Advanced Design Technology Co., Ltd. Promote corporate DX! It is also possible to utilize the IT introduction support money! Pre-launch of DX service COSMO Editor to learn with children!

Advanced Design Technology Co., Ltd.
Promote corporate DX! It is also possible to utilize the IT
introduction support money! Pre-launch of DX service [COSMO Editor] to learn with children!
What is [COSMO Editor], a service that allows employees to learn programming with their children and use what they have learned in their own DX?

[COSMO Editor] is an on-demand learning tool developed in-house by the programming school Potec in Fuchu City, Tokyo.
The programming class Potek is operated by Advanced Design Technology Co., Ltd., which has provided engineers and technology to major companies, and is aimed at elementary school students to high school students.
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At Programming Classroom Potek, we not only manage classrooms, but also develop our own original programming teaching materials. Among them, [COSMO Editor] was born from the desire to maximize all possibilities, like the infinitely expanding universe.
In-house patented educational tool [COSMO Editor]
[COSMO Editor] is an educational tool developed in-house. It is similar to an educational tool called visual programming, which is often used in elementary school classes, but the difference is that it is specialized for manufacturing, so you can learn programming learning & gadget production / manufacturing from zero knowledge. Programming can be done simply by combining blocks on a web browser, so we provide an environment that covers a wide range of children, from children who have never touched a PC to children who have ideas of what they want to do.
In addition, since it is a subscription contract, it is possible to join and withdraw at any time, which improves convenience.
The reason why Potek is working on DX
As mentioned above, Potek is operated by a business company. Therefore, we often hear that various companies cannot use IT well and DX is not progressing well. Therefore, I wondered if it would be possible to use the [COSMO Editor] developed by Potek as part of the welfare program.
From the experience of listening to the voices of many people through the management of classrooms, various workshops, and trial sessions at the request of local governments, we believe that parents and children can learn together if it is an environment. I came to the conclusion that it might also be an opportunity to learn.
In [COSMO Editor], you can mainly learn circuit python, which is a language useful for various DX.
Visual programming that learns by moving blocks is increasing these days, but there are few people who understand what kind of source code is actually written. With [COSMO Editor], it is possible to edit the source code according to the moved block, and we have realized that we can provide deeper learning than other services.
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[Actual source code]
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What you can learn with [COSMO Editor]
By learning circuit python with [COSMO Editor], for example, ・Automation of many Excel PDF conversions
・Collection of images and text data on the web
・Extract text from PDF and Word files using image processing It is possible to connect to various effective utilization methods for back office. In addition, since [COSMO Editor] is based on
manufacturing, you can create various gadgets while exchanging ideas with your child.
[Coupon chip comes out when IC card is held over]
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By creating a learning environment with children in this way, we believe that it will be a service that supports the first step of corporate DX as described above. [COSMO Editor] is originally a learning support tool for children, but at Potek, we thought it would be a step for business people to learn, so we decided to provide companies with a service plan where parents and children can learn together.
In addition, by utilizing the IT introduction support fund, it is possible to introduce [COSMO Editor] while further reducing the cost of employee training. If you are in charge of DX at a company or in charge of general affairs who are considering improving welfare, please contact us and experience the wonders of [COSMO Editor]. What is Potekt
Potekkuto is a coined word that means “potential tech”, and it contains the desire to maximize the potential of children with technology.
Since the company is a company that handles everything from
semiconductor design to software development, the curriculum is directly created by active semiconductor engineers, and offers a wide range of curriculum from the basics of programming to AI and IoT learning.
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