Ahead of spring! Popular Series Power Delivery 65W Output 2 Port USB-C + USB-A AC Charger New Color Shell Pink Appears

Ahead of spring! Popular Series Power Delivery 65W Output 2 Port USB-C + USB-A AC Charger New Color Shell Pink Appears
Adopting new material “GaN (gallium nitride)”, lightweight and compact, high output

MOTTERU Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ebina City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Ryota Sakurada) has added a new color “Shell Pink” to its 2-port (USB-C + USB-A) AC charger with a maximum PD output of 65W. It will be on sale from January 26, 2023 at the MOTTERU official online shop.
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● Product overview
A 2-port (USB-C + USB-A) type AC charger that supports USB PD (Power Delivery) with a maximum output of 65W. has been added.
Equipped with a maximum 65W output “USB-C” port and an easy-to-use “USB-A” port each, you can charge from old models to the latest models. Quick charging is possible by using the USB-C port that supports USB PD. It is a compact design that is easy to carry and has achieved the smallest class in Japan as a charger with an output of 60W or more.
MOTTERU direct price: 4,480 yen (tax included)
Product page: https://motteru.co.jp/product/ac_charger/mot-acpd65wu1/ ● Product features
・Get ahead of spring with the new shell pink color
MOTTERU’s popular series has added a new color “Shell Pink” that has a cute pale pink like cherry blossoms.
・Equipped with USB-C port and USB-A port
Equipped with one high-output “USB-C” port and one easy-to-use “USB-A” port. The total maximum output of 2 ports is 63W and you can charge 2 devices at the same time. Supports a wide range of charging from old models to the latest devices.
*Total when using 2 ports (45W + 18W)
・Compatible with USB Power Delivery for charging laptops
The USB-C port supports USB PD for fast charging. It also supports charging a laptop. (PD65W when used alone)
* When using 2 ports, the total maximum is 63W.
[Image 2d78304-60-4673b7073695157b03d2-1.jpg&s3=78304-60-06a9bb692a523dfc1f625d1dc6b5c727-1000x1000.jpg
・Reliable and safe high-power charging
PPS is added as an option to Power Delivery 3.0 to automatically control voltage and current. High power charging can be done safely and securely.
*PPS is a function that automatically controls voltage and current, and can minimize loss due to heat generation by charging in fine steps.
・Uses next-generation semiconductor “GaN (gallium nitride)”
Adopting a new material “GaN (gallium nitride)”, it achieves high output and miniaturization while suppressing heat generation with excellent charging efficiency.
・Charging with optimal current by “smart charging”
It supports “smart charging” that enables optimal power supply according to the device. It automatically identifies the connected device and delivers the optimum current according to the charging standard.
・Japan’s smallest class foldable movable plug
Despite its high power, it is the smallest compact size in Japan. The plug part is movable and can be folded when not in use, making it convenient to carry.
[Image 3d78304-60-e0c1834a854e645fb28f-2.jpg&s3=78304-60-bd18c35b068f0eab11196d58c8c328e4-1000x1000.jpg
・For long-term use with peace of mind
I want you to use it with peace of mind for a long time, so I made the warranty period 2 years. Any failures during normal use are covered by the warranty. New replacement during the warranty period is unlimited.  https://motteru.co.jp/
MOTTERU Co., Ltd. is a digital accessory company established in Ebina City, Kanagawa Prefecture in 2020 that focuses on “quality, texture, and design.” Our mission is to realize products that everyone wants to have with creative ideas and technology, to make people’s lives gorgeous and useful. While sticking to design, development,
manufacturing, inspection, etc., we will flexibly respond to the fast-changing times and environments in the future, and proceed with the development of “products that everyone wants to have.” Also, at MOTTERU, we thoroughly implement processes to improve quality, and our first priority is to introduce products to the market based on customer feedback and the latest technology and technical

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