ab3 Co., Ltd. Started sales activities using “Educational Program” x “NFT” and “BeLife”

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Started sales activities utilizing “Educational Program” x “NFT” and “BeLife” Ambient Co., Ltd. and ab3 Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ab3”) will start selling “product production history” and “NFT” by linking them with “BeLife” provided by ab3.

Ambient Co., Ltd. and ab3 Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “ab3”) have agreed to start selling “product production history” and “NFT” by linking them with “BeLife” provided by ab3. . Sales will be conducted through the NFT marketplace “OpenSea” and will start in January 2023.
Ambient Co., Ltd. and ab3 Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ab3”) will start selling “product production history” and “NFT” by linking them with “BeLife” provided by ab3.
ANT-AID, a brand launched in 2021 by the Japanese creative team AMBIENT (Ambient Co., Ltd.) for the purpose of learning in apparel. The core members have served as pattern makers for Paris Collection brands, etc., and became independent in 2018, and are currently in charge of direction, design, pattern, and production management for domestic and overseas brands.
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With the aim of “enjoying the daily life of wearing an original world”, we teach young people in the company how to make clothes, come up with ideas as a team, and manage the creation in-house, from design to pattern to sewing. . In this industry where many people have left apparel, we will make ANT-AID a content academy in the future and promote secondary use and new branding with added value.
This time, after a one-year collaboration with ab3’s “BeLife” service, the service will be launched for the first time, revealing the creations that are considered confidential by the brand, and focusing on the declining apparel craftsmen in Japan. Convert to NFT. We will start a new experiment in apparel in this era that requires
visualization of “who thinks and who makes” by publishing stories through “BeLife”.
About ab3
ab3 is a company that provides and promotes the “BeLife” service, which capitalizes the daily life and behavioral data that everyone takes for granted. “BeLife” utilizes Web3, AI, and provides a user experience that allows users to easily convert their own data into NFT.
Today, in the environment surrounding Web3 and NFT, a creator economy has been formed that mainly consists of works such as art, music, and characters, and the value of the works themselves is being promoted. Therefore, ab3 announced “BeLife”, a service that “anyone can easily submit their own daily data as an NFT work”, aiming to enrich their lives through the experience of turning their daily activities into NFT works. I’m here.
In this collaboration with Ambient, the production process and history will be linked to the product and exhibited, and the production process of the product by the clothing designer will be published as content. The publication of the product-making process serves not only as an education, but also as a proof of the product-making process. By purchasing NFT and accessing “BeLife”, you will be able to view all of the history of ANT-AID linked to NFT, but some history can be viewed even if you have not purchased it.
In the process of the paradigm shift from Web2 to Web3, it is expected that information management trends will continue to increase, and that the need for reliable data itself will increase accordingly. That’s why the user experience of “proactively” publishing “reliable” data is important, and “BeLife” functions well as a platform for that. The “BeLife” service is currently browser-based and available for free. In the future, we plan to release mobile applications from Google Play and Apple Store.
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Please refer to the following for the details of “Be Life”.
https://corp.ab3.vision/BeLife-2f0ad6c0a580433fa997825f71632dcd ==
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