamata West Exit Store/Nakano Sun Mall Store/Koenji Store/Kichijoji South Exit Store/Tachikawa South Exit Store/Machida North Exit Store/Higashi Kurume Store/Tachikawa Street Store/Hachioji Narahara Store/Hachioji Store/Kunitachi Store/Ryogoku Store/Asakusa Store
▶︎Chiba Prefecture
Matsudo Minami Hanashima Store/Shin-Keisei Yabashira Station Store/Funabashi LaLaport Mae Store/Tsudanuma Store/Kashiwa East Exit Store
▶︎Kanagawa Prefecture
Yokohama Eda Store/Yokohama Kannai Store/Kawasaki Store/Kawasaki East Store/Ofuna Store/Hiratsuka Shinomiya Store/Sagamihara Wakamatsu Store/Ebina Sagamino Store/Hiratsuka Kitaguchi Store/Honatsugi Mylord East Store
▶︎Saitama Prefecture: Omiya West Exit / Omiya East Exit / Kawagoe Clare Mall / Kawaguchi Station East Exit
▶︎Gunma Prefecture: Maebashi Tenkawa Store / Takasaki Midoricho Store ▶︎Ibaraki Prefecture: Moriya Service Area Inbound Store
▶︎Hokkaido: Sapporo Tanukikoji Store/Hakodate Isaribi Street Store ▶︎Miyagi Prefecture: Sendai Hirose-dori Store/AEON MALL Shinrifu South Store ▶︎Fukushima Prefecture: Koriyama Sakaemachi store
▶︎Osaka: Temmabashi Store/Temmanseki Telemae Store/Osaka Fukushima Ekimae Store/Kintetsu Tsuruhashi Station Store/Abenobashi Store/Sakai Higashi Store/Juso Store/Namba Midosuji Store/Namba Nansan Street Store
▶︎Kyoto: Kyoto Kawaramachi Octopus Yakushi
▶︎Nara Prefecture: Yamato-Saidaiji Station
▶︎Hyogo Prefecture: Kobe Sannomiya Store/Amagasaki Store
▶︎Shizuoka Prefecture: Shizuoka Gofukumachi store
▶︎Ishikawa Prefecture: Kanazawa Moroe store
▶︎Aichi Prefecture: Nagoya Fushimi Store/Nagoya Shinkansen Exit Store/Nagoya Kamimaezu Store
▶︎Okayama Prefecture: Sun Station Okayama
▶︎Hiroshima Prefecture: ekie Hiroshima store
▶︎Fukuoka Prefecture: Tenjin Nishidori Store/Kokura Uomachi Store ▶︎Kumamoto Prefecture: Kumamoto Shimodori
▶︎Kagoshima Prefecture: Kagoshima Tenmonkan
[Image 4d34691-280-7271025de5347df17e43-6.jpg&s3=34691-280-6b046b5fc71916d981f2fddeed4582cf-1950x1300.jpg
Yakiniku Like is a yakiniku fast food restaurant that has introduced “one smokeless roaster per person” so that you can freely enjoy your favorite parts as much as you like according to your pace.
“You can order various cuts even by yourself”, “It’s easy for a single woman to enter the restaurant”, “It’s served within 3 minutes so you can go even if you don’t have time”, “You can eat yakiniku for 1,000 yen”. We offer a completely new way to enjoy yakiniku that defies common sense. You can easily enjoy yakiniku at your own pace with a touch panel for ordering, a self-service water server on the table, and a self-checkout. In addition, the smokeless roaster has high ventilation capacity, so you can use it without worrying about odors. (* The format varies depending on the store)
Company Profile
[Image 5d34691-280-f0ad65fe728ac44eea2d-5.jpg&s3=34691-280-7b5cf7f7f91bab00ceafd26f0eb0aa93-1416x368.jpg
Yakiniku Like Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: Verita 6F, 3-12-13 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: April 2019
Representative: Soo Arimura
Business description: Management of restaurants,
Recruitment of franchise chain member stores and management guidance for member stores
Number of stores: 92 stores in Japan (as of the end of January 2023) 38 in Tokyo, 4 in Saitama, 5 in Chiba, 12 in Kanagawa, 2 in Hokkaido, 2 in Miyagi, 1 in Fukushima, 1 in Niigata, 1 in Shizuoka, 3 in Aichi, Gunma 2 stores in Ibaraki Prefecture, 9 stores in Osaka Prefecture, 1 store in Kyoto Prefecture, 1 store in Nara Prefecture, 2 stores in Hyogo Prefecture, 1 store in Ishikawa Prefecture, 1 store in Okayama Prefecture, 1 store in Hiroshima Prefecture, 2 stores in Fukuoka Prefecture, Kumamoto Prefecture 1 store in prefecture, 1 store in Kagoshima
HP: https://yakiniku-like.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/like_yakiniku
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