AGE technologies, working on age tech, signed an agreement with Yoshimi-cho, Saitama Prefecture on a business to promote inheritance registration of vacant houses

AGE technologies Co., Ltd.
AGE technologies, working on age tech, signed an agreement with Yoshimi-cho, Saitama Prefecture on a business to promote inheritance registration of vacant houses

2023.1.23 AGE technologies Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Yuta Shiobara; hereinafter “AGE technologies”) has signed an agreement with Yoshimi-machi, Saitama Prefecture (hereinafter, Yoshimi-machi) regarding a project to promote the registration of inheritance of vacant houses. concluded. This agreement is the first partnership agreement in Saitama Prefecture.
Promoting proper management of vacant houses, etc., and preventing the occurrence of real estate whose owners are unknown due to inheritance While the “vacant house problem” is being raised as a social issue and attracting attention, the most common reason for acquiring an empty house is “inheritance,” accounting for the majority (55%*). In addition, the number of land with unknown owners is increasing nationwide, and it is predicted that by 2040, the area will be larger than that of Hokkaido. be converted. Therefore, there is an even greater need to prepare a foundation for proper inheritance
registration at the timing of inheritance and for proper management of real estate.
AGE technologies provides a local government support service ( through the establishment of a support window to curb the occurrence of vacant houses and utilize them as a result of “inheritance procedures”. I’m here. AGE
technologies’ local government support service is a project adopted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in July 2022 as a model project for measures against vacant houses using the housing market (adopted project name: Triggers for vacant houses, inheritance procedures). This is an embodiment of the project to suppress the occurrence of vacant houses and promote the registration of vacant house banks by the approach of AGE technologies, which provides services for inheritance procedures, aims to eliminate the “don’t know” about inheritance procedures for local residents and create a social infrastructure for the continued appropriate utilization of real estate.
*”Survey on the actual situation of vacant house owners in 2019″ December 2020 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Until now, Yoshimi Town has worked to understand and utilize vacant houses by formulating vacant house countermeasure plans and conducting fact-finding surveys. We are also strengthening efforts to properly manage and dismantle vacant houses.
Outline of cooperation agreement between Yoshimi Town and AGE technologies Based on this agreement, AGE technologies and Yoshimi Town will promote the proper management of vacant houses, etc. We will work together to promote the registration of inheritance for properties that have not been registered for inheritance, and to promote the registration of inheritance for real estate that has not been registered for inheritance.
■AGE technologies will provide a Yoshimicho version of the “Guide to Real Estate Inheritance Procedures” website and leaflets for those who have inherited real estate in Yoshimicho. In addition, AGE
technologies will provide knowledge and data related to inheritance procedures related to various measures related to the promotion of inheritance registration for vacant houses promoted by Yoshimi Town. Reference: Website of Yoshimicho version of “Real estate inheritance procedure guide”
“Real estate inheritance procedure guide (Yoshimicho version)” provided by AGE technologies to Yoshimicho when responding to inquiries from owners or managers of vacant houses, local residents, etc., and when disseminating information. We will cooperate through the website and flyers of , and the web media “ Magazine” operated by AGE technologies.
“The number of vacant houses in the town is on the rise, and although proper maintenance and management have not been carried out, there are some cases where it is difficult to grasp the owner because the inheritance registration has not been carried out. In April, real estate inheritance registration will become mandatory, and we expect that cooperation with AGE technologies will contribute to the proper management of inheritance registration issues and vacant houses. , Utilization and dismantling, we will strive to promote it in an integrated manner, aiming to revitalize the region and create a comfortable city to live in.” (Yoshimi Town Mayor Yoshio Miyazaki) “I am honored to have signed a partnership agreement with Yoshimi-cho, which is strengthening measures against vacant houses through active collaboration with private companies, regarding the promotion of inheritance registration of vacant houses. We will do our best to contribute to solving the problems in Yoshimi-cho by fully utilizing our knowledge and data, as well as the web platform for solving various problems related to inheritance procedures.” (AGE technologies CEO Yuta Shiobara)
AGE technologies will continue to cooperate with businesses in the age tech field, community-based face-to-face service providers, and governments, provide services for institutions that handle procedures such as local governments and banks, and conduct joint businesses. Through promotion of development, etc., we will expand existing business areas and accelerate business expansion into peripheral areas.
■ About Yoshimi Town
Mayor: Mayor Yoshimi Yoshio Miyazaki
Located almost in the center of Saitama Prefecture, it borders Kawashima Town in the south, Higashimatsuyama City in the west, Konosu City and Kitamoto City in the east, and Kumagaya City in the north. It is the town of It is located within 50 kilometers from the center of Tokyo, and has easy access to Tobu Tojo Line, JR Takasaki Line, Kanetsu Expressway, etc. In addition, most of the town is a plain area, with the Arakawa River flowing in the east and the Ichino River flowing in the southwest, forming a fertile breadbasket. The Western Hills area is designated as a prefectural Hiki Hill Nature Park, and the Yoshimi Hundred Caves and the Kuroiwa cave tombs scattered around Lake Hatcho are attracting attention as valuable historical sites representative of the Kofun period.
■ AGE technologies company profile
Company name: AGE technologies Co., Ltd.
* Read: Age Technologies
Representative Director and CEO: Yuta Shiobara
Address: Hareza Tower 20F, 1-18-1 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Business description: Planning, development, operation and sales of ■ Award history
Open Network Lab 18th Demoday (2019.4.11)
Best Team Award / Audience Award Winner
■ About Magazine
Web media that collects know-how on inheritance.
■ About Real Estate:
Real estate name change procedure service due to inheritance. ■ deposits and savings: Bank account refund procedure service that occurred due to inheritance.

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