AI credit management service “Alarm Box Power Search” won two categories at the ITreview Grid Award 2023 Winter

Alarm Box Co., Ltd.
AI credit management service “Alarm Box Power Search” won two categories at the ITreview Grid Award 2023 Winter

Alarm Box Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Hirokazu Takeda; hereinafter “the Company”), which provides a credit management cloud service that utilizes AI, has announced that the “Alarm Box Power Search” provided by the Company will be used by “ITreview Grid Award 2023 Winter”, we are pleased to inform you that we have been selected as the highest title “Leader” in the anti-social check category, and “High Performer”, the title of high user satisfaction in the corporate database category.
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◆ About “ITreview Grid Award 2023 Winter”
The ITreview Grid Award 2023 is a place to recognize products that have been supported by users once a quarter based on reviews posted on ITreview, one of the largest IT product / SaaS review sites in Japan operated by ITcloud Corporation. The aggregate results of reviews posted by December 2022 will be announced as 2023 Winter, and products that have excellent user satisfaction and recognition will be awarded with the highest title “Leader”.
ITreview Grid Award 2023 Winter details:
◆ Review content
You can check the review of “Alarm Box Power Search” from the following page. Review example (partial)
[Image 3d24095-64-aae386d166b7d97c6b12-2.png&s3=24095-64-2232371d97ae687679814ffaad10871c-640x200.png
[Image 4d24095-64-a46878710692bb76dd2e-3.png&s3=24095-64-1e491cdbc76ec98e21b41c923205f8ff-640x200.png
◆ What is an alarm box?
The AI ​​credit management cloud service “Alarmbox”
( is a cloud service that automatically notifies customers of risks and changes in circumstances simply by registering them from a smartphone or PC. . In order to deliver online information that is difficult to collect and judge, after diagnosing the degree of impact on credit ” can be installed. As a result, we can greatly reduce the workload associated with collecting information on business partners, quickly catch changes in credit conditions, and quickly respond to risks.
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◆Company profile
Company name: Alarm Box Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hirokazu Takeda, President and Representative Director Location: 3-22 Ichigaya Honmura-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Established: June 2016
Capital: 336 million yen
Company website:
Service site:
Details about this release:


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