A variety of business wear that incorporates spring colors is now available. The theme is “A little color make s spring more fun.

Haruyama Holdings Co., Ltd.
A variety of business wear that incorporates spring colors is now available. The theme is “A little color makes spring more fun. ”Let’s incorporate gentle nuanced color items into your styling that will help you feel the excitement of welcoming a new life and a little uneasiness!

Perfect Suit Facty (hereinafter referred to as “P.S.FA”) developed by Haruyama Shoji Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, President Hiroaki Nakamura) is “A little color makes spring more fun. ”, various spring items for 2023 will be available at P.S.FA stores (68 stores as of the end of December 2022) and online shops from January 27, 2023 (Friday).
[Image 1d30981-356-19943002cc4cae1b34e9-11.jpg&s3=30981-356-943a8beb3166e7c3e922bc4a21b3d414-1682x2018.jpg
Feminine design set-up x Spring nuance color innerwear shifts styling to spring The “Delegant check pattern setup (jacket/tapered pants/flared skirt)”, “beautiful single tapered pants”, “asymmetric ribbon tie blouse”, and “petit pearl double button blouse”, which will be launched this time, incorporate gentle spring-like colors. . The nuanced color makes it easy to incorporate into styling and maintains an elegant impression. This item is recommended for those who are renewing their business wear for a new life. P.S.FA Ladies will continue to produce “cute and beautiful” in an easy and time-saving manner, and will continue to develop items that can be mixed and matched for any occasion.
■ Product overview
“Delegant plaid setup (jacket/tapered pants/flared skirt)”
[Image 2d30981-356-0461bd1c3c99123f5856-8.jpg&s3=30981-356-4d708faac96b251ab78fd79c39a3142d-750x1000.jpg
[Image 3d30981-356-689d744249021f8f4681-5.jpg&s3=30981-356-4c32c63a7ef7da5895bcc9ee7f0ae355-750x1000.jpg
[Image 4d30981-356-5f7ad2d680b3958b4e7e-2.jpg&s3=30981-356-9c4eba2d30599b58371058fa347b2074-750x1000.jpg
[Image 5d30981-356-dc36836f427fad15dc9b-9.jpg&s3=30981-356-63ad2b4def5832b9bf45bef60b122734-750x1000.jpg
[Image 6d30981-356-caa8a756e975af3faad4-10.jpg&s3=30981-356-5fc8d0279b31d2d2fef2cddc561656a6-750x1000.jpg
The wool-like luxurious texture creates an elegant look. The pants have a neat tapered silhouette that tapers toward the hem while giving room around the hips and thighs, and the fluffy flared skirt has a feminine image, and can be worn not only for business but also for gorgeous occasions such as entrance ceremonies and company entrance ceremonies. It is also a recommended item.
Price: Jacket ¥17,200, Pants ¥11,000, Skirt ¥9,900 (all tax included) Size: 5 to 13
Color: gray, navy
Materials: Outer material: 68% polyester, 29% rayon, 3% polyurethane; Lining: 100% polyester
“Asymmetric Ribbon Tie Blouse”, “Petit Pearl Double Button Blouse” [Image 7d30981-356-e93def02600cfe30e69c-7.jpg&s3=30981-356-8856b406fb24b539f1d9100ce30971ed-750x1000.jpg
[Image 8d30981-356-cbad69710f93f97841b5-6.jpg&s3=30981-356-51edd633e94b6cfd716271b0084b5889-750x1000.jpg
[Image 9d30981-356-85ef6ffccfb04561ddef-3.jpg&s3=30981-356-d19de9d9df22f542844edd0e713f5cd0-750x1000.jpg
[Image 10d30981-356-4f7eaa369b2ca4b4165b-4.jpg&s3=30981-356-6103452d79ec48f3f012fcbffb85df0c-750x1000.jpg
Two types of blouses that incorporate nuanced colors that are familiar to the skin. This blouse is simple and easy to incorporate into the business scene, giving it a neat look. Both have one point on the collar to make the suit style gorgeous.
Price: 4,950 yen including tax
Size: S-L
Colors: Off-white, Cream, Lavender
Material: 100% polyester
“Beauty single tapered pants”
[Image 11d30981-356-fcafa5460ba1363a29c0-1.jpg&s3=30981-356-af5c707ed9dd032ff1f8a26f1f17b527-750x1000.jpg
[Image 12d30981-356-3d33115c60f161400a9b-0.jpg&s3=30981-356-42826324b78af30878b18c00e770e83c-750x1000.jpg
These pants can be worn in a wide range of styles, from office casual styles with a jacket on to daily outfits with blouses and T-shirts. Available in nuanced light green and beige colors that are easy to match with early spring fashion, and basic black and navy.
Price: 4,290 yen including tax
Size: S-L
Colors: Beige, Light Green, Black, Navy (Black and navy are scheduled to go on sale in early February)
Material: 100% polyester
Deployment: P.S.FA stores (excluding some stores) / P.S.FA online shop (https://perfect-s.com/)
Inquiries: Haruyama Customer Service Office 0120-923-924
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