A study on the PCaaS market has been conducted to understand the market landscape in 2022.

A study on the PCaaS market has been conducted to understand the market landscape in 2022.

Survey period: December 17-25, 2022
Researcher: SDKI
Survey Base: We surveyed 536 market players of all sizes.
Number of valid answers: 536
Survey method: 224 field surveys, 312 internet surveys
Survey Respondents: The survey was conducted among companies based on revenue. Investigation result:
Q: What is the current and estimated size of the PCaaS market? The PCaaS market is currently valued at US$2.14 billion in 2022 and is estimated to reach US$24 billion by 2035. The market is growing at a CAGR of 43% during the forecast period 2023-2035.
Question: What are the factors driving the growth of the PCaaS market? The growing demand for PCaaS market is due to the following factors: – Increased Use of Sophisticated Personal Computers – The growing number of active Internet users and the implementation of 5G have brought technological advancements to the use of personal computers. The Need to Simplify PC Lifecycle Management – Organizations are ready to pay a small subscription fee for their efficient day-to-day computer management needs, including purchasing, managing, retiring, and renewing PCs. increase.
Organizations can choose maintenance contracts according to their preferences and suitability – PCaaS vendors offer different offerings with different features and contracts. Based on their requirements, organizations can choose the one that best suits their needs. Hardware failure and critical need to manage data backup and recovery – Hardware failure can pose a significant risk to the smooth functioning and growth of any organization. Backup and restore of data, which can be easily managed by PCaaS, is also very important. Increase Security Coverage with PCaaS – PCaaS enhances organizational security by facilitating device inventory and tracking device activity, status, and location.
Organizational need for scalability – PCaaS helps reduce
infrastructure costs and manage efficiently, so organizations can easily scale up or down.
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Q: What are the challenges restraining the growth of the PCaaS market? The challenges constraining the PCaaS market are: –
Lack of awareness of the benefits of PCaaS
Security and data protection risks
Q: What is the classification of the PCaaS market?
The PCaaS market is segmented as follows: –
By organization size (SMEs, large companies)
The large corporate sub-segment is expected to exhibit the largest revenue share in the organizational category. Large corporations and multinationals are investing more to strengthen their IT
infrastructure. Additionally, you have to handle huge numbers of PCs and manage the scalability of your organization.
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The Services subsegment by Type (Hardware, Software, and Services) covers the entire PC lifecycle management.
The combination of body-related services we offer is expected to yield the highest returns. Minimize technical confusion for users and ensure system suitability and security.
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By Industry (BFSI, Government, Education, Healthcare & Life Sciences, IT & Telecommunications)
The education sub-segment is expected to capture the highest market share due to the increasing adoption of PC-based school practices. The critical use of digital tools in the education industry has increased the need for PC management. PC-as-a-service is being deployed in the education sector due to its cost efficiency.
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Q: Who are the key players in the PCaaS market? What are the recent developments?
Some of the prominent players in the PCaaS market are: – Capgemini (France), SHI International Corp. (USA), Dimension Data (South Africa), Softcat PLC (UK), Avaya Inc. (USA), HP Development Company (USA), Microsoft Corporation (USA), Dell Inc. ( USA), Lenovo (Hong Kong), and CompuCom Systems Inc. (USA)
The latest developments in this area are: –
Compucom partners with Intel to provide customers with hardware with built-in accelerators to improve performance and power efficiency, helping companies meet their sustainability goals.
Lenovo unveiled its latest lineup of devices and solutions focused on innovation and improving user experience. From beautifully designed products to innovative use of AI, the new portfolio offers consumers and business users a more personalized technology experience. Dell Technologies strengthens the open telecom ecosystem and introduces new telecommunications solutions and services to enable communication service providers (CSPs) to affordably transition to open, cloud-based networks.
Q: Which regions are expected to offer lucrative growth opportunities in the PCaaS market?
North America currently leads the rest of the PCaaS market, with 40% of the global market share. Countries such as the United States and Canada are making huge investments in the information technology sector. Personal computers are widely used in these countries across all industries and businesses large and small, including electronics, automobiles, healthcare, and entertainment. Therefore, the demand for PC-as-a-Service is skyrocketing as companies focus on investing and strengthening their IT departments. The presence of experienced service providers such as HP Development Company, Microsoft
Corporation, Dell Inc., and CompuCom Systems Inc. are also boosting the PCaaS market in the region.
The Asia-Pacific PCaaS market is projected to experience significant growth over the next decade, growing at a robust CAGR of 29%. China, Japan, and India are key players in the incorporation of PCaaS in several end-use industries.
The Europe region also shows growth prospects over the next decade. [Image 4d72515-2259-41fcf0b28b4e3e82e866-3.png&s3=72515-2259-d941004eabbb74a502c5fa56ec4ffdc9-503x341.png
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