Advanced Media Co., Ltd. We have added the “Meeting creation function from iPhone/iPad” to the utterance recording solution “AmiVoice(R) Super Meeting Memo”.

Advanced Media Co., Ltd.
Added “Meeting creation function from iPhone/iPad” to the utterance recording solution “AmiVoice(R) Super Meeting Memo”.

Advanced Media Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and President: Kiyoyuki Suzuki, hereinafter referred to as Advanced Media) will add “iPhone / Meeting creation function from iPad” has been added.
With the addition of this function, it is now possible to create a meeting from the iPhone/iPad app, which was previously done on the PC app.
Even in situations where you do not have a PC at hand, such as when you are traveling or on the go, you can set the meeting title, scheduled date and time, participants, etc., create and hold a meeting, and use the voice recognition function to edit the text later. It is possible to.
“AmiVoice Super Meeting Memo” is a cloud-based minutes creation platform service that uses AI voice recognition AmiVoice to instantly convert remarks made in meetings and meetings into text, and efficiently creates minutes and conversation recording tasks. [Image 1

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AmiVoice Super Meeting Notes Features
1. Share pre-meeting materials with one click and clarify the purpose of the meeting
The organizer creates a meeting by registering the agenda, scheduled date and time, handouts, etc. in advance from the “Create meeting” button on the web application. By sharing it with participants via email, preparations can be made smoothly and the purpose of the meeting can be clarified. Before the meeting, participants can input and register what they noticed by reading the materials as
“preliminary memos” by voice.
2. AI speech recognition converts utterances into text in real time. Support for taking minutes
Speech recognition AmiVoice converts remarks made at meetings into text in real time. In addition to business speech recognition engines, we also offer speech recognition engines specialized for construction and real estate terms. Since the voice and text are linked and saved, the work of transcribing can be greatly reduced and the creation of meeting minutes can be made more efficient.
3. Analysis and visualization of participants’ remarks, such as utterance time and positive/negative remarks
After the meeting ends, you can view the analysis results for each meeting. The achievement rate is evaluated numerically based on the meeting time, progress, and whether there are any decisions. In addition, it analyzes participants’ speaking time and
positive/negative remarks to promote active participation in meetings. 4. Automatic translation of remarks into Japanese and English (optional) Equipped with a mutual automatic translation function between Japanese and English. The original language and the translated language are displayed together, and can be used for web conferences and business negotiations using multiple languages.
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