A traditional company that operates “Cloud Management Planning” that supports the management of small and medium-sized enterprises.In line with business expansion, we will open three branches in January 2023: Tokushima Branch Office, Mie Branch Offic

Traditional Company Co., Ltd.
A traditional company that operates “Cloud Management Planning” that supports the management of small and medium-sized enterprises.In line with business expansion, we will open three branches in January 2023: Tokushima Branch Office, Mie Branch Office, and Hiratsuka Branch Office.
Tokushima branch office also started business collaboration with FUKU-GYO-LIFE Co., Ltd.

Jigyonary Company Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO Kosuke Ichikawa) is a management planning BPO (business process outsourcing) service mainly for small and medium-sized companies, “Cloud management However, with the aim of expanding business in a community-based manner, from January 2023, we will establish three bases: the Tokushima branch office in Awa City, Tokushima Prefecture, the Mie Branch Office in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture, and the Hiratsuka Branch Office in Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture. will be established.
“Cloud Management Planning” has provided services to a total of more than 60 companies in about two years, and has been brushing up the service by listening to individual needs from managers who are worried about management and business promotion. I was.
In many cases, the role of corporate planning is not clearly defined, and most companies do not have one. However, if the management plan works well, I am convinced that management and business will surely move forward, and I would like more companies to introduce it. Currently, we are increasing the achievements of corporate support in cooperation with companies and financial institutions in various places, and at the Tokushima branch office, “awake! -Beginning co-working space-” in Awa City In cooperation with FUKU-GYO-LIFE Co., Ltd., we will promote business development in Tokushima Prefecture. In addition, Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture has a junior high school and high school where our representative graduated, so we decided to open a base there.
In the future, we will continue to develop various businesses that support small and medium-sized enterprises, and we would like to contribute to the creation of employment and regional revitalization by strengthening the management of small and medium-sized enterprises throughout Japan. .
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-About business development at each branch office-
While focusing on the support we have provided to small and
medium-sized enterprises (business plan creation, sales promotion support, EC support, personnel system formulation, recruitment enhancement, business succession/M&A support, subsidy application support, etc.), We plan to collaborate with other companies to create businesses that benefit the region.
-Overview of Mie Branch-
〒514-0004 514-0004 2-420 Sakae-cho, Tsu City, Mie Prefecture Office 5-1F Coworking Cafe CC
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-Overview of Hiratsuka Branch Office-
〒254-0043 8-16 Beniyacho, Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture Sunny Plaza Hiratsuka 3F BIZcomfort Shonan Hiratsuka
-Overview of Tokushima Branch Office-
〒771-1402 57-3 Onishi, Saijo, Yoshino-cho, Awa City, Tokushima Prefecture awake! -About FUKU-GYO-LIFE Co., Ltd.-
Activity Philosophy ~Creating a world full of challenges~ We consistently carry out activities to create an environment where the young people who will lead the new era of Tokushima will have the opportunity to take on challenges and continue to take on challenges. All business themes are “work”, and we will create many young people who can contribute to “society and others” through a wide variety of jobs, and create new jobs with young people. We believe that by showing the world the voices of young people who believe that work is fun, we can give hope to the next generation of children and create a prosperous future.
-Comment from Mr. Senoo, CEO of FUKU-GYO-LIFE Co., Ltd.-
I am very pleased to hear about your business collaboration. Many hopeful young people (members) belong to “awake!” operated by our company. From now on, we expect that our relationship with the Legacy Company will lead to a great positive impact for our company and our members. Through business collaboration, we would like to envision a prosperous future together and enliven Tokushima. Thank you for your continued support.
-Overview of Cloud Management Planning Service-
■ Service features
・As a client’s management plan, grow the business together with hands-on (accompaniment type)
・Because we check progress at weekly meetings, management and business move forward.
・Easy-to-use fee structure with a minimum of 48,000 yen/month according to the size of the company
■ Basic service
・ Regular weekly or bi-weekly meetings
・Discuss issues and countermeasures at regular meetings, and share progress on implementation measures
(Formulation of medium-term management plan, business management, personnel system construction, new business promotion, HP and EC site construction support, direction, subsidy application support, financing support from financial institutions, etc.)
■ Fee system
Entrepreneurship support plan (before founding, first year of founding only) ・・・ From 30,000 yen/month
Light plan (5 employees or less or annual sales of 100 million yen or less) ・・・ 48,000 yen / month
Basic plan (less than 20 employees or annual sales of 100-500 million yen)・・・From 78,000 yen/month
Business plan (20 employees or more or annual sales of 500 million yen or more) ・・・ From 98,000 yen/month
-Company Profile-
Jigyonary Company Co., Ltd. was established on January 11, 2019 with the mission of continuing to create valuable businesses and services to solve the problems that exist in the world. Aiming to be the world’s number one “useful business” creation company that will continue to shine over time and 300 years from now, we will develop a wide range of businesses to support the management of small and medium-sized enterprises.
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Company name: Legionary Company Co., Ltd.
Location: (Tokyo Headquarters) VORT AOYAMA302, 2-7-14 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (Koriyama Branch) 2-3-7 Elite 30 Building 2F, Ekimae, Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture
(Tokushima Branch Office) 57-3 Onishi, Saijo, Yoshino-cho, Awa City, Tokushima Prefecture awake!
(Mie Branch Office) 5-1st floor, 2-420 Sakae-cho, Tsu City, Mie Prefecture Coworking Cafe CC
(Hiratsuka Branch Office) 8-16 Beniyacho, Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture Sunny Plaza Hiratsuka 3F BIZcomfort Shonan Hiratsuka Date of establishment: January 11, 2019
Management team: Kosuke Ichikawa, Representative Director and CEO Company website: https://www.jigyonary.com/
-Representative profile-
Representative Director and CEO Kosuke Ichikawa
After graduating from university, after working for several companies, he participated in the RIZAP project immediately after its launch. Committed as a person in charge from the launch of the corporate planning department, and has been widely involved in the rapid expansion of the business, including budget planning, service development, business operation construction, personnel system construction, and new business launch. Seconded to Pado Co., Ltd. (at that time), which became a subsidiary in 2017, as a director in charge of corporate planning in charge of turnarounds. After that, in 2019, he became independent. He is working hard to support companies all over Japan with the power of management planning.
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