Aerosense Co., Ltd. Aerosense operates Japan’s first fixed-wing drone in a densely populated area in the 23 wards of Tokyo

Aerosense Inc.
Aerosense implements Japan’s first fixed-wing drone operation in densely populated areas in Tokyo’s 23 wards
Contributed to the formulation of the Ministry of Land,
Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s Rules for Use of Air Above Rivers

Aerosense Co., Ltd. (location: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, President: Kotaro Sabe, hereinafter “Aerosense”), which provides various solutions through its own domestic industrial drones and cloud services, announced January 20, 2023. Japan, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Kanto Regional Development Bureau, Arakawa River Office (AS-VT01) was operated. The flight of a fixed-wing drone in the densely populated district (DID) in Tokyo’s 23 wards will be the first in Japan (according to our research).

[Image 1d109780-5-1c10d9583e7f69880d80-0.jpg&s3=109780-5-4d135d44c02039060242828c1ddcdbc6-1920x1080.jpg
Metropolitan Expressway taken from Aero Bowing during flight The lower Arakawa River has a concentration of national assets and central functions for socio-economic activities, and it is expected that multiple drones will fly over the river in the future. Aerosense is also participating in this initiative. Since this demonstration experiment is for the purpose of inspection over a long distance, it was confirmed that Aerosense’s VTOL type drone “Aero Bowing”, which can fly up to 50km, is effective, and we decided to handle the operation.

[Image 2d109780-5-0b1eea415ed6b0e76798-3.jpg&s3=109780-5-f4b7c0e42a3d28ba4d055516e4310392-1593x1080.jpg
Aerobowing undergoing flight inspection
The demonstration experiment was conducted at the riverbed of the Arakawa River near Seishincho, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, to confirm the extent of damage to structures such as rivers and highways in a wide area in the event of a disaster, and to quickly grasp the situation and develop a recovery plan. It was done (see flight route map). [Image 3d109780-5-c9d6fb5a7138e142416b-2.jpg&s3=109780-5-4cce10badaf1fa514329346674a6fe51-1366x2700.jpg
flight route map
From the dock near the Kasai Junction of Arakawa to the Komatsugawa Junction, avoiding the sky above the Metropolitan Expressway, it flew over the Arakawa River for a round trip of about 14km in just 10 minutes, and shot from 130m above. The videos taken during the flight were transferred in real time to the offices of the parties concerned through LTE lines, where they were checked. It was a successful demonstration experiment that maximized the characteristics of a vertical take-off and landing type drone that does not require a runway.
Aerosense’s “Aero Bowing” was released in October 2020 as the first vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing drone in the domestic drone industry, with a maximum cruising range of 50km, a maximum speed of 100km/h, and a maximum payload of 1kg. Taking advantage of its suitability for long-distance and wide-area inspections and
monitoring, it is used for various purposes such as erosion control inspections in mountainous areas, transmission line inspections, and monitoring in sea areas. Contributing.
Aerosense has a track record of cooperating with logistics
demonstration experiments conducted by the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, etc., and has been recognized for its high aircraft performance and reliability. In December 2022, the revision of the Civil Aeronautics Act will be enforced, and with the lifting of the ban on level 4 flights beyond visual line of sight in manned areas, we will continue to actively cooperate with similar experiments and verifications to improve aircraft performance. , we will expand the possibilities of social implementation of drones.
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