Additional Announcement of the Largest Vocaloid Event on the Internet The VOCALOID Collection ~2023 Spring~

Dwango Co., Ltd. Public Relations Department
Additional Announcement of the Largest Vocaloid Event on the Internet [The VOCALOID Collection ~2023 Spring~]
-Collaboration project “Boka Seka” with “Proseca” will be implemented, and artworks drawn by popular Korokoro Comic artists will be released! ~

Dwango Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsuyoshi Natsuno) will hold the vocaloid culture festival “The VOCALOID Collection” that the company will hold from March 18 (Sat) to 21 (Tuesday / holiday), 2023. ~2023 Spring~” (hereinafter referred to as BocaColle 2023 Spring) will be announced as follows.
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“Proseca x Bokakore” collaboration project “Bokaseka”, a chance for Bokakore’s posted songs to be implemented in the game!
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Rhythm & Adventure for iOS/Android “Project Sekai Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku (hereinafter referred to as Proseca)” and Bokakore’s collaboration project “Bokaseka” has been decided. In this project, the songs ranked first in the “TOP 100 Ranking” and “Rookie Ranking” of the Bokakore Ranking Submission Project will be
implemented in “Proseca” one by one. To participate, simply post the video of the Boca Collection ranking with the tag “Boca Collection Spring 2023 TOP 100 Ranking Song” or “Boca Collection Spring 2023 Rookie Participation Song” (see the official Boca Collection website for details). The adopted songs will be announced in the “Wandasho Channel” that will be broadcast after the Bokakore event.
Posting period: March 18, 2023 (Sat) 19:00-March 21, 2023 (Tuesday / holiday) 17:00
■ Theme: We are looking for songs with a free theme
■ Reward:
1. “Project Sekai Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku” as a song that can be played in the 2D mode of the rhythm game
・ Game implementation time: Scheduled for around August 2023 ・The number one song from each of the “TOP 100 Ranking” and “Rookie Ranking” 2. Amazon gift card code for 50,000 yen
・Both “TOP 100 Ranking” and “Rookie Ranking” will be presented Bokakore 2023 spring artwork released! Specially drawn by popular CoroCoro Comic writers
A new project ( of Korokoro Comic x Bokakore
(, in which multiple popular Vocaloid Ps produce songs, will start on the theme of popular works of Korokoro Comic. . In the first installment, Vocalo P’s Hiiragi Magnetite and Yugika produced the theme songs for “Black Channel” (author: Satoshi Kisaichi) and “Rewinder of Fate” (author: Futa Kimura), which are serialized in this magazine. To do. To commemorate this collaboration, the artwork for Bokakore 2023 Spring will be a specially drawn character by Satoshi Kisaichi and Futa Kimura.
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Distribute Stem data by famous Vocaloid Ps! REMIX song submission plan In order to further revitalize the Vocaloid REMIX culture, many creators will carry out the “REMIX project” in which the Stem data* of their songs will be published and distributed on the official BocaColle website. From today, all 19 popular songs such as “Love Trial” (Lyrics / Composition: 40mP), “Telecaster Beboy” (Lyrics / Composition: Surii), “Remote Control” (Lyrics / Composition: Wonderful Opportunity!), etc. Publish the Stem data of the song. Users can use the released Stem data to create their own REMIX songs, and if they participate in the aforementioned ranking project, they may be featured on official live broadcasts.
*Stem data: A sound source file that summarizes the sound sources for each instrument such as vocals, guitar, bass, and drums in music production.
[Part of the public works]
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Twitter campaign held! Present an icon drawn by a popular Vocaloid artist Application period: January 25, 2023 (Wednesday) to February 2 (Thursday) 23:59 How to apply: Follow the official Bokakore Twitter (@the_voca_colle) and retweet the campaign tweet from the account
■Prizes: The right to have an icon drawn by artist Arsethica, who works on “Goodbye Declaration” and “Absolute Hostile Mechakiraiya” x 1 person
Bokakore official YouTube channel opened! Introducing Vocaloid songs recommended by the management
■ Channel URL:
[Overview of “The VOCALOID Collection ~2023 Spring~”]
■ Event name: “The VOCALOID Collection ~2023 Spring~”
Date: March 18th (Sat) to 21st (Tue/holiday), 2023 *18th is the eve of the festival
■ Official Twitter:
■ Official website:
“VOCALOID” and “Vocaloid” are registered trademarks of Yamaha Corporation. Details about this release:


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