A special buffet “STRINGS Jellicle Buffet” with a total of 33 items that expresses all the characters appearing in the Shiki Theater Company “Cats” with food and sweets will be held for a limited time.

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A special buffet “STRINGS Jellicle Buffet” with a total of 33 items that expresses all the characters appearing in the Shiki Theater Company “Cats” with food and sweets will be held for a limited time. ■ Period: Until Wednesday, March 15, 2023 ■ Location: Strings Hotel Nagoya “Chef’s Live Kitchen”

Strings Hotel Nagoya (Location: 4-60-7 Hiraike-cho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi), operated by Best Bridal Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Masayuki Tsukada), will open on January 21, 2023. We celebrated our 7th anniversary on Saturday. In 2023, the Shiki Theater Company’s musical “Cats” will celebrate its 40th anniversary in Japan.
In commemoration of the 7th anniversary of the opening of the hotel and the 40th anniversary of the performance, the “STRINGS Jellicle Buffet” will be held for a limited time at the buffet restaurant “Chef’s Live Kitchen” until March 15, 2023 (Wednesday).
*In 1988, the Nagoya premiere of Shiki Theater Company’s musical “Cats” began at the “Sasashima Live Area” where the hotel is located. * Due to the social situation associated with the new coronavirus infection (COVID 19), some stores may be suspended or changed their business hours. For business information, please check the hotel official website https://www.strings-hotel.jp/nagoya/).
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This time, all 27 characters that appear in the musical “Cats” are expressed in food and sweets by using their appearance,
characteristics, and names as motifs. In addition, the chef who got inspiration from the world view of “Cats” devised “a pie wrapped soup with the image of the moon floating in a garbage dump”, “a hamburger thrown away in a trash can”, and “a cat’s paw print”. Apple pie” and “Bread gratin with many ingredients in the image of Jellicle cats full of individuality” have been incorporated into the menu.
Before watching “Cats”, after watching the play, even if you haven’t seen the play yet, please enjoy the hotel chef and pastry chef’s full-fledged buffet with a total of 33 items for lunch and dinner. Overview of “STRINGS Jellicle Buffet”
■Place: 2F/Buffet Restaurant “Chef’s Live Kitchen”
■ Planning: STRINGS Jellicle Buffet
■ Store opening hours:
・Breakfast time (7:00-10:00/Last entry 9:30)
・Lunch time (11:00-14:40/Last entry 13:00)
・Tea time (15:00-16:30/Last entry 15:15) *Weekends only
・Dinner time (17:30-22:00/Last entry 21:00)
■ Phone number: 052-589-0787 (restaurant representative)
■ Detailed URL:
https://www.strings-hotel.jp/nagoya/recommend/restaurant/chefslive/13372.html ■ Rates:
・Breakfast: Adult ¥3,500 / Child (6-12 years old) ¥1,900 / Infant (3-5 years old) ¥900
・Lunch (weekdays): Adult ¥4,750 / Child (6-12 years old) ¥3,000 / Infant (3-5 years old) ¥1,800
・Lunch (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays): Adult ¥5,250 / Child (6-12 years old) ¥3,300 / Infant (3-5 years old) ¥2,000
・Dinner (weekdays): Adult ¥6,300 / Child (age 6-12) ¥3,600 / Infant (age 3-5) ¥2,200
・Dinner (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays): Adult ¥6,800 / Child (6-12 years old) ¥3,900 / Infant (3-5 years old) ¥2,400
*Including consumption tax and 15% service charge
■ Menu (motif character):
≪Waku!Waku!Time (The staff will bring it to your seat and serve it freshly made)≫≫
Smoked Salmon and Yellow Carrot Salad Mascarpone and Black Olive Powder (Skimbleshanks)
Broiled squid and cauliflower blancmange (Victoria) / Terrine of the day Berry and balsamic jelly with silver foil (Manka strap) / Pumpkin and bamboo charcoal bread smoked (Rum Tum Tagger) / Beetroot and yogurt mousse, uncured ham With (Macavity) / Mikawa chicken confit with black sesame sauce Shadow Queen chips (Grizabella)
Black tiger frit with orange mayo and red onion (growl tiger) / White fish frit with gribiche sauce, turmeric scent (silabab) / Snow crab with collagen and sea lettuce beauty soup (moon floating in the garbage dump) / white aspagus and bacon garbure (asparagus) / spaghetti with anchovies and yellow turnip aglio olio (carbachetti) ≪MEAT&POTATO≫
White truffle-flavored mashed potatoes (Old de Tronomy) / Ratatouille and bechamel bread gratin (Jellicle cats) / Imaichi turnip flambe served with bamboo charcoal salt (Mistofferies) / Diavolo-style chicken (Jemima) / Herb-flavored Roast pork (lunchtime only/approved by gourmet Bastoffer Jones) / Angus roast beef (dinner only/approved by gourmet Bastoffer Jones)
Dandan Noodles (Tanto Meal) / Squid Ink Black Curry (Lunch Time Only / Cassandra & Tumbled Brutus) / Fresh Fish Nigiri Sushi (Dinner Time Only / A Favorite of Gourmet Bastoffer Jones) / Freshly Fried Local Vegetable Tempura (Gourmet Bastoffer) Jones’ beloved gem) / Hamburger (garbage bin) / Cheese ball (Bombalina)
Mango Jelly (Mango Jelly) / Rum Panna Cotta Pineapple Jelly (Jelly Lorum) / Caramel Mousse (Corico Pat) / Strawberry Mousse (Griddle Bone) / Blood Orange Tart (Jennyanydots) / Chocolate Banana Roll (Rumperteezer) / Shortcake (Cat Shaped chocolate topping) / Apple pie (cat’s footprints) / Fresh cream pudding (Lumpus cat) / 6 kinds of ice cream, 9 kinds of colorful stone ice cream with toppings (Orange ice cream + vanilla ice cream + Oreo Gilbert / Orange ice cream + Chocolate ice cream + vanilla ice cream + chocolate ring for demita) ≪KIDS≫ ※Standard menu corner loved by children (only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
Chicken Nuggets/Potato Salad/Octopus Sausage/French Fries/Kids Curry [Image 2

[Image 3

[Image 4

[Image 5

[Image 6

[Image 7

[Image 8

[Image 9

[Image 10

Performance overview
[Performance name] Theater Company Shiki Musical “Cats”
[Venue] Nagoya Shiki Theater 〒450-0003 2-11-11 Meiekiminami, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
[Inquiries] Navi dial 0570-008-110 (9:30-18:00/closed on Sundays and holidays/4#)
[HP] https://www.shiki.jp/applause/cats/
[Story] A garbage dump in a corner of the city on a night when the full moon shines pale. Many Jellicle Cats gather to attend the annual “Jellicle Ball”. Jellicle cats are cats that refuse to be tamed by humans, survive adversity and live their lives to the fullest, with a strong heart, infinite individuality, and the ability to take action. And tonight is a special ball where Elder Cat chooses the purest Jellicle Cats. Who will be allowed to regenerate and gain the life of a new Jellicle?
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