A seminar entitled “Global Trends in the VR Headset Market” will be held on February 24, 2023 (Friday) by Mr. Shinya Okimoto, Founder & CEO of Oki Factory Co., Ltd.!!

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A seminar entitled “Global Trends in the VR Headset Market” will be held on February 24, 2023 (Friday) by Mr. Shinya Okimoto, Founder & CEO of Oki Factory Co., Ltd.!!
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Accelerating the development of hardware and optical technology Global trends in the VR headset market
~ Can we increase the number of VR headset users by riding the trend of the Metaverse boom?
[Seminar details]
Mr. Shinya Okimoto, Founder & CEO of Okitame Workshop LLC
[date and time]
February 24, 2023 (Friday) 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
[Priority Lecture Content]
Meta, Apple, etc. are accelerating the development of related devices to ride the trend of the Metaverse boom. In particular, Meta is betting the company’s fate on the Metaverse, and Mr. Zuckerberg himself often appears at various media events, and is the flagship of the Metaverse concept in the market.
There is a growing presence of Chinese suppliers in VR hardware manufacturing, and the reason for this is that Chinese ODMs such as Goertek are making inroads into major brands. Goertek’s subsidiary Goertek Technology has established a joint venture with VR-related companies such as Pico, Thundersoft, and vistandard to jointly develop nanoimprinting technology, etching technology, high-precision injection molding process, and high-performance coating process. We are promoting.
In addition, while the development of VR hardware and optical system technology is progressing, there is a lack of attractive VR content, and it has been pointed out that the number of VR headset users has not increased explosively. Furthermore, while it is difficult to set a high price in order to sell VR for consumer use, the effects of recent inflation and other factors are compounding the burden of raw materials and development costs.
In this seminar, we will analyze the current Metaverse and VR trends, focus on the research and development and applications of each company, and the trends of major players, while also discussing the impact of politics and society on the market, and conduct a
comprehensive market analysis. increase.
1. Global VR Headset Market Trends
(1) Market environment as seen from the macroeconomic and policy environment (2) Crossover AR and VR
(3) Industrial value chain analysis
(4) VR headset market size forecast
(5) Trend update including AR market
2. Global VR Headset Technology Trends
(1) Display
(2) Optical system
(3) Software
(4) Eye tracking, etc.
3. VR headset and related manufacturer initiatives update
(1) Meta
(2) Pico
(3) Goertek
(4) Sony
(5) HTC Vive
(6) FOVE, etc.
4. Application trend
(1) Games
(2) Healthcare
(3) Manufacturing
(4) Education
(5) Others
5. Market trends by area
(1) Europe
(2) China
(3) United States
(4) Japan
(5) Others
6. Summary/Q&A

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