Achieving energy cost reduction using hot spring heat Revitalization of Japanese inn to reduce global warming

Achieving energy cost reduction using hot spring heat – Relo Vacations Co., Ltd. Start of installation of new equipment at hot spring inn “Yumori Kamaya”
“Relo Vacations Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 5-17-9 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President Yoshikatsu Tamura”), which is responsible for the membership resort business and the hotel and ryokan management revitalization business, is reducing heavy oil and eliminating heavy oil. As one of our carbon initiatives, we have completed the installation of new equipment that utilizes hot spring heat as a heat source at the hot spring inn “Yumori Kamaya” in Oku-Nikko, which is operated and managed by our company, at the end of 2022. This will consume heavy oil. A significant reduction in the amount will be realized.
Relo Vacations SDGs:
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As a resort operator that does not build new buildings, we have been regenerating resort facilities nationwide. Recently, with the entry of major capital, there is an increasing number of businesses that are building new hotels and inns by demolishing conventional buildings. Recognizing the challenges facing these current situations, we have continued to search for regeneration methods that make use of existing facilities and equipment in order to improve those challenges. And this time, we have completed the introduction of equipment that makes it possible to significantly reduce the consumption of heavy oil by utilizing hot spring heat at “Yumori Kamaya”, one of the facilities operated by our company. Annual heavy oil consumption is assumed to be 170kL to 46.3kL (73% reduction).
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Yumori Kamaya Exterior
In other facilities, we are gradually introducing highly efficient heat pump water heaters and adopting renewable energy.
Under the theme of regional revitalization, we will continue to promote the expansion of leisure time for people around the world while realizing coexistence with nature and the prevention of global warming.
*2022.07.21 delivery news release
Efforts to reduce heavy oil and CO2 emissions [Image 3d10207-338-21f8065a5573400ca6ad-2.jpg&s3=10207-338-9c78ceb5515811d40c653194126e9af1-2000x1333.jpg
-Relo Vacations and SDGs Initiatives-
1. Zero waste of buildings (building a city where people can continue to live) 2. Installation of EV vehicles and chargers by 2025 (energy for everyone and clean)
3. Change company cars to eco-friendly vehicles by 2025 (energy for everyone and clean)
4. Part of the official reservation revenue will be donated to the Red Cup campaign (zero hunger)
5. Reduce use of heavy oil by 2026 (energy for everyone and clean) 6. Reduce plastic usage rate by 50% (Responsible consumption and production) 7. Reduce food loss by 50% and food waste disposal rate to 0% by 2030 (Responsible consumption and production)
8. Protect the employment and health of employees (both job
satisfaction and economic growth) (health and welfare for all) * Promote local employment, increase the number of foreign national staff, increase the number of female executives, and promote smoking cessation
9. Harmonious coexistence with the local community (both job satisfaction and economic growth)
*Regular local cleanup activities, active participation in local events, and active provision of support in the event of a disaster Relo Hotels & Resorts
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