ACD Co., Ltd. “Aoyama 246 Broadcasting Department” won the “2022 Excellent Liver/Creator” award for Ch ina’s largest SNS WeChat About 200 live performances per year and more than 8 million likes!

ACD Co., Ltd.
“Aoyama 246 Broadcasting Department” won the “Excellent Liver/Creator in 2022” award for China’s largest SNS WeChat About 200 live performances per year and more than 8 million likes!
-The 11 works of the bilibili channel “Manche Mouen” operated by the company also won a hit video-

ACD Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hiromichi Furui, hereinafter referred to as ACD), which provides Chinese market development support services invested by ANA Holdings, is an SNS “WeChat” used by approximately 1.3 billion people, mainly in China. The in-house media “Aoyama 246 Broadcasting Department” developed on the “WeChat viewing number (channel)” was awarded as the “2022 Excellent Liver”. In addition, 11 works were awarded as hit videos on the account “Mancheon Mouen”, which is also operated by ACD on the Chinese video platform “bilibili”, so we will inform you here.
“Aoyama 246 Broadcasting Department” award summary
“Aoyama 246 Broadcasting Department”, which started the channel in April 2022, received the following awards.
■ Outstanding Creators of 2022
[Image 1

・Uploaded 315 videos
・ Number of PV: 1,018,000 times
・ Number of followers exceeded 10,000

■ 2022 Excellent River
[Image 2

・Achieved 194 deliveries
・ Number of UUs: 5.18 million
・ Number of likes: 8,268,000

Japanese translation of comment: Thank you very much for walking with us this year.
I hope that your work will be loved by more people in 2023.
“Aoyama 246 Broadcasting Department” that spreads Japan
[Image 3

[Image 4

“Aoyama 246 Broadcasting Department” is a live entertainment program for Chinese people who “like Japan”, “want to know about Japan”, and “want to visit Japan”. From famous sightseeing spots to local cities, we are transmitting a wide range of content such as the latest fashion, food, celebrities, and trend culture from all over Japan. In order to differentiate from distribution by general rivers, planning and production are carried out under the full cooperation of TSK Sanin Central Television, and we deliver content that is particular about quality.
Overview of the award for “Manga Support Mouen”
“Man Oen Mouen”, which was opened in February 2022, received the following awards.
[Manga Support Mouen]
[Image 5d30513-61-3ba2ffde412c4d0f7dc8-8.jpg&s3=30513-61-9ad92bb0128b23e1a11f368787db155c-1170x1044.jpg
・11 hit videos
・Number of followers: 100,000
・ Number of PV: 7 million or more
・Likes 600,000
・Number of videos posted: 30
・ LIVE distribution 7 times

[Image 6d30513-61-e20398ed4fcbb776bd53-7.jpg&s3=30513-61-b45e9c35b5b76c0cd78813b14b112d37-1170x1072.jpg
[Image 7d30513-61-b1da90eecf1b30eb9d8d-6.jpg&s3=30513-61-4ab9aafee6bb1d4fb78afb39f9375bee-1170x2613.jpg

“Mancheon Mouen”, which spreads Japanese culture such as tokusatsu heroes and anime
“Man Oen Mouen” focuses on Japanese culture such as special effects heroes and anime. Tatsuomi Hamada, who played the main character Riku Asakura in Ultraman Geed, and Taiyo Sugiura, who played the main character Musashi Haruno in Ultraman Cosmos. Focusing on two-way communication with fans, we also conduct questions and answers from followers and LIVE distribution.
Japan has world-class anime, manga, special effects, and games. “Man Oen Mouen” will continue to serve as a bridge between Chinese fans and wonderful Japanese content, as well as creators, voice actors and actors, and spread its appeal to the world.
ACD Company Profile
ACD utilizes the ANA network to support business development in China without barriers such as payment, logistics, and language, while staying in Japan under the mission of “eliminating borders in business.” Cross-border EC business that sells Japanese products, WeChat mini-program construction (SNS store opening service) used by about 1.3 billion people, and app live distribution business that is viewed by more than 1 million people per month. We provide
omnidirectional support for the development of the Chinese market by various organizations, including local governments.
[Image 8d30513-61-e5301d5c03f44122081d-5.png&s3=30513-61-74a0978a2fc1a77fec9a3a10f116573c-842x460.png
Company name: ACD Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Hiromichi Furui
Location: PEGASUS AOYAMA 4F, 8-5-40 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Date of establishment: March 1, 2016
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