Ahamo is overwhelmingly the destination to transfer from docomo Questionnaire on cheap SIM transfer Ratio of cheap SIMs transferred from docomo, results of needs survey

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Ahamo is overwhelmingly the destination to transfer from docomo [Questionnaire on cheap SIM transfer] Ratio of cheap SIMs transferred from docomo, results of needs survey

In net (https://www.lespros.co.jp/media/), jointly operated by TeN Co., Ltd. and Repro Entertainment Co., Ltd., is a cheap SIM for 351 people who have switched from Docomo to a cheap SIM. We conducted a questionnaire survey on the transfer situation.
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Aimed at surveying the attitudes of those who switched to cheap SIMs ・Aimed at cheap SIMs and insight surveys of people.
[Survey overview]
1: Survey period
November 16-18, 2022
2: Survey period
Survey implementation company: TeN Corporation Media Division 3: Survey target
Men and women aged 15 and over
Those who have switched from docomo to cheap SIM
4: Number of valid responses
5: Survey method (aggregation method/calculation method)
Voluntary response via the Internet
■ Questions
Q1: Which service did you switch to when you switched from DoCoMo to a cheap SIM?
* Cheap SIM in this survey refers to “lines other than the three major carriers of docomo, au, and Softbank”. (LINEMO, Ahamo, etc.) ・From DOCOMO to LINEMO
・From docomo to ahamo
・povo from docomo
・ mineo from docomo
・ Docomo to UQ mobile
・Rakuten mobile from docomo
・From docomo to IIJmio
・From DOCOMO to JCOM Mobile
・From docomo to Y!mobile
・ OCN Mobile ONE from DOCOMO
・nuro mobile from docomo
・From DOCOMO to HIS Mobile
・From DOCOMO to TONE mobile
・From docomo to y.u.mobile
・From docomo to AEON mobile
・Links mate from docomo
・ QT mobile from docomo
・Japan communication SIM from docomo
・B-mobile from docomo
Q2: Are you satisfied with the transfer?
・ I am satisfied and want to continue using it as it is
・Considering to transfer to another
・ I want to quit even if I am dissatisfied
Q3: Please tell us the reason why you chose that cheap SIM among many. (Any) ■Survey result summary
Q1: Please tell us what applies to your smartphone line usage.

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【Number of responses】
Docomo to ahamo ー 95 / 25.54%
DoCoMo to Rakuten Mobile ー 78 / 20.97%
From docomo to Ymobile ー 35/9.41%
LINEMO from DOCOMO – 31/8.33%
From DoCoMo to UQ Mobile: 30/8.33%
DoCoMo to OCN Mobile ONE – 20 / 5.38%
mineo from docomo – 14 / 3.76%
Docomo to IIJmio ー 8 / 2.15%
DoCoMo to BIGLOBE Mobile – 7 cases / 1.88 yen
Docomo to Nippon Telecommunications SIM ー 6 / 1.61%
DoCoMo to JCOM Mobile ー 5 / 1.34%
Docomo to nuro mobile ー 5 / 1.34%
Docomo to LINE Mobile – 4 / 1.08%
DoCoMo to povo – 4 / 1.08%
DoCoMo to Aeon Mobile: 4 / 1.08%
DoCoMo to QT Mobile – 3 / 0.81%
Docomo to DMM Mobile – 2 / 0.54%
DoCoMo to TONE Mobile – 2 / 0.54%
Docomo to y.u mobile ー 2/0.54%
LIBMO from DOCOMO – 1 / 0.27%
LinksMate from Docomo – 1 / 0.27%
Other: 14 / 3.76%
The result was that ahamo, a cheap SIM operated by DoCoMo, was the most common at 25%.
The top five are Rakuten Mobile, Ymobile, LINEMO, and UQ Mobile.

Q2: Are you satisfied with the transfer?
[Image 3d72443-11-b52ee707ad3d30c7ceba-2.jpg&s3=72443-11-484d7f4f42f64fc28592dcc082b8bb81-740x717.jpg
【Number of responses】
I am satisfied and would like to continue using it – 269/72.31% Considering switching to other companies – 82 / 22.04%
Dissatisfied and want to quit – 21/5.65%
The result was that 72.31% were satisfied.
As a result, nearly 1/4 of the total was satisfied.
Q3: Please tell us the reason why you chose that cheap SIM among many. (Any) As for the reason why there were many overall, most of the comments were that the communication costs such as the price of any cheap SIM would be cheaper.
Among the comments from those who switched to ahamo, which has a particularly high transfer rate, there were many comments such as that they could use the docomo line all the time and feel safe in terms of speed, and that it was easy to switch online. .
*The results of this survey will be posted on in net
(https://www.lespros.co.jp/media/) at a later date.
*When using the results of this survey, please cite and link to the website operated by our company and the page where the survey results will be posted.
■ Articles scheduled to be published
https://www.lespros.co.jp/media/linemo-transfer-from-docomo/ https://www.lespros.co.jp/media/transferring-from-docomo-to-mineo/ https://www.lespros.co.jp/media/docomo-uq-norikae/
https://www.lespros.co.jp/media/docomo-rakutenmobile-norikae/ https://www.lespros.co.jp/media/switching-from-docomo-to-ymobile/ *Unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited.
What is in net
It is a content media specializing in wifi and internet lines, centering on cheap SIMs.
We provide useful information for those who are considering cheap SIM. It is jointly operated by TeN Co., Ltd. (https://ten.andco.group/) and Lepro Entertainment Co., Ltd. (https://www.lespros.co.jp/).

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